Super Duper Trooper Terrorizes African-American teens at a swimming pool party in Tex-Ass

Written by Samuel Vargo

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

image for Super Duper Trooper Terrorizes African-American teens at a swimming pool party in Tex-Ass
Black kids at a Texas pool? Time to bring in the armed artillery! This is a lily white neighborhood!

McKINNEY, Texas - A mean-spirited, psychopathic cop in Texas terrorized black teens at a swimming pool party and then posted the video of his brutalizing meltdown to his own YouTube account, dubbing the video a training video.

All I can say is WELCOME TO MUTHA' RUSSIA: Patrol Supervisor Cpl. Eric Casebolt and his team of Barney Fifesville fellow policemen handcuffed the young kids, made them sit on the grass, and at one point, Casebolt even drew his gun on some of these children, whose only crime, it looks like, was wearing their soak-n-wet bathing suits around on the green, green grass of their sad-assed home of McKinney, Tex-Ass.

Throughout the entire video, Casebolt uses the most vile and profane language imaginable when ordering these kids around. He's no rookie, either, and reportedly, Casebolt has been a police officer for a decade and even held a high-ranking position in his police union. El Presidente' For Life or Grand Cyclops, most likely.

Toward the end of the video, Cpl. Casebolt has his knee on a skinny, defenseless, horrified, 15-year-old, little girl's spine as he's caught in all his digitized hysteria and paranoia yelling at her, threatened her, and spitting out his venomous KKK bullshit like a true 'man in blue' henchman.

"I want my mamma. I want my mamma," the little girl cries as she's sitting upright, before this monster, Casebolt, snaps and slams the kid around on the ground like a ragdoll. He then pins her to the ground with is hard knee on her spine.

My God man, we've got to bring back that Patriot Act pronto for things like this - black kids at a swimming pool having a party? It sure sounds like some kind of conspiracy theory in the making to me!

"There was a fight, the cops showed up and started putting people on the ground for no reason," Brandon Brooks, who shot the YouTube video, told The Huffington Post in a message.

If you watch the video, it gets strange right at the outset. Casebolt takes off sprinting after a kid who's a half a block away, and during this run, Cacebolt does an aikido roll on the grass, lands back on his feet and keeps flying as fast as his corn-fed legs will allow. Wow, I thought, Is this guy for real? Is Bruce Lee returning from the dead to fight another gallant battle with this Casebolt super-duper trooper?

It turns out, the trouble began when some bozo security guard appeared during the children's pool party and seeing all the little black faces in the lily white neighborhood, started ordering the black kids out of the pool. Anyhow, there was some squawk in the media reports about a "fight" or something, and there was a video of a couple girls pulling each others' hair; but to me, it looks to be some goofy reason to blame the kids for speaking up and acting out a bit towards this knucklehead rent-a-kop. But who really knows?

"He started making up rules to keep us out," said Brandon Brooks, who was bold enough to capture Eric Casebolt's seven minutes of infamy (or so) in vivid, horrific, painful color with his nifty little cellphone with camera built in. Give this brave boy the Presidential Medal of Freedom award next time around!

According to reports, Casebolt was placed on administrative leave from the McKinney Police Department. Then on Tuesday, there were reports that he even resigned and relinquished his badge. But he could be working for the Texas Rangers come August or September. It seems as if the calendar has been stuck on June, 1955, for the last 60 years in McKinney, and they most likely even have water fountains and restrooms in the town's restaurants, saloons, and public buildings with signs over them that read: "Whites" and "Coloreds".

The last time George W. Bush and his sidekick Dick Cheney were in McKinney, a smalltown reporter heard Cheney say to Bush, "Boy, this is a great place. By George, you don't even see a black dog, let alone a black cat, crawling around in this little village! I like those signs keeping the races separated, too. We're going to have to adopt the same sorts of water fountains and bathrooms when we totally conquer the Middle East."

"We'll have to adjust it a bit, Dick," Bush said. "We'll put 'Sunnis' and 'Shiites' on the signs instead."

McKinney is located about 30 miles north of Dallas, and after this escapade is done and over with, and all the controversy is swept under the carpet, city officials have been considering changing the city's name from McKinney to Jim Crow.

"Jim Crow has such a nice ring to it," said Poppa 'Bull Frog' Wikerscaare, a longtime city council member who was the mayor of the city back in the Dark Ages, in the 1940s.

"I'm a hundred-n-eigthteen now and I lived this long 'cause I smoked four packs'a'full-flavored roll-yer-owns ev'ree day and I beat my great-great-great grandkids at least six times'a'day each with hard willow branches. Right on dare bare lil' ole asses," Bull Frog croaked out. Now sucking on a tube coming out of an oxygen tank, he's got one yellow tooth sticking out of his gums, looking like a lost, lonely, defeated Confederate soldier.

"We're gonna cover over that damned swimmin' pool with concrete and transform the dad-burned thing into a jail. We'll show them young whippersnappers what's goin' on with all their camera-driven cell phones," Bull Frog said.

"So much for the First Amendment in McKinney. And just what are you having for lunch, Bull Frog?" this reporter asked as Bullfrog, myself, and some other fat political bosses dressed in southern proper-style suits were seated on the back patio of Swine Fest Bar-B-Que, stuck right on the corner of Piccadilly and Lynch Streets, sucking down a couple of cold ones.

"I'm thinkin' of havin' either the beef brisket, rare or maybe not even cooked at all; or maybe even the corn-on-the-cob with ketchup on it all," he said.

"Sounds bloody good to me," I snorted.

To be honest, Bullfrog just gave me a bit too much information about his lunch and munch plans. I lost my appetite, but had another ten cold ones and staggered all the way back to Dallas, where I rented a room and felt relatively safe from the boogie man.


The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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