141 Ambiguous, amusing Place Names - Beginning with D, E, F

Submitted by Inchcock

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

1. Dandy Cock Inn (Disley, UK)

2. Dangerous Corner (Yorkshire, UK)

3. Dead Bastard Peak (Wyoming, US)

4. Dead Man's Flats (Alberta, Canada)

5. Deans Bottom (Kent, UK)

6. Death Valley (CA ,USA)

7. Defiance (Ohio)

8. Delicate Nobby (NSW, Australia)

9. Delhi pronounced Del-High (Southern Ontario, Canada)

10. Deputy Row (Northumberland, UK)

11. Devils Dyke (Kent, UK)

12. Devil's Dyke (West Sussex, UK)

13. Devils Elbow (Nth Carolina, US)

14. Devil's Jump (Cornwall, UK)

15. Devil's Lapful (Northumberland, UK)

16. Devil's Marbles (Conservation area, Nth Terr, Australia)

17. Devizes (Wiltshire, UK)

18. Diapur (Victoria, Australia)

19. Dikshit (India)

20. Dildo (Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)

21. Dime Box (Lee County, Texas, USA)

22. Dimple (Derbyshire, UK)

23. Ding Dong (Texas, USA)

24. Dirt Pot (Northumberland, UK)

25. Dirty Devil River (Sth. Utah, feeds into the Colorado River, US)

26. Dirty Gutter (Staffordshire, UK)

27. Diss (Norfolk, UK)

28. Dog & Gun (a village, Lancashire, UK)

29. Dog Hill (Oldham, UK)

30. Dog Village (Devon, UK)

31. Dogdyke (Lincolnshire, UK)

32. Dog's Nest (Southern Ontario, Canada)

33. Dollarbeg (Clackmannanshire, Scotland)

34. Dollarfields (Clackmananshire, Scotland)

35. Dong Rack (Thailand-Cambodia border)

36. Dongo (Congo - Democratic Republic)

37. Donkey Street (Kent, UK)

38. Donkey Town (Surrey, UK)

39. Doomore (County Sligo, Ireland)

40. Doomsday Green (Sussex, UK)

41. Dorking (Surrey, UK)

42. Downer (Minnesota, US)

43. Drain (Oregon, US)

44. Drift (Cornwall, UK)

45. Drinkstone (Suffolk, UK)

46. Droop (West Virginia, US)

47. Drybrook (Gloucestershire, UK)

48. Dry Doddington (Lincolnshire, UK) A village with no pub!

49. Duck End (Essex, UK)

50. Due West (South Carolina, USA)

51. Duff (Saskatchewan, Canada)

52. Duffstown (Co Antrim, Ireland)

53. Dull (Perthshire, Scotland)

54. Dumb Hope (Northumberland, UK)

55. Dumbog (a Parish in Fife, Scotland)

56. Dumfries (Virginia, Manassas)

57. Dunnose (Hampshire, UK)

58. Dunnville (Southern Ontario, Canada)

59. Dunnydoo (NSW, Australia)

60. Dunvegan (Inverness-shire, Scotland)

61. Dyckman Street (New York City, US) (Thought that was an oxymoron!)

62. Dyckesville (Wisconsin, USA)

63. Earth (Lamb County, Texas, USA) * ??? the only Earth on Earth ???.

64. Easter Bogs (Banffshire, Scotland)

65. Effin (Limerick, Ireland)

66. Eggs and Bacon Bay (Sth. of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

67. Egypt (Hamps, UK)

68. Eighty-Four (Pennsylvania, USA)

69. Elbow (Saskatchewan, Canada)

70. Elbow (Northamptonshire, UK)

71. Elephant Butte (New Mexico, USA)

72. Elmers End (London, England)

73. Embarrass (nr. Wisconsin, USA)

74. Enigma (Berrien County, GA, USA)

75. Erect (NC, USA)

76. Erewhon (Wanganui-Manawatu, New Zealand)

77. Eye (Suffolk, UK)

78. Eyebrow (Saskatchewan UD)

79. Fagg (Montgomery County, Virginia, US)

80. Faggot (Northumberland, UK)

81. Fan-Y-Big (Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK)

82. Fanny Barks (Durham, UK)

83. Fanny Shoal (Farallon Islands, of San Francisco, CA, US)

84. Fannyfield (Ross and Cromarty, UK)

85. Far Forest (Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK)

86. Farleigh Wallop (Hampshire, UK)

87. Farmers (Llanwrda, Dyfed, Wales)

88. Fattiehead (Banffshire, Scotland)

89. Featherbed Rocks (Durham, UK)

90. Fertile (Minnesota, US)

91. Fertile (Saskatchewan, Canada)

92. Fiddlers Elbow (Cornwall, UK)

93. Fiddlers Folly (Colchester, UK)

94. Findlater (Saskatchewan)

95. Fingringhoe (Essex, UK)

96. Fisherville (Southern Ontario, Canada)

97. Flash Bottom (Staffordshire, UK)

98. Flash Head (Staffordshire, UK)

99. Flashader (Inverness-shire Scotland)

100. Flasher (North Dakota, US)

101. Flat Cat Canyon (San Diego County, California)

102. Flat Lick (Kentucky, US)

103. Fleatown (Ohio, US)

104. Fleming (Saskatchewan, Canada)

105. Flesh Shank (Northumberland, UK)

106. Flippin (Arkansas, US)

107. Floss (Arizona, US)

108. Floyds Knobs (Indiana, US)

109. Flushing (Nr Penryn, Cornwall)

110. Fockbury in the Parish of Catshill (Worcestershire, UK)

111. Foggy Bottom (Washington, D.C)

112. Folly Gate (Devon, UK)

113. Forget (Saskatchewan)

114. Fort Gay (West Virginia, US)

115. Fort Whoop-Up (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)

116. Foul Anchor (Cambs, UK)

117. Foul Bay (Sth Australia, Australia)

118. Foulness Island (Essex, UK)

119. Four Forks (Somerset, UK)

120. Four Foot (Somerset, UK)

121. Four Gotes (Cambridgeshire, UK)

122. Four Throws (Kent, UK)

123. Foxhole (Gower Peninsula, Sth Wales UK)

124. French Lick (Orange County, Indiana)

125. Frisby On The Wreake (Leics, UK)

126. Frog Suck (Wyoming, US)

127. Frognot (Texas, USA)

128. Frogpool (Cornwall, UK)

129. Frolic (Northumberland, UK)

130. Frost (Devon, UK)

131. Fruitfall Cove (Cornwall, UK)

132. Fryup (North Yorkshire, UK)

133. Fucking, (Austria)

134. Fucu (Mozambique)

135. Fuku (Shensi, China)

136. Fukue (Honshu, Japan)

137. Fukui (Honshu, Japan)

138. Fukum (Yemen)

139. Fukumama (Fukuoka, Japan)

140. Furhouse (Cornwall, UK)

141. Fuxingmen (Beijing, China)

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