Armageddon IS ... "The Bank of Atlantis "

Funny story written by Auntie Matter

Monday, 14 July 2014

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Gold = delusion = Madness.

Olaf Soxoff, a German-Swiss skier has alerted the world to an incredible find. An experienced veteran of the piste, the sixty-three years old Olaf decided to try an unfamiliar route on the South side of Switzerland's highest mountain, the Matterhorn. In a broad German accent he explained to our reporter.

"I was just nearing the bottom of the run when I spotted it from the corner of my eye... a tunnel with steps under the snow. The sun was in my eyes, but there was no mistake. Of course, I stopped immediately. I had never noticed this thing before because it is not a side of the mountain I like to visit. The steps led to a steel door that had a big triangle emblazoned on it and a huge eye in the centre. Above it, the words "The Bank of Atlantis". I tried to open the door but an alarm went off and I quickly got out of there. You bet!"

Further investigations have revealed that what Olaf discovered was the Bank of Banks known as the Bank of Atlantis. Neither the Federal Reserve Bank nor the Bundesbank nor any central bank has the ultimate say in the world's economy. The final arbiter in the world's destiny is, in fact, the Bank of Atlantis that was known to exist a decade after the Second World War. However, it is a bank that currently plays little part in the business transactions of the world for its real role has yet to come. When conditions have been prepared the Atlantis Bank will, in effect, be the ONLY bank.

The bank was first spoken of in a book by Klaus Greenbach, Joseph Goebbels's personal secretary who claimed that shortly before the invasion of Berlin by Russian troops he had been called to the Führerbunker where he had been informed by Hitler that the accumulated wealth confiscated from Jewish prisoners, especially such articles that were made of gold, had been hidden away in an underground cave in the Swiss Alps.
"There is enough gold there," the Fuhrer told him, "to finance the Fourth Reich that Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill and myself have decided to call The New World Order."

Klaus was given a map of its location in Switzerland and ordered to go there with the "Architect of the Reich", Albert Speer. Speer and his team had already spent considerable time designing the underground fortress with its numerous vaults and offices. Unfortunately, Speer was arrested and sentenced in the Nuremberg trials to 20 years in Spandau Prison leaving Klaus to undertake the building of the bank alone from Speer's drawings. In his memoirs of course, Speer never alludes to the bank, his most important project, because at heart, despite his remorse, he was always a loyal Nazi.

Building underground in the Alps in freezing conditions was difficult but labour and equipment were supplied by the American Rothchilds and flown in over a period of some nine years. The Bank of Atlantis was finally finished in late 1955. Heads of state and eminent bankers were invited in for the ceremony. Vera Lynn entertained them with frequent renditions of "We'll Meet Again" and Bob Hope kept them amused with jokes about what a hoot murder is presaging Quentin Tarantino by over half a decade. As Freemasons, of course, they knew how to keep a secret which is why nobody ever got to know of the banks existence.

Those who worked there had a luxurious village built for them at the foot of the Matterhorn. Its illuminated fountains were a wonder to behold. There they lived happily and played, visitors never for a second thinking that the place was anything other than a typical Alpine resort.

The only one to ever speak of the bank was the man who built it. Klaus Greenbach fled to Colombia on its completion where he wrote his book "The Bank of Atlantis". That book, published in New York in 1960, lasted no more than a week in book stores. It was ordered by the CIA to be confiscated and all copies destroyed. The whereabouts of the publishers are to date unknown. Klaus himself, a Post Office worker, met with an unfortunate accident when the Volkswagen he was driving to work one morning mysteriously blew up. Two red bricks were found in Klaus's jacket pockets, but foul play was not suspected. A verdict of "misadventure" was returned by the court of Bogotá.

Over the years, the entire gold reserves of Fort Knox were shipped to the Bank of Atlantis while the Federal Reserve Bank in America continued to print dummy money in its ongoing mission to bring about a collapse of the world's economy. With the help of the Bushs and Obama and by creating a mythic enemy they could wage war against they called 'terrorism' they were able to print trillions of dollars with zero credibility based on real productivity, but with global credibility based on the delusions of might and grandeur of the military and its 'Commander in Chief' Barack Obama.

For the Skull & Bones members this is all a big belly-laugh as they are not likely to experience the results of their actions, at least not in this life. The recent selling off of Britain's gold reserves by ex-PM and Grand Freemason Gordon Brown, for a song, to Germany, was the final move to be made in the NWO game of global control.

In actual fact, that gold was shipped from Germany to the Atlantis Bank within hours of its arrival in Frankfurt. When the US dollar collapses and those countries dependent on it succumb to a fascist or communist takeover, the US will swiftly return to the gold standard and issue what it will call the "Pyramid Dollar".

With all the gold in the world safely in the keeping of its Bank of Atlantis the Pyramid Dollar will become established as the only viable currency on the planet, because it will be the ONLY currency to have sufficient gold to guarantee its value. It will have NO rivals.

At that point, the New World Order will have been created. All business in the planet will begin and end at the Bank of Atlantis, run entirely by Jesuit officials from the Banco Ambrosiano of the Vatican and other functionaries appointed by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve Bank of the US. With a global ecomony already established, chiefly by the internet, the currencies of all countries will experience rapid and total deflation leading to internal revolution. When the smoke clears and the dead interred the Bank of Atlantis will take control establishing a government of lackeys whose wages can only be guaranteed by the Bank of Atlantis.

Thus, the Pyramid Dollar, that alone has value, will become the only currency of any use. Those who have it will live. Those who have not got it, will perish. Thus, in one fell swoop, the dreams of The Illuminati to depopulate the planet to a controllable quota will have been achieved without any one of them personally having to leave their desks, or fire a single shot. That makes them smart... and you, of course, the "Muggles", stupid.

And that really, is what it is all about, isn't it? Some people would rather be dead than be a Muggle. There are people in this world who would rather waste a million lives in service of their delusion that they are 'clever' than admit with the rest of us that they know very little; and the little they do know amounts to anything worth knowing.

The funny story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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