My Senior Moments: W/E: 28th July 2012

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Monday, 30 July 2012

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Once again I tried to use this in error for my bus-pass

Sunday 22nd July

* Arthritis, impetigo, angina and hernia all easier today... well this morning, but the ulcer is giving me gip. Really thought it had gone, ages since any bother, but started again a few days ago. Got to see GP's nurse in the morning (if I remember), so will ask for a prescription for Aludrox SA... oh, they stopped doing that a while ago.

* Cuppa and medications, carbolicalisations, and did some Turkey Ragout and bacon for Margaret.

* Did the diaries for the Spoof.

* Popped over to see Stewart and Margaret, she looked tired but still attractive.

* Walked around a while, called in Asda, got some reduced apples, cheap orange juice, short date cheap loaf, Smartprice fish in batter (reduced further due to package damaged), 4 tins of tomatoes for a quid, tin of Smartprice ravioli, & potatoes - and decided to walk back instead of waiting for the buses. Surprisingly even with carrying some weight in the bags, the knees remained only a little bothersome. The ulcer continued to nag.

* Got home, had fish, potatoes, fishcake, and orange juice... living like a King me!

* Fell asleep.

* Woke up, just stooped myself from taking the mornings medications again in stead of the evening one's! Phew!

Monday 23rd July

* No sleep again.

* New pains in chest, underarms, sternum and neck today. Not sure if it's the angina getting worse, or the ulcer starting again, or a combination of the two.

* Went to GP nurse, for CHD checks, told her about the pains and lack of sleep. She booked me in for visit to GP in the morning, after which I've got the Warfarin INR level blood tests at the QMC.

* Called in to see Margaret on way home, poor things been bitten on the nose by something - it was an ant that bit her a few months ago!

* Concentrating has been hard today. Must get some sleep if possible.

Tuesday 24th July 2012

* Arthritis, feels better this morning, the angina still twanging, the hernia seems okay, but the ulcer is nagging... still, I'm off to the GP in a bit (0535hrs now, appointment is at 0720hrs). The good thing is I had 6 hours kip last night, and feel better for it.

* After GP, I hope to be going off on me walk to the QMC for Warfarin INR blood level test.

* I'm taking camera with me today, hope to remember to take some shots of me route and activities. (David Bailey reborn?)

* Abluted, best togs on, and off to the GP surgery. Saw Dr X, oh she is sexy! No wonder me blood pressure is always out!

* She doubled the Omeprazole dose, prescribed some double strength Aludrox, told me to drink more tap water, to carry on with me long walks, and record the times I actually manage to sleep (not the nodding off variety).

* Forced myself (almost crying) away from her pulcritude, and made appointment for 5 weeks time with the receptionist.

* Set of on the 95 minute walk to the QMC for me INR blood level test - fed the pigeons on the Forest, took a few photo's en route, and arrived there in 89 minutes - good going, the knees are less bothersome this morning.

* Got tended to quickly, and was outbefore me bus-pass came into use, so I decided to walk back home via a convoluted route. (I am a Fool!)

* Popped in the overcharging... I mean Lidl store, and got some bread good tea-bags and milk.

* Called into chemists a few doors down, to get me medications (I get that 'The poor fool's back again' look nowadays when I enter the chemist's).

* Called in to see Margaret and Stew, he was not in good form, Margaret was sparklingly desirable as usual. I bought her an ice-cream from a passing van as I left Stew's. (I am a romantic twit!)

* Got in and added the extra Omeprazole tabs in me made up dose pots, but the Aludrox on top of the pain-gel so I'd see it and hopefully remember to take it, trouble is it's five times a day.

* Chopped up some gone-soft tomatoes, and added them to a pan of Goulash with a small tin of curried baked beans for later.... I shall dine well tonight!

* Finished off and posted the diaries, with a couple of snippets, then updated this and me blog with the photo's.

"Feet are hurting, I've got a callus coming under me foot now!

* Hard believe even for me, but I've just done it again! - answered the phone in response to a ring on the radio!

Wednesday 25th July 2012

* Woke up to find I'd left the oven on all night - what a grotty smoky mess!

