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"Bubba" Clinton Back in Action with "Empowering Women" Initiative

Quick off the mark with a new gig, "Bubba" will be the ramrod of the freshly launched "Empowering Women" program. Ex-Pres and inveterate molester grants all babes the right to fully use his member.

written by Trinculoman, 26 March 2021

"Wired-up" Dopey Joe Flubs Lines, Claims to be a Black Woman

Yesterday's presser showed up Prez Joe at his dopiest. Wired up with an ear node and Susan Rice on other end mic, he proclaimed: As a kick-ass Black Mama, I'll do to the Man what he done to me!"

written by Trinculoman, 26 March 2021

President Biden Fine After Falling Down on Stairs of Air Force One.

Biden Administration insists he was actually falling up the stairs.

written by Kilroy, 22 March 2021

International Women's Day

Is it over yet? These dishes aren't going to clean themselves, says annoyed husband,

written by Dewani Unhatched, 12 March 2021

International Women's Day

Is International Women's Day over yet? Asks, hungry man,

written by Dewani Unhatched, 12 March 2021

Dr. Fauci Awarded Prestigious Government Honor

Fauci recently got the "Distinguished Deep-State Waffling Back-n-Forth Rhetoric Award" from the Washington DC Useless Bureaucrat Collective. Included is a stipend from the CCP Virus Promulgation Fund.

written by Trinculoman, 12 March 2021

Actual Reason for Sending White House Dogs Back to Delaware Revealed

WH Canine Director Bob "Scratchy" Fleebug disclosed that the Prez "Dopey" Joe was eating all of the dog food: "Couldn't keep a can ahead of him!" Dr.Jill is now trying to get Joe back on Gerber's Spam.

written by Trinculoman, 10 March 2021

Dr Seuss Under Fire Again....

....for making the Cat in the Hat black.

written by Kilroy, 06 March 2021

News From The Future...

...Mike Pence finally becomes president. Of his 'Gilmore Girls' Fan Club, that's it.

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 04 March 2021

Oakville, Ontario Mayor Demands Everyone "Stay The Hell Away!", Fearing Covid-19 Contamination...

..."That's okay," said everybody within a 100-mile radius, "we only drive through Oakville on our way to some place that's actually interesting!"

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 04 March 2021

Texas Cancels COVID restrictions just in time for Spring Break!

Rationale more fake than the shark in "Jaws".

written by Kilroy, 04 March 2021

Latest Crazy Trump News

With law suits coming at him like cows in a tornado, 85% of Trump supporters said they'd vote for him, even if he had to run 'Merica from jail. The other 15 said they'd give him a handy in the shower.

written by Paul Blake, 22 February 2021

350-pound crocodile undergoes major surgery to remove tourist's shoe from stomach....

Unfortunately, tourist won't be getting that foot back.

written by Kilroy, 22 February 2021

Texas Suffers Worst Natural Disaster in Modern Time....

Continues to dispute Global Warming, but still won't buy snow plows.

written by Kilroy, 20 February 2021

Pro-Mexico Wall Senator Ted Cruz Spotted Flying Down To Mexico To Inspect Trump's Border Wall...

...oh, wait, that's not true. Jerk went down to Cancun for a vacation to get away from his state of Texas which is being destroyeded by snow and floods. Ole!

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 19 February 2021

News From The Future...Sales Of Covid-19 Masks Drop Dramatically...

...because our new Alien Overlords breathe through their armpits.

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 19 February 2021

Canadian Superstar Singer, The Weeknd, Performs At Half-Time Show For The 2021 Superbowl Half-Time Show...

...Canadian teachers reluctantly admit they failed to teach the guy how to spell 'weekend'.

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 08 February 2021

Former President Trump Already Has His Own Boozy Drink

The Trump Mudslide is made with Bailey's, Kailua, and Vodka with a splash of Ex-Lax because he can't seem to go.

written by Kilroy, 06 February 2021

Bad Translations of "Mein Kampf" Enjoy Record Sales in U.S.

Apparently, most buyers are speech writers for Republican politicians.

written by Vlad D.M. Paylaw, 03 February 2021

Broken News !

Fox News reports that leftist lasers impaired Marjorie Taylor Greene’s brain in order to destroy the Republican Party.

written by Matt Birkenhauer, 31 January 2021

South Florida Pussy-Grabbing Golf News Switches Hands

The mantle (or pants torch) for being the biggest South Florida, pussy-grabber to make news this week officially went back from Orange Turd Man to Tiger Woods, who had yet another back surgery.

written by Paul Blake, 24 January 2021

VP Kamala Harris already has her own boozy drink

The Kalama is made with Jamaican Rum and Spiced Chai to represent her eclectic heritage.
'Sleepy Joe' also has a drink: a glass of lukewarm water and 3 Tylenols.

written by Paul Blake, 23 January 2021

Pretty and Highly Successful Canadian Figurehead Actually a Miserable Psycho Bitch

Yes, Johnny, our figurehead isn't what she seems either.

written by Vlad D.M. Paylaw, 23 January 2021

Stockholm Syndrome

When a branch of government violently attacked by its leader refuses to hold him accountable for his actions.

written by Matt Birkenhauer, 16 January 2021

A Tennessee Lawmaker Wants A Big Dolly Parton Statue On The Capitol Grounds In Nashville...

