Britney Spears and Justin Bieber tell the truth

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

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New York- At a news conference Britney Spears and Justin Bieber spoke to reporters to explain their interest in Astronomy.

After listening to a discussion given by Steven Hawking about particle theory and life in the universe both Spears and Bieber developed an interest in Astronomy and they have been going on several tours across the country to explain the creation of life.

"Logic dictates that the oldest stars hold the oldest life forms," said Bieber.

In his discussion, Bieber explained that a person can use math to get an estimate of how many stars hold the most advanced life forms in the universe. If it's estimated that 1/3 of the oldest stars produce life then it's estimated that close to 200 trillion stars hold life forms that are close to 13.2 billion years ahead of earth.

The power of some of those life forms is great enough that they can see us and manipulate us if they wished. The technological power of other life forms is great enough that they can see us and most likely they have manipulated us and played with us.

In her discussions with Hawking, Spears discovered that when life forms reach a higher stage of development they become aware of each other and coexist peacefully and they respect each other because of their higher state of consciousness. She equates the universe as being identical to earth's oceans where living things coexist with each other.

There is a type of evolutionary measurement in the form of a ruler which dictates that primitive life forms like seen in earth's oceans coexist in a volatile manner because they are trapped in the process of molecular exchange, they depend on each other's molecules to develop their physical structures.

On the evolutionary ruler bacteria would be set as 2, sharks would be set at 4, whales would be set at 12, humans would be set as 46, and a life form evolved from an extinct plant would be set as 6.2 million.

Some life forms in the ocean coexist in a symbiotic relationship. Symbiosis is a primitive type of evolutionary coexistence. The state of coexistence in lower life forms leads to a higher form of coexistence between advanced life forms. For example, a school of fish led to wolf packs which then led to the relationship between pet dogs and humans. The relationship between dolphins and humans is not symbiotic, but it's a form of admiration which is a form of coexistence a bit more advanced than symbiosis.

The coexistence that exists between life forms as old as 13.2 billion years is yet undefined because it is not known, but logic states that it does exist because they are alive and they are 13.2 billion years advanced and they are aware of each other and they coexist in peace like an organized group of horses and antelope that graze in the same field of grass. The relationship that exist between us and life forms 13.2 billion years ahead of us does not resemble the relationship between a dolphin and a human because humans and dolphins evolved at the same time since we share the same star. The star of an advanced life form existed 13.2 billion years before our sun was created and the life form continued it's evolution in a non-physical dimension after it's sun died out.

The fact that those life forms can see us and they have the ability to manipulate us and yet they have not destroyed our earth shows that there is some type of unknown relationship. They don't see us as a threat because they exist at a more advanced stage than us. If our earth ages 1 million years then logic states that 1 million has to be added to 13.2 billion which is the age of those advanced life forms which means that 1 million years from now those life forms will be 13.2 billion years plus 1 million years ahead of us. This means that we will never be equal to those life forms no matter how hard we try because they will always have 13.2 billion times the power over us to try to be greater than themselves. Logic dictates that we can never have 13.2 billion times the power to try to be better than them because of the movement of time which caused the separation between us and them.

Two hundred years from now humans will be more advanced than fish in the ocean which means intelligent life has the ability to accelerate faster than primitive life which means that some of those life forms that are 13.2 billion years old in time may actually be 200 zillion times more advanced than us simply because they posses a higher form of intelligence that we don't understand. It's like the race between the turtle and the hare, but in a realistic sense where the hare would not stop running to meet its destination.

"The understanding of time as we know it is very primitive which means that those life forms that are 13.2 billion years old have a more advanced understanding over physics and time," said Bieber.

Logic also states that primitive life in the universe that is 2 million years ahead of us do have the capabilities in the form of advanced technologies to harm humans because those type of life forms are intelligent and they are controlled by primitive emotions and primitive thought patterns because their brains are not highly evolved. In "YouTube" there is a video of a dog, that was being video recorded by it's owner, acting extremely bizarre like it was possessed. Bieber quickly realized that the dog was being controlled by primitive technologies of a primitive race of alien life forms probably somewhere in our Milky Way galaxy. The control seemed more like a display to show that they exist. They could have performed the display away from the video camera, but their intentions were to be noticed. Life forms which are not emotionally and intellectually advanced would be the ones who would engage is such display. Their technologies are probably hundreds of times more advanced than their minds causing them to produce the effect seen on YouTube with the dog. Their actions are similar to the U.S. dropping nuclear bombs on Japan to test the results.

