4 Rich Guys discuss 12-21-2012

Submitted by alassandra2000

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rich guy #1: "So where have you all decided to go for the disaster?"

Rich guy #2: "Oh, we've got a nice little place picked out up in Alaska. We will be roughing it a bit, but we are considering it a "rustic" way to weather out the disaster until it is time to return to the real world and exploit whatever we can out of whatever has happened. We think it's going to be character building."

Rich guy #3: "We are going to go and live on a cruise ship. You know those things are like cities on water now, and they are designed to weather out any crisis. We are really looking forward to it. Then, of course, we will return. We are so looking forward to living like kings with all our little serfs running around, gratefully doing our bidding. It's going to be so great."

Rich guy #4: "I will be hiding out under the Denver International Airport. And I am dreading this entire thing."

Rich guy #1: "Oh, right, we were offered tickets to go do that, but it just seemed so confining, you know? I mean, what if there is an earthquake, or those people that predict nearly the entire west coast to Arizona and up to South Dakota will be underwater? It just sounds too risky an investment for my tastes."

Rich guy #2: "I agree. I mean, what if you can't get back out when everything has settled down?"

Rich guy #3: "Besides all that, isn't there supposed to be mostly government people down there? I mean don't get me wrong, I acknowledge their usefulness to us, but I am just not all that thrilled with the idea of weathering the disaster in close quarters, possibly for the long term, with a bunch of paid help, you know what I mean?

Rich guy #4: "I just thought it would be a good idea, since, you know, the President will be down there with us."

Rich guy #1: "Now, see, that's where you need to learn, never follow that guy's example, he doesn't have a clue what is going on. He actually believes secretly funneling all that money into underground bunkers all over the country is going to save him and everyone that goes down there. The truth is, you guys could very well find yourselves in trillion dollar tombs you dug out for yourself, you know?"

Rich guy #2: "...why don't you come with us to Alaska?"

Rich guy #3: "...or you could come with us on the cruise ship?"

Rich guy #4: "I don't know...hey, wait a minute," turning to Rich guy #1, "you asked all of us, but you never told us: where on earth are you planning to go?"

Rich guy #1: "Oh, screw earth, I'm jumping on the first Annunaki ship I can out of here."

Walking away together, Rich guy #2 says to Rich guy #3, "he just always has to show everyone up, doesn't he?"

Rich guy #4, to himself: "I wonder if I can trade in my underground bunker ticket for the alien space ship one..."

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