Scientist Find that Primates Don't Have Morality

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


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"Why is she with that bigger chimp when she should be with me, that's immoral!"

Animals that are sensitive to the plight of others have no sense of morality because their reactions are based on an evolutionary process.

What people see as human morality is actually the process of evolution. Human morality comes from the brain and the brain was constructed by the process of trail and error that took billions of years.

At one time interracial marriage was immoral. The fact is that human genes express behavior and those behaviors are programmed in the brain. The law didn't allow interracial marriage because the law was created by male lawmakers whose genes are sexually competitive.

Male lions always fight to take control over a female pride. Male rams always headbutt to take control over a female herd. Male chimpanzees who are dominant always prevent subverted males from breeding. This behavior came from male fish who compete with each other to pass on their genes into eggs deposited by females. Frogs exhibit the same behavior of sexual competition.

Chimpanzees, who cannot swim, have drowned in zoo moats trying to save others because their genes are programmed for social behaviors. In the wild chimpanzees protect each other from predators by uniting and defending themselves. Predators prefer prey that are isolated from their groups and they also prefer prey that are less intelligent and who run out of fear disregarding the safety of their own species in an attempt to keep themselves alive so they can continue breeding.

Moral philosophers who write and express ideas depend on their imprinted genetic behavior to interpret what is right and wrong with the world. To a human moral philosopher it is wrong for people to have sex on the streets, but at the same time they don't see anything wrong with pigeons who breed in front of humans in parks and on the sidewalks of big cities. The reason this occurs is because male humans are programmed to sexually compete with other male humans and they're not programmed to sexually compete with birds, snails, or fish.

This explains why male, moral philosophers have more sympathy for women than for men. Male moral philosophers view women as a resource and they view other men as a nuisance. They unknowingly express their sexual competition in their writings. They view females as the gentle sex while they classify men as being brutes. The facts show that women are just as capable of violent crimes as men.

Males suffer the process of taxation without representation. Government is an exploitative and dominant force over the lives of men. Men get drafted into the military against their will, to die in foreign wars created by male lawmakers while at the same time those male lawmakers are reluctant to send women into war because they view women as a valuable human resource. Some human laws are a corruption against nature's laws.

If men vote for a female president and if men vote for female senators to fill the entire congress they will see life get better for men because women view men as a valuable resource.

The human mind is a machine that is easily predictable if one understands the rules of human behavioral genetics.

The reactions of humans are also based on a program that is embedded on a DNA double helix, similar to a program embedded in a binary code. This means that the curator of the universe is a living computer created by humanoid people who occupy a perfect geometry and who live in a perfect world. The bipedal structure is the end of a perfect geometric form. The bipedal structure can be created from any type of form and doesn't necessarily have to come from a chimpanzee, including millipedes and spiders. The bipedal form shows grace and beauty because it eliminates over functionality and requires a delicate balance and a high living intelligence. If someone says that those toy makers would never make a perfect form to live in, then someone else would say, "Why would a super being limit itself and not enjoy other types of sensations and forms?" Evolution is a deception to hide the computer. The computer is located inside a type of ViewMaster toy with the universe inside the toy.

Atoms are located on a three dimensional screen that works with the process of inner space, unlike a computer screen which functions on a one dimensional screen. An identical replica of the 3d screen is a 30 gallon aquarium with a tiny fish in it. If you observe the tiny fish you will notice it moves in every angle. If we're looking at the fish and we're like the fish, something or someone is look at us while we live our daily lives, like a kind of soap opera. This means animals and humans can't hide secrets. Inner space collapses into itself from every imaginable angle, direction, and distance on the screen. The screen takes up the entire universe. Atoms float within this three dimensional screen which gives them the ability to also move in any three dimensional angle and distance as well as having the ability to combine to form three dimensional shapes, like the body of a human, or the body of a car. Matter shrinks into three dimensional space weather it is standing still or moving. If you look at micro organisms through a microscope you will notice they occupy inner space because you can't see them with the naked eye. If you glue two small rocks of different sizes on the end of a small stick and you move it around you can see them moving at different levels of inner space.

It's a possibility, the life forms that made the 3d screen may have left an opening from which to look back at them. The computer that regulates the universe is programmed not to respond to human pleads, but there appears to exist a method, that the toy makers designed, that allows access to the computer, so it can respond to human pleads. Using a HAL 9000 computer allows people to access the circuitry of the computer that regulates the universe in a layered format, like some type of networking that connects to alien technology. It's alien because that type of circuitry doesn't exist in the universe, only outside of space and time and inner space is the only entry and exit port for that networking connection. The human mind is connected to the alien circuit board through inner space and the computer gives people thoughts and emotions and it manipulates people's actions. Logically it would be the computer talking to itself and directing itself using the human mind to access the HAL 9000 which gives access to it's own circuitry. It would be like a person that operates on himself using surgical instruments, the computer being like the person. Since the toy makers programmed the computer then logically it's the toy makers that programmed the computer so it can operate on itself and the body of the human is the body of the computer that is being rearranged and fixed. A human reaching out into the world of those perfect people would actually be the computer attempting to reach out to those people in a different form. It's quite possible that the computer's mind is segmented where it has different levels or types of consciousnesses. Maybe one level being more mechanical than the other level and some levels connected to each other while levels others levels are inaccessible to each other. This entire process is basically about the computer and not about us because we basically don't exist except in imagination. The only people that are real humans are the people that made the computer which would make us the partial images of those people's true, perfect forms. They don't look like chimpanzees and they look more perfect than us meeting the end of a desired human geometry which is real and functional.

