Palin on Video Gung Ho to ATTACK RUSSIA and No New START Treaty!

Funny story written by Karen Fish

Saturday, 27 November 2010

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Being the President of the United States of America is a job. Two years ago Charles Gibson of ABC gave Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin a job interview. It was like a job interview of Sarah Palin and a chess game, to see how well Sarah Palin thinks things through.

At the time Russia had a skirmish with two of their former provinces South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Sarah Palin ABC Gibson interview - Georgia Conflict - YouTube. Charles Gibson asked Sarah Palin, "Do you favor putting Georgia into NATO?" Sarah Palin: "Yes." Charles Gibson: "Under the NATO Treaty wouldn't we have to go to war with Russia if Russia went into Georgia?" Sarah Palin: (laughing, gung ho) "Perhaps so! I mean that is the agreement. If another country (in NATO) is attacked you are going to be expected to be called upon."

Charles Gibson: "What insight into Russian actions with Georgia does the proximity of Alaska to Russia give you?" Sarah Palin: "They're our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska… We have to keep an eye on Russia and Russian leadership. Putin doesn't want Georgia in NATO but I do."

At this point in the job interview a normal employer would thank Sarah Palin for coming, say Goodbye, and throw her resume into the garbage can, in order to save life on Earth from extinction. The nuclear bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were 50 kilotons. Modern nuclear bombs are 100 megatons and split into eight in mid air. Think kilobytes and megabytes.

Nuclear War with Russia is called MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. Hatred + Hunger + Nuclear Bombs = Extinction. The only way to get a different total is to change the terms of the equation. When Russia shoots their nuclear arsenal over the North Pole and we retaliate the tiny ball called Earth will be surrounded by a black purple radioactive cloud and the sun will be blotted out from the sky for one year of nuclear winter.

The Earth's ozone layer when compressed is 2 pennies thick. During the year of nuclear winter the radioactive cloud will eat all the Earth's ozone which protects us from the nuclear rays of the sun. This will cause a permanent Ultraviolet Summer. In a year, once our ozone is gone the nuclear rays of the sun will melt lead on the surface of the Earth as it does on Venus, and all life on Earth will go extinct forever.

JFK, Albert Einstein and Dwight David Eisenhower all said, "The only way to win Nuclear World War III is to prevent it." Sarah Palin on national TV by her laughing words and gung ho attitude said that she is prepared to go to nuclear world war III with Russia to protect Georgia, Russia. Sarah Palin is prepared to render all life on Earth extinct forever to protect Georgia, Russia. Sarah Palin is prepared to sacrifice the life of every child in Georgia, USA to protect Georgia, Russia. Barbara Bush told Sarah Palin to stay in Alaska; Sarah Palin should have stayed on Venus.

How could Sarah Palin possibly say that she will attack Russia to protect Georgia, Russia? Elementary, my dear Watson. Watch her on youtube "War in Iraq is "God's Plan" In this 19 second video Sarah Palin says "The Iraq War is a task from God. The war in Iraq is God's plan."

The New Testament was written by Greek authors 100 years after the death of Christ and edited by human beings for 200 more years until it was finalized at the Council of Nicaea in 325 where the Church Fathers voted to elect Jesus Christ God, although not unanimously.

The grandparents of the Greek Bible writers wrote the Greek Myths. In the Greek Myth, Prince Bellerophon flys on his flying horse Pegasus and kills the snake, goat, lion Chimera. In the book of Revellations Prince Jesus flys down from Heaven on his flying horse during the Apocalypse and kills the snake, goat, lion Beast, Satan." Sarah Palin wants to bring us eternal paradise on Earth by nuking all life on Earth into extinction forever because she believes in a dead on plagiarism of a Greek Myth fairy tale.

President Ronald Reagan ushered in the original Strategic Arms (nukes) Reduction Treaty, the "START Treaty" which expires in a month. The Senate voted for it 93-6. President George HW Bush signed the START Treaty. President Barack Obama has already won the Nobel Peace Prize. President Obama has become best friends with Russian President Dimitry Medvedev. According to all of our leading military officers Presidents Obama and Medvedev have hammered out a new and improved START Treaty between the United States and Russia.

Watch Sarah Palin run all over the country screaming, "Offshore drilling is environmentally friendly and safe. Drill Baby Drill. Yah!" Think Billy Nungesser and James Carville on CNN. Now there is a potentially devastating problem brewing in the Korean Peninsula. Yesterday Sarah Palin called North Korea our ally.

The START Treaty sailed through the committees with bipartisan support. Then civilian Sarah Palin said on facebook, "No New START!" Palin is concerned about verifying Russia's reduction of its nuclear arsenal by 30%. Right now there are no inspections. The new treaty provides modern verification systems and American inspectors in Russia making sure al Qaeda doesn't get nuclear materials. She is concerned that we will not be able to build missile defense systems. Our military leaders deny the treaty will harm our ability to build missile defenses. Palin is concerned the treaty will harm our ability to modernize our nukes. President Obama pledged $14 Billion to modernize our nukes. The Senate was prepared to ratify the START Treaty, but Sarah Palin got Senator John Kyl to get the other Republican Senators to kill it.

Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of our Joint Chiefs of Staff said, "I believe and the rest of the military leadership in this country believes that this START Treaty is essential to our future security. I believe that it enhances and ensures that security. And I hope the Senate will ratify it quickly." Robert Gates our Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Defense of George W. Bush said, "The START Treaty has the unanimous support of America's military leadership." God carved in stone Himself, "Don't Murder all life on Earth forever or I will punish you, your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren." (Exodus 20). On the other hand, civilian news commentator Sarah Palin believes that we should kill the START Treaty and that Bristol outdanced Brandy! Sarah Palin is what Jesus called a 'Blind Guide'.

The funny story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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