Two Texans Discussing State Of The Country

Submitted by alassandra2000

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Texan #1: "I've decided that I am going to defect from the United States."
Texan #2: "Where are you going to defect to?"
Texan #1: "Canada."
Texan #2: "Canada! Why on earth would you want to go there?"
Texan #1: "Because their economy isn't in the toilet like ours is."
Texan #2: "The banking scams are international, you know that, right? OWS is protesting on every continent right now."
Texan #1: "Yes, I know, but Canada is still safer than it is here, okay? There is a reason why the government is keeping all those empty prisons and detention centers that they had built out of abandoned Walmart stores maintained, okay? I for one do not want to find out what they look like from the inside."
Texan #2: "But you aren't a criminal?"
Texan #1: "Do you really think that the government cares about a detail like that? They are arresting anyone for any reason they can come up with right now, okay?"
Texan #2: "Okay, okay, I see your point. There is only one problem that I don't think you've considered."
Texan #1: "What's that?"
Texan #2: "You're not allowed to own guns for personal protection in Canada."
Texan #1: "Oh, shoot, you're right, I hadn't thought about that. Okay, okay, I've got another idea, now."
Texan #2: "What's that?"
Texan #1: "I'm going to guild an underground bunker and stock it with supplies and guns. Wanna help?"
Texan #2: "You bet. Let's turn it into a block party. That way, we'll have lots of help digging, and building, from all the neighbors."
Texan #1: "What a great idea! I'm going to go buy the hamburgers and hotdogs, now!"
Texan #2: "Don't forget the drinks and...oh, I'll just come with you, that way we get everything we need."
Texan #1: "I am so glad that we can brainstorm together like this. It is so helpful to have someone like you to bounce off of to come up with good solutions to problems like this."
Texan #2: "No problem, buddy. The next time you have a crazy, hair-brained idea, just come to me, and I'll put you straight."
Texan #1: "You're the best!"

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