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Monday, 11 July 2011

image for High School Musical 4: Obama Thought He Was Running for Class President!
"Barack Obama, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, He's Our Man!"

As the US economy continues to fizzle amidst contentious debates and diatribes drawn along party lines in the US, one thing about the Obama presidency has been made abundantly clear, being the President of the world's largest and most powerful country is not the same as being elected to the high school class presidency!

We all know the popular class president from our school days, the kid who could speak well, had lots of friends, never caused controversy, never had to study, never had a care in the world, had the cutest girl friend and was probably elected home coming king if he also happened to play one of the major American sports that did not include soccer! (football for the UK edition)

The same scenario continued in college, where the same young adult with the gleaming smile and glib tongue, supported by his social fraternity organized campus campaigns, plastered the buildings and trees with posters, and along with other dirty tricks, ranged the hallowed halls at night tearing down like posters from other competitors and again became class president.

Once elected it was all gravy, there was nothing to do but keep on smiling, pat yourself on the back and bask in the adulation heaped on you by adoring fans who fawned over you hoping to just maybe get a nod, a wink, and possibly score a hot coed from the fringes who wanted to be 'near the action.'

And so it is today. A man who came from no where, with no verifiable
track record, no documented history of academic achievement, that no one remembers from their school days, a product of affirmative action, scholarships, and no real paying jobs that managed a budget, made a payroll,
or caused him to stay up night working out solutions to financial life or death
problems in the competitive private sector, suddenly finds himself over his head.

Described as 'brilliant', 'articulate', 'engaging', 'personable' and 'uplifting', Barack Hussein Obama rode a wave of popularity based on nothing but
'hope and change' to defeat a bitter rival, the Conjoined Clintons, and then sweep the Presidential election over a tired, uninspiring Republican candidate John McClain who was 8 years past his 'sell by' date.

Once elected he stocked his cabinet and appointed Czars from his alma mater, a group of 'intellectuals' much like himself who never had a real job, in fact this administration has more people in positions of power that have never worked than any previous administration.

Once elected, he felt his job was done, preferring to 'lead from behind' as he turned over the fate of the country to a Treasury Secretary who had 'forgotten to pay his taxes', and to a Democratic Congress with a solid majority to implement a host of text book reforms right out of the Harvard Business School with footnotes from Global Warming guru former Vice President Al Gore, who just by the way, won a Nobel Prize for hazy scientific pronouncements which just happened to propel him into the multi millionaire club on related investments.

And, just like in real life, the then popular President was awarded Homecoming King status by being voted a Nobel Prize too, although in what category still remains murky, although socialists throughout the free world rejoiced in the choice. In Las Vegas at the crap tables, they call that 'betting on the come,' and as many gamblers have found out, you win some and you lose some, but more often than not the House always winds up the winner!

With the nation in economic meltdown, but with a solid majority in both houses, Obama wasted his political capital in ramming through a 2500 page health care bill riddled with special favors that no one read with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi famously extolling, "We have to pass this bill so we can see what's in it!"

Despite a majority in Congress, the Obama administration DID NOT pass a national budget for two years, already looking forward to the upcoming elections of 2010 knowing that their tax and spend formula would doom their agenda, and putting aside the needs of their country for the their own political future, since most of them also had never held a real job.

It has long been known in the US that both parties are beholding to lobbyists and special interests, but what makes Obama stand out is his 2008 proclamations that those days were over, and HE would return to the doctrine of "transparency" and open government.

The new era led to the government take over of General Motors, with Obama dismissing the CEO, wiping out stock holders, suppliers, and bond holders and turning over 40% of the company to the United Auto Workers(UAW) to cover their pensions, forgiving debt, but allowing them to 'write off' those 'losses' insuring they wouldn't have to pay any federal taxes for years to come.

Just recently it was announced that the UAW was beginning 'labor negotiations' for a new contract, introducing yet another 'brilliant' Obama concept, negotiating with itself for wages, benefits, and pensions, how's that transparency working out for the taxpayers now?

In Democratic strongholds through out the country, Sanctuary Cities have sprung up protecting illegal aliens affording them full health care, cell phones, taxi rides to emergency wards for minor illnesses, free rent, free tuition, while those states, notably California, Massachusetts and New York
continue to add taxes, regulations and politically correct mandates stifling job creations and burying the small business man under a mountain of paperwork.

The Obama controlled Labor Relations Board has filed suit against the Boeing Corporation for opening a new factory in Charleston, SC, a state with 10% unemployment, and solidly Republican and a 'right to work' state, hoping to close down the brand new plant which will employ at least 1000 new skilled workers. Boeing already has a work force which is 38% union, and recently hired many more union employees in it's Seattle plant thereby proving it is not anti-union.

Boeing is just one company that has seen the handwriting on the wall; recent studies have proven that right to work states have workers with better productivity, quality production, and a better bottom line, and those workers are happy to keep it that way.

While labor units were valuable in the past keeping greedy employers from
exploiting workers, they have now joined the ranks of the corrupt politicians; holding taxpayers for ransom negotiating union contracts for teachers, police, firemen, and public service employees with elected officials in a quid pro quo, a wink and a nod; take care of me, we'll continue to re elect you.

No wonder the more we spend on education the dumber the kids get, it's all about greed and other people's money, no accounting, and not being held to any standard of performance, unless in the unfolding Atlanta, Ga. education scandal 178 teachers were ordered to change test scores for over 10 years reaping praise and bonuses on school administrators!

With the world now in crisis it appears free countries around the world are finally learning the lesson that was plain to see for decades; you can't buy your friends, and if you 'lend' money or a helping hand, it will surely end in tears, or worse yet, in flames.

Best run out and buy more marsh mellows if you want to roast a few at the upcoming 2012 Home Coming Bonfire....all hail the King & Queen, they sure are a handsome, articulate couple!

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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