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Sunday, 14 December 2008

image for How to Revoke Israel's UN Membership...and maybe give the Palestinians a chance at Life.
Israel, the Opressed: now the Opressors.

The Gaza Strip is now the largest holiday camp on the Mediterranean coast. Although the 1.5 million Palestinians living there have perfect security, cut off from their belligerent, war-mongering Israeli neighbours right next door, by walls and fences, minefields, snipers and gunship patrols (both airborne and naval) their begrudged portion of the Holy Land, previously known as Palestine, has become more at Prison than Paradise.

Deliveries of food, medicine and fuel are made difficult or halted altogether. General malnutrition is increasing throughout the population. Water supplies and drainage have ceased to function. Children die for lack of healthcare.

Tunnels to Egypt, dug by hand, are the only breathing space for Palestinians born with mole genes in their DNA.

Journalists and diplomats are denied entry lest they see the human suffering, a Holocaust in the making, and proclaim the Truth to an ignorant and apathetic world.

Yet Israel the oppressor is planning further military efforts to subjugate their blood-brother Semite neighbours even further into a state of degradation.

The Palestinians in Gaza are now a perfectly mirrored reflection of the Jews in the Nazi-blockaded Warsaw Ghetto of 1942.

Does anyone ever learn from the mistakes of History? The bullied are the bullies now become.

The current political situation can be flopped squarely on the shoulders of Israel's fanatical Zionist leaders. If they hadn't given Mossad the go-ahead to snuff Palestinian moderate leader Yessir Marrowfat with a sneaky dose of the same radioactive Polonium 210 poisonous crap they used to shut up Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, then there might be a chance of a peaceful solution.

Instead, the Zionist loonies are stuck with trying to negotiate with the brickwall attitude of a militant Hamas and their Gaza gangsters who have so far proven to be as stubborn as Israel's own hawk leaders.

The UN might apply the term 'apartheid' in connection with Israel's dealings with the Palestinians and consider sanctions with the former South Africa serving as a model. This was conveyed to the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon at a meeting on November 24th 2008.

It was recently suggested a popular movement demanding that the UN revoke Israel's membership. The international community, through the UN and/or its own national assemblies, has the power to put tangible pressure on Israel in order to stop its war crimes.

Not once, during the past 60 years, has Israel shown any intention of living up to the requirements stipulated by the UN, in connection with the country's membership in 1948, namely that the Palestinians who had been evicted from their homes should be allowed to return at the earliest possible opportunity.

The eviction of eighty per cent of the Palestinian population who lived west of the 1947 armistice line, and Israel's refusal to allow them to return, is the main human rights argument for expelling Israel from the UN.

Not only has Israel interpreted and played the Partition Plan like a poker hand, to suit its own selfish ends, but has, by its actions, thwarted the grounds - fragile from the start - for its UN membership, compliments of a Zionist-controlled US government.

It can be questioned from the aspect of human rights legislation whether Israel is a legitimate state, as her independence was earned by taking the blood of others in outright terrorist attacks against the British Mandate, and too against the established Palestinian / Arab community.

Even the ill-conceived Balfour Declaration, which entirely lacks human rights status, notes that a Jewish national home in Palestine should in no way encroach upon the rights of the Palestinians. Neither did US President Truman recognise Israel as a Jewish state. On the contrary, he ruled out precisely that formulation before making his decision to recognise Israel.

The UN could now embark on a boycott of the apartheid state of Israel and, with the threat of expulsion from the UN, demand that Israel allows the evicted Palestinian refugees to return in accordance with the requirements of UN resolutions 194 and 3236.

These requirements are also named in the UN resolution (181) Partition Plan for Palestine, approved by the General Assembly in November 1947, and not by the UN Security Council. The plan was accepted by the Zionists Jews in Palestine but rejected for excellent reasons as unjust by the Arab states.

Yet how can any such accord ever be established when Israel still unilaterally lays claim to a considerably larger portion of land than that originally designated by the UN : specifically their Protocols of Zion-stated Nile to Euphrates objective, and a Zionist Israeli-led world government, their coveted New World Order / Big Brother scenario, based in Jerusalem and backed by a covert nuclear arsenal.

However as Israel holds the flattering Guinness world record for ignoring UN resolutions, and the Jews and Zionists rule the world's financial institutions and media, and the US government : both Senate and Congress, manipulating the strings that have controlled each of their consecutive White House puppets since they snuffed Kennedy.

Hence it is obvious they shall never concede to anything that does not first meet their selfish and mean-spirited objectives.

In the words of Chief Rabbi Isaac Scrunt : "The world shall one day bow before the strength of Zion." Perhaps, and there again, perhaps not.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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