Parrots, India and the physics of Intelligence produces an equation

Written by Kid Icarus

Thursday, 16 December 2010


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Professor Otto Ammon

Professor Otto Ammon was entranced by the beautiful colors of Amazon parrots and decided to read information on them and then he made the discovery that evolution created arranged marriages for Amazon parrots.

Ammon said, "Evolution created this arranged marriage for those parrots through the process of environmental demands and the system of trial and error and the need for living cells to remain alive."

Professor Ammon says that to understand the correlation between the arraigned marriage of parrots and evolution, a person needs to analyze the physics of the environment as it relates to the social structure of parrots. If you notice where Amazon parrots live then you can understand how evolution created their arranged marriages. The Amazon forest is extremely large and dense in vegetation and this makes it easy for parrots to get lost and extremely difficult for them to find a partner of the opposite sex. There is also lots of competition for food in the forest and plants have developed toxins to protect themselves from hungry animals. This means that the forest is large, but also scares in available food.

In theory if there was a "lost parrot" gene in the past, parrots that got lost in the forest looking for food also didn't breed quick enough to produce offspring because it took them months or years to find a partner of the opposite sex. This is based on the fact that birds like peacocks are separated from matting partners till they come together to dance and attract a mate. This is the theory of the lost parrot or in a primitive state the process of random and accelerated DNA transfer where one male could mate with as many as 20 to 120 thousand members of the opposite sex distributing his genetic material into new mutations creating an accelerated adaptation to overcome the environment. Such accelerated DNA transfer can only be spurred on by predation because predation creates a more unstable condition than the environment. That is why crabs and mice produce so many young. The theory of the "lost parrot" is a true probability that shows the division of genetic paths where one goes into extinction and the other is temporarily adjusted to the environment and could remain a living fossil if not changed by environmental factors.

In the hypothesis a few of those lost parrots were never able to find a partner for sex and the rearing of offspring while others varied in time factor before finding a partner. Then, out of the hundreds of parrots there developed parrot mutations where members of the opposite sex were unable to separate from each other at a juvenile age or adult stage. If solitary parrots can be found in the Amazon, this would prove the possibility of the "lost parrot" theory being true or possible. A few of these pairs of parrots were homosexual parrots where females and males of the same sex paired up. In many birds, this homosexual behavior is observed, but does not mean it's a stable condition for the creation of life. The homosexual parrots never had children and they didn't pass on the homosexual genes to any offspring.

The heterosexual parrots that paired up were able to have offspring and they passed on their DNA behavior to a new generation of parrots. Then, there developed a competitive existence between parrots that paired up and lost parrots that mated once every three to four years. The lost parrots used the color of their feathers to find each other from a long distance, but this was not good enough to overcome their extinction because pairing parrots took all of the available food they needed to raise offspring. The time that was wasted by lost parrots in finding a mate in the vast jungle was the time that pairing parrots used for mating and raising of their offspring. This established mathematical numbers that show the differences in population density, food resource and time which helps develop a clear picture of how this arranged marriage actually developed. Also, parrots that are paired have the ability to travel a further distances away from a flock of suitable breeding partners, to find food. This means that the foraging area of single parrots would be small if they want to stay in contact with the flock and it would be impossible to travel farther to find food independently. The competition for food for offspring would be more fierce in a dense area of parrots giving rise to the pairing gene. Another path that the pairing gene could have taken, is to bring the successful gene back into the inefficient flock where pairing DNA would mix with flock and take domination, creating the extinction within the DNA strand itself by pushing certain genes into the background. This is important to know, so genocide of humans can be identified in nature.

The parrots ability to mimic sounds gave them the ability to fend off attacks from other bird species that occupied areas that parrots inhabited to raise their offspring and pairing parrots inherited this ability from lost parrots, giving pairing parrots an extra edge for survival in the forest. Lost parrots were always on the brink of extinction and the pairing parrots took domination over the food supply they needed for their spring pushing them into extension. This process can be seen in fish that live in the cold darkness of the deepest oceans where the male becomes fused to the body of the female and he loses his brain and becomes a zombie penis that releases sperm on her demand when she releases her eggs. Since the ocean is so vast and food so rare in such a depth then it is necessary for the fish to save energy by the male becoming small and fused so she can have him anywhere she needs his services.

To get a clear example of how this arranged marriage helps pairing parrots, imagine two hikers going up a mountain in different locations. One hiker wants to depend on the natural resources of the area and the other hiker decides to bring food supply and equipment. Half way during the trip the hiker without food or a tent is unable to continue because it's too difficult to trap a rabbit at higher altitudes and the cold weather makes it impossible to sleep at night. The hiker with the food and equipment is the only one able to make it to the top of the mountain. If you create a correlation between marriage and the hikers, you can logically conclude that the hiker who arranged the marriage between his supplies and himself was able to become successful unlike the other hiker which had no marriage between himself and supplies.

