Branded the Battle of Bitter Creek ( LA River ) ?

Submitted by mancalledhorsemanure

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

"He was innocent not a charge was true ? marked with a cowards shame, but the world will never know ? Where ever you go for the rest of your life you must prove your a man, or a woman ?"

How mnay of you remember the TV series " Branded," where Chuck Conners and ex-Calvary soldier was booted out of the US Cavalry for cowardice in the Battle of Bitter Creek, where they broke his sword in half and sent him out to face the hostiles and the same enemy he had fought against so long to even become an officer in the US Cavalry in the first place ?

Well in my sequal I as an ex-horse soldier as well thus my name " Horse Manure," have found that I have been branded as well when I got kicked out of the VA for being a veteran seeking medical attention for my broken foot and acting like a NUT because I would not take the pain medication like the rest of the soldiers and just keep quite instead of running around the hospital on crutches like a kid at Disney Land standing in line as with all medical and military facilities it's allways ' Hurry Up and Wait !'

Well since California and Arizona are going through all these immigration issues and attacks against our government and the cops I thought I would comapare my early days on the LA River as a kis like Mark Twain did for Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn as where they used to sail the Mississippi on a raft playing pirates I had did the same on the LA River in Long Beach on a matress just playing and came up with the idea as was hoping to go surfing up the LA River on my surf board as a cow pie swimming up stream or up the creek without a paddle as if you have ever swam the LA River like those wet backs did the Rio Grande you'll find it as Bitter as any Creek you've ever seen and it's right here in the US as the LA River where people are happy to give big wheels keep on rollin. I suppose I could of followed Peter Fonda in the movie " Escape from LA," with the same dialog, but hey I'm no Kurt Russle as well as they surfed down the LA River after the five o'clock rush hour when everyone gets home from work and flushes their toilets all at the same time making a Sunami which goes straight to Long Beach where I used to say where do come from when the vatos asked and I would reply " Why from the City of Long Beach where all the crap of South LA rushes to the sea via the LA River," and instead of beating me to a pulp would just laugh and say you're crazy ! Well that may be true but all I can say " Is your coffee tastes better if you don't draw your water down stream from the horses and latrines," as where Bitter Creek comes to my mind as well as was Chuck Conners was to his governors as I am to mine now in this 21 st century as he was to his 19th turn of the century in the cavalry of the old west and I of the future in mine ?


Horse Manure

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