Written by Keith Shirey

Friday, 13 January 2017

image for FBI Stages Coup, Puts Trump Into White House

The FBI Director is the most powerful man in America. This is so because Comey changed the course of the U.S. Presidential election and got Donald J. Trump Elected by his misuse of Hillary Clinton's e-mails. The evidence presented below is incontrovertible. Director James Comey and the FBI have turned the U.S. into a kind of third world banana republic.

The FBI is a domestic police force. It is a surveillance agency that is the equivalent of the interior ministry domestic police and surveillance force of a developing third world country. If a 3rd world police force put its heavy thumb on an election to change its outcome we in the U.S. would call it a coup d'état. We in America, feeling superior about our free and open election process, would laugh at them for being so backward. The U.S. sees itself as the shining city on the hill, the beacon of hope around the world!

Not so. The FBI staged a coup giving Trump the election. No? Again, read the evidence presented below. Out national domestic police operation gave us an impulsive, ignorant, incurious, narcissistic reality show buffoon with his hands on the nuclear button. We now live in a fact-free, reality free America with a compulsive liar at the helm. Director Comey has damaged the fabric of American society even more than Putin's meddling in the elections. His mishandling of Clinton's private e-mail documents and thereby making Trump president, has made Americans the laughingstock of the world.

Satirists usually have fun mocking Americans for various reasons: The USA, the richest country in the world, is ranked as one of the most ignorant countries, below many less developed countries. The USA is often the butt of jokes because of congressional attitudes toward climate change, its open carry gun laws, third world crumbling infrastructure and failing educational system, failure to win a real shooting war since 1945, second rate TV news, and the like.

But now, because of the Trump coup, Andy Borowitz, The Onion and other satirists will have open season on the politics of the US' former democratic republic turned into a joke.

Here is the evidence that Comey staged a U.S. coup d'état:

While Comey make public comments about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mails, he said nothing about the fact that the FBI was investigating Trump: "The Guardian has learned that the FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance (Fisa) court over the summer of 2016 in order to monitor four members of the Trump team suspected of irregular contacts with Russian officials." It is thought in the intelligence community that the warrant covers any 'US person' connected to this investigation, and thus covers Donald Trump himself.

"The Fisa court turned down the application asking FBI counter-intelligence investigators to narrow the investigation. The FBI was finally granted a warrant in October," states The Guardian.

In order for the court to issue the warrant it means there was probable cause to believe they were "agents of influence" who were unwittingly being influenced by a foreign power. It is unclear when the initial request (which was denied) was made, but it shows the FBI had an ongoing investigation into Trump staffers' highly suspect dealings with Russian Officials probably long before the Presidential election.

On Jan 10th Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon asked FBI director Comey, before a Senate Intelligence Investigating committee, if the FBI was investigating Trump's connections to Russia. Comey responded that he could not comment on ongoing investigations. Wyden responded, to the effect, that it was somehow strange that Comey would say that. Indeed, it was, in that Comey could have commented on another FBI investigation, that into Donald J. Trump's connections to Russia!

Now, Comey, himself, faces a new internal investigation into whether he and the Justice Department followed established protocol in the Hillary Clinton email server case. Four months ago Comey violated Justice Department's rules against public comments on investigations when he exonerated her from any wrongdoing but said she was "extremely careless."

He also said that he made public statements because of "intense public interest" in the case. This obviously was because of the 2016 election. Thus he violated a federal statue called the "Hatch Act" which "(a) ... an employee may not-
(1) use his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election;"
"(a) ... an employee may not-
(1) use his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election;"

Having violated both the Justice Department's rule against public comment once and the Hatch act, Comey doubled down 11 days before the election and said publicaly that new emails had been discovered which ". . .may or may not be relevant to the agency's closed investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of State. He thus commented on an ongoing investigation. So, when he told Senator Ron Wyden that he couldn't do so in connection with the FBI investigating Trump operatives, he lied.

3 days before the election he made another public comment that the investigation revealed nothing new, again violating both DOJ guidelines and the Hatch Act. Of course, again, it is damning to Comey that he could have made pubic comments into the ongoing FBI investigations of Trump, but didn't. Obviously, he wanted Trump elected.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch told Comey not to break DOJ policy-laid out in federal prosecutor guidelines-of not commenting on open investigations or making any statement potentially influencing election outcomes. Comey violated the direct orders of his boss.

Did Comey's public pronouncements get Trump elected President Of The United States? Yes.

According to the 538 website, on October 29th Hillary Clinton had an 80 percent chance of winning the election; on November 6th she had a 66 percent chance. (During the same period her margin in the polls diminished by roughly two percentage points.) Comey's announcement not only impacted the Clinton-Trump race but also down-ballot races for control of the Senate and House.

The Princeton Election Consortium reveals, "However, the big change in public opinion does coincide well with the release of the Comey letter. Opinion swung toward Trump by 4 percentage points, and about half of this was a lasting change. This was larger than the victory margin in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin."

Statistician Nate Silver noted that the Comey letter coincided with "a swing of about 3 points against her" - a massive swing in a tight election. These public polls are supported by internal polling from both campaigns suggesting that Comey was a massive blow to Clinton at a pivotal moment in the election.

The Shorenstein Center found that negative coverage of Clinton's campaign was fueled by allegations of "scandal." It was the "Comey Effect" scandal coverage toward Clinton that peaked in the final week of the campaign, consuming more than a third of her coverage. The timing was perilous.

Welcome to a new United States of America in the post coup era. If you see a nuclear explosion, you will have James Comey to thank. Crazy Trump's nervous, twitchy fingers won't just be tweeting.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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