15 Excellent put-downs by famous Men! - Four

Submitted by Inchcock

Saturday, 19 May 2012

15 Excellent put-downs by famous Men! - Four

Bill Baxley (about George Bush)
A pin-stripin' polo-playin' umbrella-totin' Ivy-leaguer, born with a silver spoon so far in his mouth that you couldn't get it out with a crowbar!

Ken Livingstone (about George Bush)
He can't help it - he was born with a silver foot in his mouth.

Kevin Phillips (about George Bush)
He' a Boy Scout with a hormone imbalance.

Jim Hightower, 1988
If ignorance ever goes to $40 a barrel, I want drilling rights on George Bush's head!

Martin Sheen
George W. Bush is like a bad comic working the crowd. A moron, if you'll pardon the expression.

Lane Kirkland (about Jimmy Carter)
He is your typical smiling, brilliant, back-stabbing, bullshitting southern nut-cutter.

F. E. Smith (about Winston Churchill)
He has devoted the best years of his life to preparing his impromptu speeches.

Aneurin Bevan (about Winston Churchill)
He is a man suffering from petrified adolescence!

Lord Asquith (about Winston Churchill)
He would kill his own mother just so that he could use her skin to make a drum to beat his own praises.

Arthur Balfour (about Winston Churchill)
I thought he was a young man of promise; but it appears he was a young man of failed promises!

Abbie Hoffman (1971)
Avoid all needle drugs - the only dope worth shooting is Richard Nixon.

James Reston (about Richard Nixon)
He inherited some good instincts from his Quaker forebears, but by diligent hard work, he overcame them though!

Harry S Truman (about Richard M. Nixon, 1978)
He is a shifty-eyed goddamn liar....He's one of the few in the history of this country to run for high office talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and lying out of both sides!

Martin Luther (about Henry VIII)
A pig, an ass, a dunghill, the spawn of an adder, a basilisk, a lying buffoon, a mad fool with a frothy mouth.

Charles Dickens (about Henry VIII)
The plain truth is, that he was a most intolerable ruffian, a disgrace to human nature, and a blot of blood and grease upon the history of England!

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