Smart Arse Northerner cracks Cockney Rhyming

Funny story: Smart Arse Northerner cracks Cockney Rhyming

Alan Arkwright, a cheeky Northern smart arse, threw the East End of London into disarray, when he claimed to have cracked Cockney rhyming slang! "Cor blimey guv!" was the shocked response of Arthur Fowler, a very old Cockney person. "Even blee...

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More Concern Rises After Another Hospital Cock-up

Funny story: More Concern Rises After Another Hospital Cock-up

The NHS is being put under increasing pressure after one of their hospitals in Nottingham made yet another cock-up. Instead of connecting nearly twenty-five of their patients' to a machine designed to simulate the heart, they got a big sledgehamme...

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Jerry Springer kills the Roswell Aliens

Funny story: Jerry Springer kills the Roswell Aliens

We shall never know all the sinister details of the 'Roswell Aliens Cover-up'. One irrefutable fact, however, is that the surviving aliens went to live in England until March 2002 when they were 'killed' by none other than the celebrated Jerry Spri...

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Rejected by Letterman, ABC Set To Hire Bin Laden

Funny story: Rejected by Letterman, ABC Set To Hire Bin Laden

The American Broadcasting Network (ABC), having been turned down by David Letterman and already having strained relations with Ted Koppel of Nightline and Bill Maher of Politically Incorrect, is branching outside of the normal entertainment circles t...

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Zimbabwe Election: Mugabe Turns on Blacks

Funny story: Zimbabwe Election: Mugabe Turns on Blacks

President Mugabe, the Zimbabwean electoral spoilsport, has declared vengeance upon the black population of his country. He also banned the movement of limbs during election week, reducing the chance of it being a free and fair vote. In a speech m...

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Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough

In retailiation to recent threats given by the American and British governments, SADDAM HUSSEIN president of Iraq, has given, what can only be described as a "two-fingered-salute" to the western world. In a video statement that was supplied to The...

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England Threaten To Boycott World Cup

TheSpoof can reveal that the entire England football squad - led by 'Captain Goldenballs' himself, David Beckham - are on the verge of pulling out of this summer's World Cup finals in Japan and South Korea. "They're going to spoil it for th...

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Blonde Bombshell In Breaststroke Bugger-Up!

Funny story: Blonde Bombshell In Breaststroke Bugger-Up!

Pretty regional swimming champion Claudia Bartlett was so close to reaching her ambitious target of swimming 20 kilometres, but had to stop just fifty agonising metres from the end of the marathon record attempt. The tearful twenty-two year-...

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Handbags Get Turbocharged

Funny story: Handbags Get Turbocharged

In a somewhat surprising move, boots the chemist have today introduced miniature jet engines into their small range of ladies' handbags. The engines are said to vary from a V6 to a V12, and also differ in their gearing - some are a mere single speed,...

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1337 haX0rs GeT SpElLiNg hElP fR0M M$ w0rD

Funny story: 1337 haX0rs GeT SpElLiNg hElP fR0M M$ w0rD

Az a fO|l0w up tO a Story fr0m Th3 |ast 3ditiOn micr0$0ft HaV3 mad3 An unuSual aDdit1On t0 m1cro$0ft woRd inC|uDinG aN OpT1on tO s3arch thrOugh hacK3r languag3 Ch3Cking f0r spellInG laSt U'l| b3 ab|3 t0 und3rst& wH0 HaZ haCK3d wHAT &a...

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Half Life 2 Shock

Sierra Entertainment have recently announced that Half Life 2 is nothing but an Unreal Tournament 2 beta that has been stolen, changed around a bit and re-packaged.Some people find this surprising whereas some hardcore gamers have suspected as much a...

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Friends Cast Member Sighted At Walt's Tavern

Funny story: Friends Cast Member Sighted At Walt's Tavern

RIBERA, NM - Ribera radio station 94.3 KGUN runs a daily segment called "celebrity sighting". This is where anyone within listening range of the station calls in to report having seen a celebrity the night before. DJ Rob "spinnin" Jones said ab...

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Raw Rainbowfish Ryvita Rage

Funny story: Raw Rainbowfish Ryvita Rage

Ryvita, UK's largest selling crispbread vendor, have received an enormous amount of complaints from unhappy customers. All seem to be complaining about a fishy taste in their famous crispbread. Scientists have analysed a few samples and have found un...

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Angel of Death Retires

Funny story: Angel of Death Retires

After one thousand years and millions of cases handled, the time has come for the man in black to step down. Reporter Will Da Thrill caught up with Death at the airport for a quick interview. WDT - So Mr. Death how does it feel to retire? AOD-...

