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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

I just woke up and looked in the mirror, admiring myself. Despite what people who never saw me say about me, I am not red, I don't have horns, and no, I don't even have a tail. Instead, you'd find me to look like a prince, a king even, if not a mighty god.

As I was admiring my looks and charm, I also started feeling mighty proud of myself. I've turned so many people against each other in the world. The Democrats sided with Obama and the Republicans with Trump, not knowing that I am fully in possession of those who funded them both. So both sides are supporting people who played a major role in getting them into office.

I'm proud how I got the US to allow gay marriage in all 50 states. That is a dead-end, sterile lifestyle that tends to be childless. I'm proud of how I managed to get groups of people calling themselves "gay Christians" to rise up and make themselves known. The thing is, they are neither "gay" nor "Christians." They're miserable as I have them enslaved to entertaining their own lusts, so they're not gay. And they put their lusts and genitals first, not Christ. If you were to ask them to choose between their gayness and Christ, they'd choose my way without question.

And lest you think I'm either pro-gay or homophobic, I created both concepts. Both the pro-gay militants and the anti-gay extremists are in my pocket doing my bidding. And to be honest, I don't care which view prevails. I just set it up and let others fight it out for my own entertainment. Plus I get to work out my ultimate agenda, and that is to wipe out and/or enslave white people. Think about it. It was mostly Whites who spread Christianity throughout the world and civilized it. Now, I managed to brainwash them into thinking that gayness is a good thing, so they won't have as many children. That is also why I've corrupted the gender roles that my enemy, Yahweh ordained, and put leaders into power who promote abortion.

Now you might ask, if the goal of gayness, transgenderism, feminism, and abortion are to reduce white folks and their Christian ideals they brought to the US from Europe and spread across the world, then won't it target other races and groups too? Yes, it will somewhat, but not as much as you think. I've gotten to people of African descent a long time ago, and got them so interested in their genitals and their feelings that they cannot seem to control. For every Black woman who has an abortion, there are at least 20 giving birth out of wedlock. Most of the Black women having abortions already have several children already. The White women who have abortions don't have any children. They are busy worshiping me by sacrificing their lives at the altars of "higher education," feminism, or their careers. I've managed to get White women to neglect one of their primary responsibilities and which by default is one of the greatest joys. And when they finally want to have families, they are much more likely to face infertility and birth defects.

Then you might ask me about gayness. Yes, there are gay people of all races. It is just that only certain cultures are homophobic, and I've gotten the Left to ignore them and only focus on the "big, bad White, straight men." Plus, unlike many fail to realize, gay feelings doesn't mean you cannot have straight sex and reproduce. In fact, in cultures where homophobia is strong and there's a high risk of being murdered for being gay, gay men actually reproduce more. So again, my goal is to get Whites to breed less and everyone else to breed more. I don't care who is a homophobe, since I can control them, and I don't care who's gay, as that also makes it easier to control them. Both pro-gay ideology and homophobia are my weapons against certain segments of mankind.

I'm also rejoicing in how I have liberals so confused. I have them hating Christianity because they think it's oppressive, and they welcome Islam, which is even more oppressive. Who do you think helped write the Quran? I took an illiterate pervert who liked having sex with children and caused him to write a book that I managed to convince a whole group of people that it is holy.

I don't know why I spent so long writing this. I have no time to waste. I need to get more non-White, non-Christian refugees to flood the US and Europe. I scratch a notch on the wall over here every time a supposed Black Muslim rapes a White woman. I love how I deceived the leaders in Europe and even have a few completely possessed by either me or my most prized servants. I don't call them demons, as their work is too dear to me to call them that. And I don't call them angels, though they are in a sense, as that word has connotations that I find distasteful.

So long for now. I'm glad I got all that off of my chest. Now it's time to get back to work.

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