Whether advanced life forms linger on this earth by observing or interacting depends on the ruler of time. The life form that controlled the YouTube dog in that manner can be placed at a point in that time ruler because logic states that the race of those life forms do occupy a position on that evolutionary time ruler.

Time affects the DNA of all primitive life in this universe up to a certain point in time when the decedents of those life forms are not affected by time anymore and at that point the decedents of those primitive life forms have become advanced life forms.

Any advanced life form that mingles with this earth for extended periods of time spanning hundreds, thousands, and millions of years is a life form which is not affected by time anymore and it has lost it's reproductive abilities and it doesn't age anymore like it's ancient evolutionary ancestors.

There is an estimated 600 trillion life forms like the ones that created the display with that YouTube dog who are part of young stars. Since all 600 trillion such life forms have not made that type of display it's possible that the display could have been part of a test of a new type of technology. They most likely wanted to brag to humanity that they were successful in developing their new technologies. Life forms at that low stage of evolution would never allow us to develop similar technologies at our current stage, but maybe they would allow our decedents 3 million years from now to develop that particular type of technology because they know that 3 million years from now humanity would be more responsible because of a higher form of intelligence.

Hawking's estimations of intentions from alien life are based on action reaction analogies. Since there is an estimated 800 trillion planets like ours that are at the same level of evolution as humans there is a high probability that many of those 800 trillion planets were subjected to similar test by higher life forms not yet fully advanced mentally which means it will be rare that we will encounter another type of test like seen with that dog on YouTube.

Logic dictates that we have been and most likely will be subjects of observation without any interaction by extremely high life forms. This behavior can be observed in a human and a lion. A human that walks by a tortoise would observe the tortoise without touching it and after a few seconds the person would walk away. A lion on the other hand would physically play with the tortoise and claw at it before leaving it alone. Two different intelligent life forms with different intelligence levels and with two different behavior patterns directed at the tortoise.

Interaction is part of an evolutionary process which violates self preservation and is not a common trait in life forms across the universe since this universe was created to engage in evolutionary molecular exchange. Self preservation is more prevalent in a lower life form, but would change to a personality thought pattern in a more advanced life form.

Those life forms don't see us as a threat, but their state of minds developed from a process of self preservation because all life develops in an echo system like what is on earth and the fact that Mars holds no life is a clear indication of the fact that an echo system is necessary to create advanced life.

Molecular organization and exchange is seen in the crystallization of minerals and in nebula's that gather hydrogen molecules that form stars that ignite and then later explode which then scatter new suns in pockets of the universe. That is why water is composed of two hydrogen elements and one oxygen element. When a predator consumes prey it absorbs the molecules of the prey in an exchange to build it's own structure, so it can replicate through reproduction. It's rare to see baboons or antelopes approach a sleeping lion out of curiosity to engage in an interaction. This explains why out of those trillions' of advanced life forms in the universe, silent observation of the earth is more prevalent than interaction because of the pattern of their state of minds.

Spears commented that any human being who thinks we are alone in this universe, that we are not being observed by over 200 trillion advanced life forms, and that we are the center of the universe is a human whose mind is primitive compared to someone like Einstein whose unique brain structure allowed him to discover so many phenomena's in physics.

Logic dictates that man once was a chimpanzee, but now he is evolutionary more intelligent than his chimpanzee ancestors. Logic also dictates that 1000 years ago man didn't have planes, cars, televisions, and computers, but now men do posses those technologies. Logic also dictates that other stars across the universe are older than our star and life forms in the universe are much older and more evolved than us and they are here right now looking at us.