This example helps you understand the correlation between the arranged marriages of parrots and people in India. Parrots have arranged marriages through evolution because they need to keep their living cells alive through the development of offspring and this is also true in India with arranged marriages in India. Imagine if there was no arranged marriages in India? What would happen? Sexually transmitted diseases would destroy 2/3 of the human population in India. I am sure that parents in India would not want to see their children die from sexually transmitted diseases and they would not want their children to become part of such a horrible statistics because they love their children and they want the best life for their children. Also, if arranged marriages would not exist in India then 2/3 of the population would become homosexuals causing Indians to engage in painful and humiliating sex. No mother in India wants her daughters to suffer with lesbian sex and no father wants his sons to suffer with gay sex.

Homosexual sex is a sign of human extinction because homosexuals can not produce offspring. Anyone that promotes homosexual rights in India is someone that is committing genocide on the Indian population. The laws against international genocide state, "Any act that prevents the birth of human beings within a class of people is illegal because it is classified as the genocide of those people." The reason that an international convention created those genocide laws was because Hitler prevented Jews from having sex with members of the opposite sex, so he could exterminate their race.

If India wants to improve it's efficiency, then the Indian government will have to make a law banning homosexual organization, but allowing homosexual marriage that is kept out of the public view. It would be against the law for men and women to engage in homosexual sex in public, it would be against the law for homosexuals to kiss and hold hands in public because it's a bad example for other Indians which are not homosexuals. This would allow the homosexual gene to eradicate itself without the production of offspring's but at the same time it will prevent heterosexual people from being forced into such relationships against their true heterosexual nature. This will create a natural evolutionary balance like that seen in the Amazon parrots that are not homosexual and they pair up.

The Indian government would have to sign a law that gets rid of segregation between men and women to prevent the promotion of genocidal behavior patterns if there is no proper order. The jails and prisons in India would have to house men and women together if they are married or out of the proper order. All the public bathrooms in India would have to be unsexed and without private compartments to prevent the separation between the sexes if there is no proper order to adhere to. The schools in India can not be separated between boys and girls if those boys and girls are married. Buses and trains can not be segregated between men and women to prevent a hostile war between the sexes and creating a unity and harmony between the sexes if married couples travel together, unless there is separated compartments on the same trip where married couples can reach the same destination at the same time. This is always in proper order: India would have to make a law banning feminist and if feminist complain the government can tell them that masculinist are also banned and if the law allows feminist then it would have to allow masculinist and the same attacks that feminist perform on men the masculanist would perform on women and the governments job is to create unity and get rid of division and hostility preventing a gender war that leads to genocide of all Indians. The Indian government will have to get rid of the rape laws in India and if women complain then the government would tell them that they also got rid of the rape laws where a woman is held liable for raping a man, so a man is not held liable for rape and also a woman is not held liable for rape. If a woman or man does not want to have sex with strangers they can wear a wedding ring or wedding scarf to show members of the opposite sex that they already are married and have responsibilities to their marriage partners. At the same time, the Indian government can make a law that says that anyone that violates a marriage vow will have to pay the harmed marriage partner 600 thousand dollars or they would be assigned to a work camp where they will have to work 25 years for industrial companies till they pay off that debt to the harmed marriage partner. In this case, responsibility can only be placed on one gender to prevent a cancellation of the marriage vow debt. Since its impossible for a woman to push herself on a man, but it's easier for a man to push himself into a woman, then the male will have to be held liable for breaking a woman's marriage vow. If a woman begs for sex, the man does not have to obey her without first finding out if she is single and over age 25 because he will be held financially liable to her husband or parents if she is under 25 years old. This is not to harm men, but to protect all men by creating proper order so every man in India can preserve his right to mate with a female of his own.