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Cold Woman Faces Death Penalty

Funny story: Cold Woman Faces Death Penalty

Florida woman Irma Kowalski faces the death penalty if convicted on bio-terrorism charges after knowingly spreading the feared cold virus. Florida State Police Department were flooded with calls after Mrs Kowalski was seen sneezing, coughing, and...

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Rap Star Deletes Interludes

American rap star Jermaine Dupri's new album should still be released this Summer despite the accidental wiping of his answerphone messages. The deleted messages were intended to form 11 interludes between the four new tracks. A spokesman for his...

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Hollywood Grows Child Stars

Funny story: Hollywood Grows Child Stars

Hollywood studios recently admitted that their child stars are specially bred for filming. This child star breeding, Hollywood executives revealed, began long ago - when there just weren't enough child actors to go around. In those days, everyone...

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The Fisherman

Funny story: The Fisherman

It all started to happen about 89 years ago when I was forced to become something the world has once and will never see anything like what I've become.. what I've become. For the past couple of years, the changes have appeared to be wired. I'll sta...

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Nation Of Extremism Seeks Virgins

The Nation of Extremism launched an appeal for virgins today after it was revealed that numbers of available virgins had reached dangerously low levels. "Under Islamic law," explained Mohammad Mahakmahadahha, head of Islamic Virgin Studies at Basi...

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Actor's Jowls Explode

Funny story: Actor's Jowls Explode

Geoffrey Palmer's jowls have exploded. The blast which was heard by neighbours happened at around 6am this morning. Mr Palmer, best known for his lugubrious roles in sitcoms is said to be "looking less lugubrious". The jowls have been steadil...

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Celebrities to be Privatised?

Funny story: Celebrities to be Privatised?

Celebrities are to be made more efficient, and finally receive the investment they deserve when plans to fund them with private finance are unveiled by the Briton Party this week. A number of different concepts are being toyed with. They are as f...

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Michelangelo - The Missing Years

A recently-published book reveals that Renaissance painter, Michelangelo actually disappeared for three years. Albert Crust, author of 'Michelangelo Actually Disappeared For Three Years', explains: "It was during the painting of the Sistine Chapel...

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New Linux Mascot Created

Funny story: New Linux Mascot Created

Following up on last months exclusive report on the "branching out" of Linux mascot Tux the penguin, this privileged reporter has been shown official primary sketches of what has been confirmed as the replacement for Tux. The character is a large-...

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Nations Prepare for World War

Funny story: Nations Prepare for World War

Thirty-six nations are currently arming themselves and preparing for battle as a result of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Olympics, which are technically supposed to promote world harmony, caused nothing but scandal and...

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Woman Goes to Work With Wet Hair

Funny story: Woman Goes to Work With Wet Hair

POTEAU, AK -- Thursday morning, in an act that defied all logic, Tamera Patterson arrived at her Stallion Food Mart job, with wet hair. Fellow workers were confused and awestruck by the events of that day. James Frier, a stock boy at Stallion Food...

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17 Year-Old Wants It To Be Clear That He Isn't Gay

Funny story: 17 Year-Old Wants It To Be Clear That He Isn't Gay

Casey Douglas, a 17 year-old Junior at Mona Shores High Schools wants it to be perfectly clear that he is indeed not a homosexual. Douglas makes this claim after years of speculation. The speculation is due to Douglas involvement in with the dance...

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Stuffed Bunny, Mr Floppels, Disappears.

Funny story: Stuffed Bunny, Mr Floppels, Disappears.

KETCHUM, WY -- Tragedy struck the Shiny Smiles Community Play Center last Wednesday when Samantha Togglson's beloved stuffed bunny Mr. Floppels mysteriously disappeared. At 2 o'clock as Sam and her mother Helen Togglson were leaving the center, w...

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Update: Small Girl's Stuffed Rabbit Missing!

Funny story: Update: Small Girl's Stuffed Rabbit Missing!

KETCHUM, WY -- At 7:30 pm last Wednesday Jim Togglson, husband of Helen Togglson, sat down to have a "brewski", and watch the local news. Jim got comfortable in his La-Z-Boy Nelson, and stuck his hand down the side in search of the television remote...

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Teen Meets Carson Daly, Realizes He's a Dick

After waiting in the cold New York Winter for nearly three hours 16 year-old Kristin Myers finally was invited up to the prestigous TRL Studio. "It was really cold that day and my friend Jenny and I were super-excited when they told us we could g...

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Germany : Introduce Single European Nation Now

Funny story: Germany : Introduce Single European Nation Now

Buoyed by the recent successful introduction of the single European currency, German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has put forward controversial plans that he claims will unify Europe to levels never before seen. "What we need is a strong nation to...

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