Four banker presidents talking about Occupy Wall Street:

Submitted by alassandra2000

Friday, 7 October 2011

Banker #1: "I am really worried about our personal safety with all those pesky protesters down on Wall Street."
Banker #2: "I know, I heard that the president of the major bank in Iceland had to flee the country because they were going to arrest him for doing exactly what we are doing."
Banker #3: "I hear that he went to North Korea. At least there is no way those people are ever going to figure out what is really going on."
Banker #4: "Wait a minute; didn't the chairman of that country have that president's head chopped off when he got there?"
Banker #3: "Well, yeah, but I'm not suggesting that we go there if things go south here! All I am saying is that we need to make sure to go somewhere neither the people nor the president will figure it out.
Banker #1: "That's it, I'm going to call my go-to journalist, and have him keep an eye on things so we'll know ahead of time if we need to bail."
Banker #4: "Right, you do that, and I'm going to go and watch the mainstream media news to find out what's going on."
Banker #2: "You idiot, you can't learn anything from them, they only report what we tell them to!"
Banker #3: "I know, I'll go and tell the police chief of the NYPD that we'll give him a few million if he'll send his guys down there to arrest and rough of the protesters, so they'll give up and go home."
Banker #4: "But, what if someone gets seriously hurt?
Banker #1: "You're right! That's absolutely brilliant! Tell them not to stop until that happens. That way, if someone fights back, we can blame it all on the protesters for turning violent!"
Banker #4: But, what about their constitutional rights?
Banker #3: "Their what?"
Banker #4: "You know, their right to free speech…"
Banker #2: "Oh, don't worry about that one. We got the government working on pushing for a rewrite on that constitutional thing as we speak. We'll just eliminate whatever we don't like, just like we did with all that other outdated stuff."
Banker #1: "Okay, so they may be figuring out that we stole the bailout money, but we're making sure the mainstream media keeps them deluged with misinformation to keep them properly confused, and we're violating their civil rights so they'll give up, anything else?"
Banker #3: "Yeah, get some people working on keeping them from getting around it all by getting the truth out to each other via the internet."
Banker #4: "How are they supposed to do that? The internet is huge!"
Banker #3: "I don't know! Tell them to think of something! I can't do it all, you know!"
Banker #4: "I just had a horrible thought. What if the internet takes us down?"
Banker #2: "Don't even think like that! Just go…do something!"
Banker #4: "I just hope I don't see anyone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask on the way. I think I'd end up screaming like a little girl and running home to curl up in a fetal position, with my thumb in my mouth."
Banker #3: "Don't worry about that, either. We've got the FBI tracking down that guy for us, too."
Banker #4: (curling up on the floor) "I want my mommy."
Banker #1: "We can't take him anywhere with us, I swear."

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