In Germany, men are suffering because there is no order and no man has breeding rights that evolution itself has guaranteed. The issue is not the sex but the violation of the woman's marriage vows and the woman is not the harmed party but the husband is. Prison is never given for the violation of a marriage vow only the compensation of money and if the man is poor then he will have to work for 25 years in a work camp to pay the debt he owes. This is not a genocidal concept because the woman already has a husband and it's actually genocide against the husband if another man sleeps with his wife, so the man who is caught in a consensual relationship or non-consensual relationship is still guilty of committing genocide on the woman's husband. Based on natural laws and evolution, this is the proper way to handle this kind of situation, or then the sanctity of fish that pair up to produce offspring would have no reproductive validity which means the extermination of those two fish would cancel the creation of life itself. Based on natural laws, rape is not a violation of this sanctity, but the removal of the mating partner is a violation of this natural law and it is even worse than the misconception of rape because consent is not an issue which means if the woman forces her body on a male, he will still be held liable for removing the woman's husband from his proper place if he penetrates her because he did not run away from the woman and he made the decision to harm the woman's husband who is the rightful breeder. If a man uses the defense that in nature a male lion kills another male lion to takes his wives therefore he is not guilty of any wrong if he does the same as that lion, but he would be wrong because lions that live in a pride are a self-contained society like a husband and wife(wives)with children. In human society all of society has become a self-contained unit which means that order must be obeyed or there would be a destruction of human society and if a man kills another man for his wife then that same man could be killed by a different man for the same wife and then all men would die, destroying the entire human race as it pertains to Indian society and that is the true evolutionary nature between the pairing and mating of fish and birds and even a male lion who by his defensive action against a male that wants to kill him does not acknowledges that it is right to be killed by another male for his females. It is best for the Indian government to deal with this issue now because Indian people in the future 800 thousand years from now will have to deal with the issue.

It is best to accelerate this evolutionary process in India and to fix the error now and not wait 800 thousand years from now. The Indian government can also make a law that says that a woman is held in protection by her parents till she reaches the age of 25 and that any male that has sex with her has violated the parents rights to preserve her life for her future husband and the male who harms the parents by having sex with the daughter under 25 years old would be held liable not for the sex but for money in the amount of 600 thousand dollars, or if the male is single he would have to marry her if the girl's parents decide that is what they want, but if that is not what they want then he will have to pay the parents the money or be transferred to a work camp to pay his financial debt as it pertains to this issue. Under this issue the bathrooms, trains and buses could be segregated by sex because it's for the protection of the matting rights of the husband of those women in the present or in the future as it pertains to any girl under 25 years old. Any woman in India that is over 25 years old and is not married would not receive any protection for matting rights of a husband because she is out of the responsibility of her parents and is not married to a husband and now the time clock works against evolution and it is evolution itself that is at risk of harm and genocide laws would fall into place under this area. If she gets married at the age of 30 then she would fall under the protection rights of marriage vows, but no man would marry her if they fear that she had a lover that would hurt them if that lover claims her for himself. This is the gray area that would cause the Indian government trouble unless they observe the concept of order. To organize the gray area, the Indian government could make a law that says that a woman that is over 25 and is unmarried can work as a prostitute and can not be claimed by any man unless she marries and she would get no protection of marriage vows or parental protection because she is not in a proper position to create order. If a man in the street has sex with her, he would not be held liable to her parents or to any man that is not her husband. A woman that is a widow would also not get protection of marriage vows or parental protection because she falls into the gray area. Any woman over 25 would need to remarry or get married to receive protection. Women over 25 that are not married would not be allowed to use segregated bathrooms, buses or trains because that would be a violation of genocide laws because she is not in a proper pairing situation. Such a woman would by law have to use the men's bathroom which by law can not have any division for privacy inside and she would have to take the bus and train appointed for men because human DNA would be in danger of destruction and people like the Nazis would find a gray area from where they can legally kill other human beings. If a married man has sex with a single woman over 25 years old then he is in violation to the marriage vows of his wife and he will have to pay his wife the 600 thousand dollars in debt or the wife can transfer him to a work camp to collect the debt owed to her and in that case she can divorce him and remarry and he would still owe her the debt, but no genocide would fall on her because she could have children with the new husband and this would still be the proper order of evolution and natural laws. If a man and woman don't want to be married to each other then no marriage vows are violated and they would be free to remarry if that is even possible because all males and females would be taken up in marriages. If a man's wife is caught having sex then the man who has sex with her weather married or single would have to pay the husband the marriage vow debt and this would also be in proper order of the natural law to prevent the cancellation of the action of the destruction of DNA by pairing. If the wife decides to divorce her husband and marry her lover, the lover will still owe the marriage vow debt to the husband because the lover broke the order. Under these proper rules all grey areas would be removed. Only a single male can have sex with a woman that is over 25 and unmarried if he is over 25 years old and unmarried because the male is also under the protection of his parents unless he is caught with a girl under 25 years old and the proper structure of order would make him responsible for the parents of the female he has sex with. This is not unfair because it complies with natural laws of protecting the DNA of the future husband until she reaches 25 years old and evolution can not be restrained anymore because order would cause disorder in this situation classifying any restraint as genocide and anyone that commits genocide is like the Nazis and no Nazi in the past or future can claim a grey area as a legal means for genocide because under this physics, molecular order is without error. There are other issues in that type of area, but since you are smart you will discover how to figure out the solution. People in the future whose intelligence is 200 times greater than the intelligence of Indians alive now would look back into the past and say, "Indians in that century and time, finally got it right after years of error in their laws and in their social concepts."