The real possibility exist that God is infinity and he is a single person without beginning or end whose real name is God and it's God that gives humans their real identity forsaking nothing because he is the state of everything. God probably dose exist because the fact that this statement exist is evidence of God's only reality, and is evidence of God's only message to all living things. Those people that programmed the computer made the bible, so it could be the voice of God, but they simulated failure because God can't be manipulated. In the bible it says, "I am who I am." Those people made a last ditch simulation of an effort to make the word I the voice of God, but they simulated the failure again. The only voice that God left us is this manifestation of it's state of existence which can never be a simulation under any circumstance. That which was not, but now is only in this statement, "God probably dose exist because the fact that this statement exist is evidence of God's only reality."

Forgetting about the fact that God is real, people can still get access to the alien circuitry in that computer and that is something that a person can touch and feel which means it is God, in his innate state, that is allowing us to get access to that alien circuitry since he is infinity and infinity has no measure of itself because he would be confined to the measure which means this new logical statement has validity, "I am who I am and that is not who I am." Only God knows that he is the word "am" not the word "I." God doesn't want people to speak for him or to say they are God, so the words "I am" if turned backwards would say "Am I?"

The DNA helix is an organic construction code which is layered on a different type of non-organic construction code that constructs mountains, molten lava, burning gas such as the sun, and water. The computer manipulates the movement of matter and it's organization based on instructions given to it by the toy makers.

The computer controls the consciousness of the human mind and the consciousness of the animal mind. The brain has structure to give the perception of independent movement which highlights realism in humans and animals. That is why an astronaut can think on earth as well as in outer-space when he works in the international space lab. Every square inch of space is connected to the computer's circuitry and the circuitry is alien to anything that can be found in the universe.

When a small plant grows it occurs in steps to hide the computer. Step one the seed enters the ground, step two water enters the soil, step three the plant come out, step four the sun gives the plant energy to make it bigger. A human tells himself that the plant was produced by those steps and he never thinks about the computer working like a spider placing each tiny molecule in it's appropriate place to construct the form of the plant. This maintains a realistic quality to the plant, rather than have the plant pop out of the air, so humans begin to wonder what's in the air.

There are billions upon billions of life forms in the universe, that descended from different worlds, and those life forms are billions and billions of light years ahead of human evolution. Humans would first need to meet their approval in character and desires before humans can become self-assured and that is a scientific fact. Those same life forms would prevent each other from harming humans if they meet the desired character and those humans have the right humane desires to respect other life forms more advanced than them.

To find data access that is functional in the computers data base without actually going into the computer's data base, people would have to classify all ideas and perceptions to get an understanding function because all ideas and perceptions are programmed and they are not unusual or new discoveries. The classification would start with functional or nonfunctional. Question: Is it possible to leave the universe and enter the world of the toy makers? The answer would be functional or nonfunctional. If it's physically possible to enter their world the idea would seem functional, and if a person is able to survive in their world the idea may seem functional, but if a person is limited to an evolution beyond the toy makers then all the functionality would turn nonfunctional which leads to only two paths, functional or nonfunctional. A person can even configure the actual bodies and faces of those toy makers by testing figures with functionality or non-functionality. Trying to put a human face in a perfect square and trying to fit all the parts perfectly might give a realistic geometric figure of the faces of those toy makers.

Everything said on this story is part of the computer's programming system.

The toy makers left a message on a song and video that's found on YouTube about the issue of putting people in a 3d video viewer. The name of the video is "the SLoT 2 Wars." The video is in Russian and only an English speaking person can understand the English sounds. The message is broken into pieces and it says, "WHERE DONKEY'S DON'T LIVE, THAT IS WHERE I DREAMT SO MUCH,(where donkey's don't live means that her people have the minds of super beings which gives them knowledge in their dreams in their world where they don't need donkeys. It appears they left broken clues in the movie prometheus) THERE IS NO SUCH A PLACE/PLAY, (place and play occupy two messages, she is saying her civilization uses human form to live a play because there is no other form that's perfect in character for use in love and touch. Breathing air and eating food are not relevant to their human forms which means humans have partial geometric function and the rest is error. Crying, kissing, talking, blinking, smelling, tasting are perfect geometric function in their world. If you take two sticks and you touch them together you can see how shape and form can make contact, without those two sticks there is no solid structure to make touch visually realistic)(she is also being sarcastic and playful when she says there is no such a place because it's evident she left the message in that song which means she exist and she lives in such a place) THE ATOM? I COOKED THAT, (cooked that means they engineered the atom which means she is part of a research team)(then near the end, the singer screams loud)WHERE DONKEY'S DON'T LIVE, I JOKED SO MUCH WHERE I LIVE, (then at the end of the song the female toy maker says) (the girl then walks backwards and closes a computer lap top with her right foot by accident and the guy in front of her vanishes like a computer glitch, it means she has men where she lives because the geometric male form vanishes into her world, if she didn't have desires and feelings she wouldn't be able to stimulate men in her world) (It's rare to get a message like this from the people that designed this universe)

The funny story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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