Albert Einstein returns from the dead

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


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"Good evening friends."

Germany- Albert Eisenstein returned from the dead during a séances to give a lecture on the scientific aspects of sperm banks, in what he calls his theory of the relative sperm.

Victoria Safaris a spiritual healer, card reader, and self proclaimed psychic is the one that brought Eisenstein back, so he could finished his unpublished works on sperm evolution.

"The scientific aspects of sperm banks is relevant to laws when those laws alter the destination of human evolution and those laws affect our lives," said Eisenstein.

He explains the effect that sperm banks have on a human population and how a scientist would have to look at what is inside of a sperm and what is inside of millions of sperms that are in a single vile to understand how the sperm relate to evolution.

"This is the only way that an intelligent human being can determine the difference between perfection and error within an ecosystem that is associated to evolution," Eisenstein elaborated.

In the theory of the relative sperm, millions of sperm contain DNA that is either perfect or imperfect as the DNA relates to an ecosystem within an evolutionary process. One sperm contains millions of codes that are different from other sperms. Other sperms contains codes that are disproportional to each other, or diverse from each other and each individual sperm could have codes that are distinct from the other sperms.

On a large scale with millions of sperms the varied proportions and differences between sperms increase tremendously as compared to any similarities. That is why brothers and sisters don't always look alike and why people of different races look different.

Other scientist who have researched Einstein's theory of the relative sperm, say that evolution uses a system of trail and error in earth's environment to adapt an organism to the ever changing earth environment as it pertains to elements such as illness, resources or molecular materials for the construction of organisms, weather in the form of humidity, air pressure, heat, and cold as it effects organisms, time as it affects the environment and the organisms, and the continuity of the genetic material within the organisms.

The question is "How does a sperm bank alter a natural environment within the evolutionary sphere and if there is an alteration will this alteration effect the evolutionary progression and sustainability of human organisms?" The question would be easy to answer, the alteration could destroy humanity, or it can improve the outcome of humanity.

Physicist argue that the court would have to protect the human population in society by applying laws that would keep a sperm bank on a natural path of evolution. Men that donate sperm would have to be 80 years and over and they have to be educated scientist with the highest Intelligent Quota's possible and they need to have been married and they need to have had more than three children and they need to have had a high paying job during their life time and both of his parents need to have been married without divorcing.

If they are 80 years old it means that evolution and time have tested their DNA and they have survived both genetic illness and environmentally caused illnesses from microbes and environmental effects on the organisms. These conditions from the male donor are important because the female asking for sperm has defective genes that don't allow her to procreate normally and she is not compatible with a male partner and it is the female gene of the women asking for sperm that can harm a human society. The donor's perfect history allows for a greater chance of producing offspring that will be healthy, intelligent and capable of normal human procreation without the use of a sperm bank.

The grandchildren of the donor may be three females, two which can procreate normally and one defective female that is incapable of procreating normally. If the defective granddaughter of the donor visit's a sperm bank and she attains perfect DNA from a different male donor she will have a one in a million chance of producing a defective female child like herself.

Second, all the facts associated to a sperm bank that are not biological such as the policies of the sperm bank and how they affect the biological aspect of the sperm bank such as the outcome of a healthy child and how laws manipulate the biological and non biological aspects of the sperm bank to a proper end.

In a nutshell, sperm banks are motivated by money and they might not have the interest of humanity in mind, so it's important that the courts and laws support the interest of humanity by applying strict regulations on sperm banks.

In a worst case scenario, there is a possibility of three female grand daughters having dominant, defective procreative genes and if each had three daughters and they possess the dominant, defective procreative genes then there will be nine females with dominant, defective procreative genes. This female defective mutation would overcome the human population to compete with resources of heterosexuals that are compatible with members of the opposite sex and have healthy procreative genes.

The sperm banks would become an artificial procreative process for those defective female genes, but only to a limit because the defective female procreative genes would become a parasitical element on the population of healthy procreative human male. As this defective female procreative genes puts healthy procreative men in prison with rape accusations and as they take up space and resources the population of the healthy procreative female genes would diminish to the point of extinction taking with it the compatible, healthy procreative human male genes at which time the defective female procreative genes would also become extinct when their host, the healthy procreative male genes disappear.

If the population of defective procreative human females increases tremendously, they could take political control and they could incarcerate males just to remove them from society and to prevent them from breeding because the act of breeding would irritate the defective female procreative genes even though they need the sperm of those males in the sperm banks so they can continue to exist.

The defective procreative female genes would be intelligent, but they would allow themselves to go extinct because their behavior would be set in one direction and they would accept their extinction as being normal in the same manner as a female prairie dog views the extermination of its own young through the process of infanticide as being normal, regardless of it's own extinction if her young were the last of its kind.

The funny story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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