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Man In a Really Dark Place Finally Figures Out How to Use the Flashlight on His Cellphone.

written by Matt Birkenhauer, 12 December 2018

Trump's New Chief-Of-Staff Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin volunteers to be Trump’s new chief-of-staff.

"You're hired."

written by K.C. Bell, 11 December 2018

Trump Names Convict With Ankle Bracelet as Chief-of-Staff

This time he wants a Chief-of-Staff that "won't get away too easy."

written by Al N., 10 December 2018

The House of Representatives Passes First Bill: Build a Wall...

...around the Oval Office.

written by Al N., 10 December 2018

Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort Plan to Form Gang in Prison

The name they will have tattooed on their chests is "White Collar Crooks."

written by Al N., 10 December 2018

Donald Trump, Jr. Rumored to be Subpoenaed Soon

By coincidence, Trump Jr. has announced he will be visiting Trump properties not located in the U.S.

written by Al N., 08 December 2018

May kicks out the cat from Nr 10!

UK PM May kicked out the Downing Street cat because it refused to eat a US chemical chicken, its future diet. It preferred a EU, organic version. May is doing her best for UK citizens, not their cats!

written by Jaggedone, 06 December 2018

Trump adopts Bush's dog!

President Trump has adopted George Bush's dog because it doesn't answer back, is loyal to the bitter end, and wags its tail everytime Trump twitters...

written by Jaggedone, 06 December 2018

85 year-old Nymphomaniac wants 'Sexit'!

Volga-Olga is fed up with Brexit and is demanding 'Sexit' instead. A UK parliament gang-bang has been arranged for her!

written by Jaggedone, 06 December 2018

Marvel Really Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel With New Superhero Franchise

Blah Blah edgy, Blah Blah controversial Blah Blah pushing the envelope blah blah first openly gay/straight/trans/ character blah blah empowering blah blah adult themes blah blah

written by I think I'm funny..., 03 December 2018

Brexit: May's 'Hotel California' Withdrawal Agreement Criticised

Dubbed the 'Hotel California Brexit' by Tory Backbencher and Leave campaigner James Standish MP, the Eagles song, contains the line 'You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!'

written by I think I'm funny..., 03 December 2018

Tory MP Praises 'Aspirational' Food Bank Users

Conservative MP James Standish has praised users of his local food bank describing them as "Go-getters" and "entrepreneurial" and found their stories of Universal Credit-induced debt as inspirational.

written by I think I'm funny..., 03 December 2018

George H. W. Bush Reaching His Final Destination

George H.W. Bush took a paraglider up to his final destination, floating through clouds, stars, and galaxies.

Watching the soft landing, God said, “I’ve gotta try that someday.”

"Well, hop on."

written by K.C. Bell, 01 December 2018

Camelot's Crumbling: Attorney Pleads Guilty. Lied to Protect Trump.

I wonder what the Trump is ruing tonight?

What harassment is the Trump reviewing tonight?

Poor Cohen told the court, he lied but now's contrite.

No wonder that the Trump is stewing tonight.

written by Ralph E. Shaffer, 30 November 2018

NASA's InSigbht Spacecraft Successfully Lands On Mars

Also, miraculously locates Hilary Clinton's 30,000 missing e-mails on the surface of the planet!

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 27 November 2018

New toilet accessory selling like hotcakes

The red plastic sleeve slips over the toilet handle and is emblazoned in white: MAKE THE TOILET BOWL GREAT AGAIN

written by Aspartame Boy, 25 November 2018

White House And Exorcism

The White House needs an exorcism. Like now!

written by K.C. Bell, 24 November 2018

Hillary Promises to Send Her Private E-Mail Server to Ivanka to Use

"I heard about the trouble Ivanka had and thought I'd give her a private server so she can be safe."

written by Al N., 21 November 2018

White Lady Sees "Blackish"

Calls police to report all the black people on her TV.

written by Al N., 21 November 2018

Big Foot Apologizes For California Fires

Big Foot has broken his silence, and apologized for not raking the leaves of the California forests like he was supposed to, which led to all the fires, according to the President.

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 20 November 2018

Melania Makes Another Futile Attempt to Escape the White House

She made it to Toronto and ran up $175,000 worth of hotel bills trying to lose the Secret Service.

written by Al N., 20 November 2018

Trump Ghost-Writer Tony Schwartz Reveals What Trump Wanted to Call "Art of the Deal"

We had a Mexican meal & Trump ate a lot of beans and had the idea to call the book Fart of the Meal.

written by Al N., 20 November 2018

If attacked by a gang of clowns...