Logic also dictates that 5 million years from now humans will also be looking at them with more advanced technologies and there will be an intelligent coexistence between humans and more advanced life forms since we can never become a threat to them and as we evolve more we will become more acceptable to them. There will be a point in our evolution where we will lose all primitive emotions, we will no longer depend on the process of molecular exchange to exist, and we will lose our physical forms and our ability to reproduce. We will eventually become part of a non-physical dimension. If a person can hear his thoughts speaking in his mind then the human mind is already evolving into this other dimension.

Logic also dictates that life forms that are 32 billion years more advanced than us already live in more advanced dimensions and they can be close to our bodies looking at us while at the same time be in several other places in the universe.

Hawking also explained that it's also logical to observe that all the structures in our society are locked in a three dimensional book where time in increments of seconds becomes the mechanism that shows the turning of the pages. Time measuring movements and showing the past, present, and future.

Since we are part of the universe, logic would dictate that the whole universe is part of the book and for every book there is an author. Logic shows that this universe was created by a race of intelligent life forms who are alien to all living things in the universe. Logic would also dictate that the universe is scripted and randomness is an illusion to produce a type of reality. Logic also dictates that scripted objects are not alive, but represent the illusion of life. This explains why there is so much religion on this earth pointing to creators. The people that created the universe find it fascinating to imagine objects in the universe similar to humans trying to worship and understand them through the illusion of religious believes. This means that other worlds across the universe were scripted to rationalize creation and the creators.

By observing scripted Aztec priest sacrificing humans to the sun God, by observing scripted Egyptian priest offering food and chants to their Gods, and by observing scripted Christians worshiping Jesus, one can tell that the race of life forms that created this universe have a diverse and complex imagination.

And it's estimated that there are 800 trillion different types of religious believes across most of the universe. Those religions are based on the creation of life, the creation of the universe, the worship of planetary objects such as the sun and moons, the worship of deities resembling the organisms in those worlds, the worship of destiny, reproduction, or birth of life, the worship of artificial life, the worship of life from other worlds, or spirits of ancestors or imaginary spirits, and the worship of logic, reason, math, geometry, or science.

The three dimensional book moves by a mechanism in another space integrated into our space but both spaces do not collide with each other. To get a visual sense of this other space a person would have to glue a black marble to a red marble then anywhere that the black marble rotates or moves the red marble performs the same movement. The red marble represents the particles or atoms in our world and we can not see or touch the black marble because it is not part of our space. The mechanism in the other space is able to make a bird fly and a car move in our space. The mechanism in the other space is some type of force created by an alien intelligence. The particles in our space were created in that other space and then pushed into our space. Our space was created by a type of expansion like someone blowing air into a balloon.

Those advanced life forms that live in a non-physical dimension in our space are controlled by the parallel force in that other space; the advanced life forms would be invisible energy controlled by that parallel force as apposed to physical matter controlled by the same parallel force. In our space there are two or more different dimensions that are occupied by non-physical life forms that evolved in our universe from other worlds and stars. There is an integration of dimensions in our space that also allows the integration of physical matter. A chair in our world is integrated in those other dimensions which would allow an advanced life form in the non-physical dimension the ability to lift up the chair and hurl it out a window if that is what it chooses.

The mechanism or parallel force would resemble a puppet master controlling a human who controls a wooden puppet by it's strings and the human and the wooden puppet are both animated while the puppet master is the only one that is in the real world of the creators and therefore the mechanism is a type of coded intelligence that was programmed by the creators to give this universe a sense of realism disconnected from the minds of the creator.

The mechanism or parallel force would resemble a puppet master controlling a human who controls a wooden puppet by it's strings and the human and the wooden puppet are both animated while the puppet master is the only one that is in the real world of the creators and therefore the mechanism is a type of coded intelligence that was programmed by the creators to give this universe a sense of realism disconnected from the minds of the creator.

Since this is the case, then human beings have to be careful that all their thoughts and ideas are their own and not those of an advanced life form from another world who may be controlling them by suggestions to meet the purpose of that advanced life form. The reality in that case would be that the alien race that created the universe scripted the control of a person using the mechanism and the mechanism used the mind of an advanced life form from another part of the universe.

The funny story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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