Miley Cyrus dates Justin Bieber after a convention

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

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Justin Bieber demonstrates the creation of life.

Miley Cyrus is dating Justin Bieber after they met at a scientific convention in New York City. Bieber was giving a discussion on particle physic and the creation of the universe.

Cyrus recalls the demonstration Bieber gave to scientist around the world.

"I found new messages in the song Slot "2 Wars" which is on YouTube" Bieber continues "I was shocked when I discovered the new messages because I had heard the song several times and couldn't hear the new messages or I refused to look for new messages to prevent myself from being distracted from the original message." The original message heard by Bieber: "Me, kind TaTa she."

Bieber explains the new message discovered: "I can't achieve, Narvankria created shoe, Narvania ought to achieve." This means that the person making the statement is identifying itself as Narvania who ought to achieve what Narvankria has created.

"This means that the creator making the statement belongs to a race of life forms that created the universe," said Bieber.

Narvania also sounds like nirvana , in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, nirvana is a state of supreme liberation and bliss, contrasted to samsara or bondage in the repeating cycle of death and rebirth. They are saying they are the Gods of creation.

The difference between Narvankria and Narvania is "kria" and "nia."

"I wonder if those are actual names of creators or distinguishing factors to identify differences in states of consciousness to show that the creators are billions of life forms each one with their own identity," said Cyrus at the convention.

"Created shoe" means that the Gods of creation made every shoe from the beginning of this earth until the end of the earth. This shows that the entire universe is inside of a design plan and all the shoes worn by all living things in the future of the earth until the end of this earth have already been created in the design plan. There could be over 700 zillion shoes in the design plans. That is an outstanding number of shoes which means the mind power of those creators is beyond our comprehension. This must also include all the shoes worn by primitive, living things across the universe in which case the number of shoes would triple beyond the 700 zillion estimation. This means that no shoe maker can ever create a shoe because the power of creation is out of reach for humanity. The human shoe maker can only replicate something that is assigned in the design plans of the universe.

Bieber was wondering about the contrast to nirvana which is samsara and he noticed that the word divides in half to "sam" and "sara" which means samsara identifies humanity and the contrast to nirvana is humanity which is trapped in a cycle of death and the rebirth of combined DNA which slowly changes over the centuries. If samsara is the identification of humanity then Narvankria and Narvania is the identification of the Gods of creation and "kria" and "nia" are representations of identity.

The second new message within the old message is: The kind can't achieve, Narvankria created shoe, Narvania achieves, no honestly shoes smell.

In the second message they are telling humanity that if they would have not created the cruelties in life then they can't achieve creation in the state we are living under.

In this old message: "Me, kind TaTa she." The creator, that narrated the words in the song, is saying that it is a producer like a woman that gives birth and it is kind in a sense.

In the song by Alizee, "J'en ai marre" The beginning sounds of the song reinforce the statement "Me, kind TaTa she." The beginning sounds go as follow: J'ai la producer, don't nobody looser.

J'ai in French is "I." La in Spanish is "the." "Don't" isolates itself as (do not) which means "do not put a word in this space." The English sound "producer" means one that creates. When combined with the English sound "producer," the sentence says: I the producer, (don't put a word) nobody looser. When written without a word the sentence says: "I the producer, nobody looser." The translation goes: I created humanity and nobody else but me created you."

The three distinct messages that Bieber discovered in that song go as follows:

1. I can't achieve, Narvankria created shoe, Narvania ought to achieve, no honestly shoes smell

2. Me, kind TaTa she, Narvankria created shoe, Narvania achieves, no honestly shoes smell

3. The kind can't achieve, Narvakria created shoe, Narvania achieves, no honestly shoes smell

At the convention, Bieber told the attentive crowd of scientist that he deciphered the message: "Stand neuva such a play, I'm me nuev/videa-im." This part comes after the statement "Where donkeys don't live, nunca up there, that started telling the NASA, I joke/drunk so much." The word "that" refers to the artificial intelligence that regulates the universe and gives people their emotions and thoughts. "The NASA," means there are billions of space agencies across the universe and there is more than one on earth.

"Stand new life, I'm me new life" is deciphered from "Stand neuva such a play, I'm me nuev/videa."

"Stand new such a play" This is referring to the creation of life as animated figures. A play is a reenactment of characters from an animated story book. "Such a play" means that humanity is a creation of their minds. "Such" is: shows of the kind specified or of the same class, type, or sort. They see themselves as different from the play they create and also that they are not of the play they create. It also shows they have other unknown plays which are alien to humanities conceptions or foresight. This also demonstrates the state of existence which means they are saying they created the state of existence of which we are part of.

"Me nuev/videa" Nueva is Spanish for new which is translated as "me new life" "vida or videa" is life in Spanish, When connected to "Stand new such a play" or Stand new life the entire sentences goes: Stand new life, I'm me new life. This means that one of the creators that made this universe orchestrated the song to speak to bipedal humans on this earth by telling them they created life in the message hidden inside of the song. "New life" refers to humanity. "I'm me" refers to the creators. The creators are announcing themselves and asking humanity to recognize them for who they are, but at the same time they are not asking to be remembered or worshiped.

The funny story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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