Go for the juggler!

written by Al N., 19 November 2018

Maybot in Factory Recall

It has just been announced that all Maybots manufactured after 1955 are to be recalled for urgent safety checks.

written by Doubting Thomas, 16 November 2018

"Brexit Not Me" Says Satan

Satan has made a surprise posting on social media:

"The Brexit agreement is nothing to do with me. I may be the Embodiment of all Evil, but even I'm not that big a twat."

written by Doubting Thomas, 16 November 2018

Trump Says Democrats Should Thank Him for Being Such A Terrible President

...Because they never would've won the House by such a wide margin without him!

written by Al N., 10 November 2018

Straight-A Liberal Arts and Philosophy Graduate Asks Local Janitor If He Wants Fries With That

Reported increase of recent college graduates practicing "please pull around to the second window" in front of mirror.

written by SamIAm, 08 November 2018

Middle Aged Man Still Convinced He's Putting Spin On Ball In Pong Video Game

And everyone 30 years old and under has no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

written by SamIAm, 08 November 2018

Single mom wins Powerball lottery

Single mom L. West won the $700 million Iowa Powerball lottery. "Now, maybe someone will marry me," she said, overjoyed at the prospect.

written by Gee Pee, 06 November 2018

The Koch Brothers and George Soros to Fight it Out

Each side is to field an army who will fight it out, colosseum style, while $$$s are exchanged.

written by Al N., 06 November 2018

Fox News Viewers Commit Mass Suicide!

"Anything other than be taken alive and tortured by the savage criminal migrant caravan!" as one said.

written by Al N., 05 November 2018

Trump denies being a white nationalist

Trump admitted being white and a nationalist, but said, "I'm not a white nationalist."
He then could not help adding, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

written by Sir Geoffroy Cockface, 03 November 2018

Trump Asks America For Unity

In the wake of last week's violence President Trump called for unity and an end to divisiveness by asking all Americans to come together, "even the criminal immigrants and terrorist Muslims."

written by manbrad, 03 November 2018

Trump Says the Immigrant Caravan is Bringing the Plague, Rabies, and Hepatitis Z to the U.S.

And then there's the really bad stuff Trump says is coming if the Democrats win.

written by Al N., 03 November 2018

Trump Promises to Grant Every Person in America A Tax Break, 40 Acres, and a Mule, All Before the Election

Valid birth certificate required.

written by Al N., 03 November 2018

California Dares Trump to Campaign There

Trump changed his mind on sneaking into Yorba Linda, the last Republican stronghold in California.

written by Al N., 03 November 2018

Trump Assigns Every Person in the Immigrant Caravan Their Own Military Guard

Since it is 5,200 soldiers, and only 4,000 in the Caravan, the leftover soldiers will dig a trench.

written by Al N., 03 November 2018

The Caravans Are Coming!

BREAKING NEWS: Wednesday night, my porch was invaded by caravan after caravan of scary people. I just smiled, gave them candy, and sent them on their way.

written by Matt Birkenhauer, 03 November 2018

Trump orders military to shoot refugees

He just wants to be able to say his catchphrase - “You’re fired!”

written by Sir Geoffroy Cockface, 02 November 2018

Seeking Asylum

You are seeking asylum, running away from trouble, and there is a North Korean, a Russian and a Saudi Arabian embassy. Which one do you choose? Fourth option: Keep running.

Trump? Any of the above.

written by K.C. Bell, 01 November 2018

Migrant Caravan Headed To USA

Why the big fuss? A caravan? There'll only be about five of them, max!

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 31 October 2018

Trump Gets Wrong Information Before Rally...

...and accidently tells the truth!

written by Al N., 31 October 2018

Trump Puts Troops on the U.S.-Canadian Border

"Ontario should belong to the U.S. and we plan to annex it. We will change its name to Trumptario. "

written by Al N., 30 October 2018

Boston Red Sox Admit They Almost Threw the World Series

It would have been much easier to have lost than to have thought up excuses why the team couldn't make it to the White House.

written by Al N., 30 October 2018

Bill Cosby Becomes a Mentor in Prison

The word is, he's revealing his ultra-secret "Spanish Fly" he says he invented himself.

written by Al N., 29 October 2018

Buckingham Palace Works to Dispel Rumor About Why Prince Philip Retired

It is NOT true that he is battling videogame addiction.

written by Al N., 29 October 2018

Major Democrat Bomb Mailings, Synagogue Shootings, Russian Election Interference--So What Does Trump Tweet About?

Attacking the Dodgers pitching moves and an immigrant caravan over a thousand miles away.

written by Al N., 29 October 2018

Kavanaugh Goes On Long Bender to Celebrate Victory

He was last seen sticking his penis in the face of Rodin's Crouching Woman statue in Washington, DC.

written by Al N., 28 October 2018

Stormy Daniels Develops a Fear of Mushrooms

"It started after I saw Trump's tiny penis - it looked like the mushroom from Mario Kart" said Stormy.

written by Al N., 28 October 2018

Republicans Suggest America Use a Lottery to Determine Who Will Get to Have Pre-existing Conditions Allowed.

Except those conditions that are life-threatening (unless you're Upper Class, of course).

written by Al N., 27 October 2018
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