Shocking Inside Look at Bin Laden Take Down: Obama So Paralyzed with Fear and Indecision Panetta Made the Decision in Palace Coup!

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Monday, 9 May 2011

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Exposed: The Panty Waist in the White House!

Power brokers inside the White House, said to be so fed up with Obama's procrastinating and reliance on Chicago Slum Lord Valerie Jarrett, who based her advice only in terms of a re election campaign, bi passed the President and set the wheels in motion for the final take down of Bin Laden!

The coup, for that is exactly what it was, was spear headed by a frustrated Hillary Clinton who backed CIA director Leon Panetta's plan for a black op mission with boots on the ground, a plan strongly supported by General David Petraeus in order to confirm the termination of the World's most wanted terrorist in black and white rather than scattered DNA from a drone missile attack.

Reading just released private notes from those privy to the prolonged agonizing efforts to get Obama to make a decision, about anything, is a painful read at best. The behind the scenes startling look goes a long way in confirming what is becoming more apparent every day...the President of the United States is not a leader, but is being revealed as a very shallow, introspective and self absorbed mama's boy who has surrounded himself with single women who he has put in incredibly important and history making positions.

It's been confirmed that Obama doesn't attend ANY important meetings discussing the ever increasing pressures on the US involving terrorism, the economy, immigration reform,
or the still unfolding collapse of the middle east without Jarrett, practically sitting in his lap, who has been described by keen observers as "the other half of Obama's Brain!"

Which begs the question, "does this account for the cranial scars recently pointed out on the top of Obama's head which could be the result of a brain operation?"

The absolute frustration concerning Obama's inability to take a position, or take authoritative action ,has been building for a while, and started to become public after he refused to make any public statements concerning the unrest in Egypt which eventually turned into the fall of the government. Ditto in Libya, Obama more than happy to turn over management of the mess to NATO so he can keep his hands clean when it all goes belly up.

Presidential scholars are now making a strong, and obvious case, that Obama is not ready for PRIME TIME, and point to his handling of major issues starting from the day he was elected, content to 'be away from his desk' and turn the day to day momentous decisions of digging the country out of one crisis after another to the likes of Senate Leader Harry Reid, and the ever presumptuous, pompous, and very rich ideologue Nancy Pelosi.

The fact that the Democrats with a majority in both voting houses could not pass any meaningful bills, with the exception of Obama Care, done behind closed doors, caused a huge divide in the country, and is expected to be overturned when the Supreme Court finally gets off its collective asses and rule on it, speaks volumes.

And of no minimum consequence, by the way, in the two years the democrats ruled absolutely, they never submitted a budget while blaming republicans!

The real reason was that lard ass politicians were so desperate to keep their jobs, they were scared to death to put out a Pelosi/Reid budget that called for so much government spending that even center left liberals would be screaming for their heads in the upcoming election.

And if there was any better proof that far left liberals eat their own, witness Pelosi's refusal to hand out campaign money to the more moderate "Blue Dog" Democrats who displayed some common sense, and were swept out of office in 2010's Tsunami leaving the likes of Reid and Barney Frank to carry on the left's burnt earth financial policy and penchant for big government.

Studying the now famous pictures of senior officials witnessing Bin Laden's final moments on the big screen, one can see the bewilderment on Obama's face. One insider on the scene said the President appeared 'dazed and confused' after finally being dragged off the golf course to find out the order for the mission had been given and was and being executed , and in this instance, he really was the last to know.

To be plain, when Obama finally showed up he was confronted with a fait accompli, and told in no uncertain terms, if he didn't go along, it would be leaked that he didn't take the shot at eliminating Bin Laden when they had him 'dead to rights' , a disclosure that would doom his Presidency.

Valerie Jarrett, informed of the action, was no where to be seen or found, said to have left the area and locked herself in her room adjoining the oval office in a snit.

After the action Obama was said to have been ushered into a private conference room, and when he exited was holding the speech he was later to give to the American Public.

Another bystander said that when the news was received from the Seal Team that Bin Laden had been taken down, everyone in the room ignored the President and gathered around Panetta offering congratulations with Obama looking like the girl who never get's asked to dance at her first prom!

More and more focus is now being placed, even by formerly adoring media pundits, on Obama's seeming inability to focus on or prioritize rudimentary problem solving.

One critic said that Obama lacks cognizant thought, and that his ' false veneer' is being peeled back one layer at a time.

Psychologists are beginning to look closer at his selection of advisors linking it to the abandonment by his father, and later his mother, who dumped him off with her parents while she continued to chase windmills around the world.

They point to his selection to the Supreme court of two single women with a strong history of liberal leanings.

Hillary Clinton, although technically married, tore his ass up on the campaign trail in 2008, eventually losing the race when the media finally turned on the Clinton mystique.

Some say she was appointed Secretary of State to keep her at bay during Obama's reign and make her toe the party line, other's say it was an indication of his deference to strong women with unanswered gender preference and a penchant for pants suits.

Regardless, Clinton recently showcased her disgust by forcefully stating in few words, that she would NOT be part of a second term for Obama should he win in 2012...even Surrogate Mothers have their limits it seems!

The shrinks are about to get around to Rahm Emanuel, the former ballet dancer, White House Chief of Staff, and now, shock...Mayor of Chicago where the Obamaphiles have holed up to plot the 2012 election.

This play is getting more complicated than Hamlet!

And then there's Jarrett, divorced since 1988, and the mentor for first Michelle Obama and ultimately Barack, who is mired so deep in Chicago's Politics and Corruption, one could write a book.

She has been the subject of several scathing exposes in a major newspaper for her scandalous involvement in Federal Funding (read taxpayer money) going to a host of big time Obama donors for the building and maintenance of vast tracks of Chicago housing championed by Obama during his tenure as a state senator.

One of the projects was in such bad shape after millions of dollars were squandered, that the Feds were forced to take it over in 2006. Another, the 504 unit Grove Park Plaza, which got so bad only 99 units were habitable, was finally condemned, and just coincidentally was chosen to be the site for a vast rebuild to profit from the now failed
grab to host the 2016 Olympics.

Both of those complexes, and thousands of other living units, deteriorated under the direction of CEO Valerie Jarrett during her tenure of Habitat, the private firm tasked with managing them while a host of big developers got rich and filled the election coffers of

In 2008 Jarrett reported 'income' of over $800,000 from her position at Habit where plumbing was broken, windows smashed, and heat was lacking in a majority of the units which she managed. She also reported additional income from corporate boards she sat on, including the local hospital, which brought her income up to $1,360,440....not bad for the daughter of an American doctor who spent her first 5 years in Iran and speaks fluent Persian and French!

There's still about 18 months to go before the 2012 Presidential Election, and a lot more
events sure to challenge the well being of the US requiring strong and clear leadership and steadfast resolve.

In less than six more months, there is no doubt Obama will be faced with more challenges he is unprepared to meet, and after this last chilling moment where his incompetence was clearly exposed, don't be surprised to see a real Palace Coup occur when the future of this country is challenged and Obama refuses to answer the bell.

When it's all over and done and the historians weigh in, no one will be surprised to learn This President Wore Panties!

The funny story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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