The Indian government can make a law that says that homosexual rape is the only type of rape that can be reported because it is an unnatural act which produces no offspring and it is a painful experience for men who are turned into women and women who are turned into men during a sex act. Nature creates this pain with homosexual sex to gear men and women away from members of the same sex and engage them in sex acts with members of the opposite sex so offspring can be produced.

There is a way to prevent this deprivation: Since there is no difference between a human mother and an artificial mother because both types produce human life for breeding in the future, corporations, companies or private organizations in India can create a chicken style human hatchery to mass produce human females so men can have females for marriage that are out of parental protection but are under private protection until married at the age of 12 years old which is the natural evolutionary age of consent. Women in India who have perfect bodies and are healthy and intelligent can donate eggs or they can sell eggs to the organization and the organization can inseminate the eggs with male sperm from men who take a drug to only produce female sperm and all the girls that are born to surrogate mothers could be put into an orphanage where their virginity can be protected till they marry men at the age of 12 years old or boys of equal age before they reach 12 years old. This will get rid of male sexual deprivation so they don't force themselves on females, or engage in homosexuality, or spread dangerous diseases through prostitutes. It also prevents sexual deprivation, caused by parents that hoard daughters, in younger men or boys causing these younger males to become sexually deranged and causing trouble in society. This is surely something out of the future which will eventually occur but it is something that India can do now to get a jump start on the future by 200 thousand years or possibly more depending on the intelligence base of law makers. Any Indian that argues against this hatchery would be guilty of genocide against the Indian people and would come under prosecution as determined by international genocide laws. To create a balance between parents of daughters and male sexual deprivation, males can only marry one female from the hatchery and the government can allow a second wife that comes from the daughter of Indian parents. There is a physics attacked to human existence which was created by a higher life form. In nature there is one lion to several females and one ram to several sheep. Land animals that carry sperm to deposit in females have a higher rate of success in genetic mutation, adaptation and survival if one male has several females but that rate of survival would be reduced if one female has several males because that one female can only produce a limited number of young within the gestation period of that particular species. For example, a human female that has four husbands can only give birth to one or two children within a six month period. In the case of mice and rabbits who are heavy predated on, they give birth to a higher amount offspring within their gestation period. Each female only has a limited amount of possible offspring. In crabs and frogs they can only lay a certain amount of eggs depending on their rate of being predated upon. The size of these smaller life forms would have to increase to triple the egg production while keeping the eggs the same size but even their size is limited to a reasonable rate as related to the physics on the earth. In human males the genetic structure of the males which is related to chimpanzee evolution prevents males from sharing females because of competition to pass on individual successful genes and this is what has created the mutations for adaptation. Two male humans with one wife goes against the physics of mutation to adapt to a changing environment. Two males with one wife would lead to a genetic dead end as it relates to land animals. An Indian man with two wives is more stable because it's related to mammal evolution and it's what is in the human past. With the hatchery, Indian society will become completely stable and any foreign complaints would be an attempt by whites living in the north to commit genocide on Indians and since whites are smart they would use Indians against Indians by giving certain Indians, who are in need of money, funds to motivate those Indians to use an imaginary human rights group to force genocide on the Indian race even though nobody in India would force genocide, in this manner, on whites society in the North. If India or the Indian government don't repair this genocidal condition in India, then I'm afraid that the Northern countries and the northern races will win the fight for domination over life in India, preparing the stage for the extinction of the Indian race in the future as the intelligence levels in the northern races rise.

If India didn't have arranged marriages, then illness will spread as millions of men go out to dance clubs to sleep with women. 200 men would sleep with one woman and she would have three different types of fatal illnesses which she would spread to 200 more men. An estimated 3.2 million Indians would die each year. If men don't have a stable wife then they would go out and rape women and this will also spread illness. There would be millions of orphans because women would not have husbands to help them raise children and they would abandon their children unable to feed them. Those children that the orphanage can not accept because of the lack of vacancies would live on the streets. There would be an estimated 4.2 million children living on the streets and starving to death. The death rate would increase as men fight over women that they share as lovers. An estimated 2 million men would die each year from violence associated to love triangles. The rate of homosexuality would increase to 5. 2 million homosexuals which includes lesbians. An estimated 6.2 million men in India would get raped by homosexual rapist who don't have wives. That is what is happening in South Africa where there is no arranged marriages. South Africa has one of the highest rate of rape, homosexuality, AIDS, and homeless children in that region.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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