* Did the days diaries for the Spoof.

* Medications taken, ablutions tended to - and over to see how Stewart was keeping, then a nice steady walk into town, and got some grease remover, oven cleaners, and a stiff wire brush to tackle the oven later.

* Caught the Bulwell bus, or so I thought... when it veered off in a different direction, I got off, and walked back to catch the Bulwell bus.

* Purchased some hob cleaner, Goulash, curried beans, and milk from the B & M store.

* Got on the bus to return, but the driver could not get it to start - so along with the other passengers, I alighted and got on another bus.

* Once home. I read the instructions on the oven tray cleaner bag thingamajig, and left it to soak, then tackled the hob with the cleaner, and left it to soak. Good job I've got the microwave to heat me Goulash and beans up later!

Thursday 26th July 2012

* Not good today.

Friday 27th July 2012

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew. Was going to go on a walk afterwards, but had a funny turn while visiting. Came on instantly, the vision on me right eye went kind of double-vision, felt dizzy, had to sit down. Margaret thought it might be because of my cutting back on the sugar intake as GP told me to, gave me a piece of chocolate to nibble. within a few minutes, all was back to normal with me vision... weird!

* Went home, and did the diaries in readiness for putting on the Spoof in the morning.

* Remembered I'd took some photos's yesterday when in Nottingham City Centre on walkabout, put them on blog.

* Never seen so many folk in the Slab Square, the kids were really enjoying the water fountains, but the many rides for them were not well used... maybe they cost too much? There was no prices on display?

* I did just happen to notice the abundance of scantily clad nubile young ladies in great proliferation in the area - this should not be allowed in the presence of dilapited, senile, old gentleman like myself... but I resisted ogling them, and walked on by after about three hours or so.

* I walked back home, and suffered no recurrence of the vision and balance problems, but think I ought to mention it to the GP (What a stunner she is... oh sorry, back to the diary) on my next visit.

* Managed to get some kip tonight early, so it wont be too bad if I stay awake all of the night yet again!

* I still haven't finished cleaning the oven properly from me 'unplanned' overnight bacon cooking.burning session earlier in the week - it will need quiet a few more scrubbing sessions to get it usable again, at least I hope I can get it working again.

* Having tinned foods at the moment, or anything I can cook in the microwave oven - although that's not easy with the timer that keeps sticking... oh dear! On the bright side, I can have more Goulash and Veg Curry... mind you I'll have to have a trip out to get some more in methinks, but the walking is painful, yet I think they're good for me knees?

Saturday 28th July 2012

* Up early and posted the Diaries off to the Spoof site, good job I did, 'cause the Editor/owner Mark has had to take down the writer's desk while he changes the DNS supplier.

* Up early and posted the Diaries off to the Spoof site, good job I did, 'cause the Editor/owner Mark has had to take down the writer's desk while he changes the DNS supplier.

* Knees in good fettle this morning, wind a little less, hands okay, ulcer not playing up, and chest okay too! Great!

* Went over the road to see Margaret and Stew, took photograph.

* Had a talk and cuddle, then Ogled and drooled over Margaret.

Walked to Bulwell (1hr 55min's), very windy! (The weather)

* Got some Goulash, biscuits for Margaret, chocs for Stewart, and cleaners to tackle the burnt oven with again. Caught bus back to Nottingham and tried to swipe me bank card in error for the bus pass... Again!

* Had nosh, and did diaries ready for the morning, made some graphics to use on facebook.

* Just after 2100hrs, Spoof desk back on line, caught up with Political/Nottingham news items, Senior Moments, and this blog. Did a few snippets.

Sunday 29th July 2012

* No medical issues too bad this morning, just tired from no sleep again.

* Took medications, abluted, and called at Stew & Margaret's. Made a fuss of Stew for his birthday, and drooled over Margaret a lot.

* Heavy rain prevented me going for a walk, and I spent hours and hours on the internet, diaries, setting up online WP, while suffering with many BT internet failures - ended up ringing them to complain. but with hearing difficulties, and the call-centre woman's accent, I had to give up.

The funny story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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