...but he said he'd settle for a big bust.

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 14 January 2021

Local man moves....

...because he read most accidents happen in the home.

written by Kilroy, 14 January 2021

U.S. begins 2021 with PTSD...

Post Trump S**t Disorder

written by Kilroy, 11 January 2021

Nutcase Radical Proud Boys Were Involved In Capitol Storming...

...Leader admits, "Sweetheart, we're proud and out there, and just wanted to give Capitol Hill a faaaabulous makeover!"

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 09 January 2021

Pelosi Trolls Richard 'Bigo' Barnett

Posts picture of herself sat in his pickup, as he's hauled off to jail, saying 'I'm keeping the quarter and the truck, dipshit!'

written by Nick Hobbs, 08 January 2021

Ted Cruz Has Alzheimer's

He can't seem to recall the last 4 years, after telling press he's always disagreed with Trump's rhetoric...

written by Nick Hobbs, 08 January 2021

Trump Has Called Himself The 'Law And Order President'...

...which is ironic, since law and order have A LOT to discuss with him, come January 20th!

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 08 January 2021

Department stores and radio stations finally stop playing Christmas carols 24/7... they can start playing all those St. Patrick's Day carols 24/7!

written by Stefano M. Stefano, 08 January 2021

John Prine Was Set To Record Album With Deion Sanders

Legendary American folk singer, John Prine's estate released the news that, before dying of Covid-19, John was set to record a country duo album with NFL legend Deion Sanders, called Prine Time.

written by Paul Blake, 04 January 2021

Dolly Parton reveals the secret of her success

Parton revealed in an interview, "When you have big breasts, they open a lot of doors for you."

written by Sir Geoffroy Cockface, 03 January 2021


The inability to sleep due to the machinations of a Would-be Dictator and Madman.

written by Matt Birkenhauer, 02 January 2021

2020 is ticking down to 2021. ..

Like a time-bomb.

written by Kilroy, 29 December 2020

Unidentified Object in Bagging Area

A despairing supermarket checkout assistant threw herself off a shopping trolley earlier today. "She must have mistaken Tesco for 'Tosca'" a passing opera-lover remarked.

written by Joel Kaye, 29 December 2020

Man finds lost painting in abandoned hatchery....

Gets his Monet for nothing and his chicks for free

written by Kilroy, 27 December 2020

Santa delayed by regulations

Some Christmas presents will be delayed this year because of regulatory hold ups at Santa's. A new lady elf is checking safe loading before releasing the sleigh. She is Elf Ann Seiphtee.

written by Joel Kaye, 23 December 2020

The Origin of Fruitcake

Factoid from the Music Channel on Cable: “Fruitcake originated in Egypt and was intended for the afterlife.”

That explains a lot.

written by Matt Birkenhauer, 22 December 2020

Jaggedone's love affair with his Brit roots has been executed!

A life-long love affair has ended. Jaggedone once loved his roots, now he regards them as irreparable, so he decided to sentence them to the 'Electric Chair'! It was over in a sparking Brexit flash!

written by Jaggedone, 22 December 2020

EU trade deal scuppered by the Royal Oak!

British battleship Royal Oak has been ordered to bombard any deal seen on the French horizon. Nigel Farage, Johnson's bum-licker, is now Admiral Farage on board the mighty Royal Oak!

written by Jaggedone, 22 December 2020

White Cliffs of Dover disappearing!

Ferry passengers heading towards Dover swear they cannot see the White Cliffs! Thousands of stranded Eastern European truckers crapping down the cliffs have turned them brown!

written by Jaggedone, 22 December 2020

Daily Mail head so far up its Butt, it's turning Brown!

UK tabloid the Daily Mail has its 'Medusa Heads' so far up butt, it's turning the same colour as Hitler-Youth uniforms!

written by Jaggedone, 22 December 2020

Far-Right Daily Express, never right!

UK tabloid, Daily Express, is so Far-Right, there's nothing 'LEFT!'

written by Jaggedone, 22 December 2020

Sir Cliff Retirement Community

Sir Clifford of Richard has said that he is going to open a Retirement Community.

This is also known as a Cliff Richard concert.

written by ExiledRoyal, 22 December 2020

Mall Santas Being Phased Out....

...replaced by Santa kiosks.

written by Kilroy, 22 December 2020

Inveterate Enemy Collaborator John Kerry's Got a New Gig

"Treasonator" Kerry was dubbed "Coitus Liaison" when 'Dopey' Joe did his usual lip bumble. "Avec pleisir," responded Frog-0-phile John. He's planning many in-depth tete-a-tetes avec Madame Macron.

written by Trinculoman, 21 December 2020

Grandfather Frost Accused of Hacking Santa's Naughty List

Any links to U.S. cybersecurity breech? According to Trump, "Not Nyet!"

written by Kilroy, 20 December 2020

Liz "Pocahontas" Warren is Peeved at Not Getting Treasury Secretary Nod

"Pokey" Warren has called in her band of Medicine Men to do a dance for evil spirits to further ravage the dried sponge brain of "Dopey" Joe. She also challenged Janet Yellen to a "squaw" knife fight.

written by Trinculoman, 19 December 2020

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