Written by Wayne Goodken

Monday, 31 May 2010

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The truth is out there. Go on, go and take a look, it won't take long, and we'll be waiting for you when you get back.

Just in - 50 year Government Conspiracy broken: With the assistance of the internet and all public reporters, the news has been broken. Keep supplying your updates to this breaking story.

The "outing" of conspiracy has led to the firing of high ranking government officials and a shakeup of the organizations that had been tasked with keeping this quite. Once outed, they had to be removed.

Ever wonder why all the oil refiners and chemical plants are concentrated around the Gulf of Mexico? Well, scientist, oil companies and the government have lied to us for decades and this "accident" in the gulf by BP is not really an accident. Like Pandora's Box, this "accident" has now reveled the depth of conspiracies.

The aliens captured and interrogated, by waterboarding, in the Roswell crash in the late 40's, revealed that their science could see below the surface of the earth. What we thought was a solid rock, they confessed that the earth was not solid and that all oil on the planet is really stored in huge pool deep inside the earth, sort of like a gum center of a jaw breaker, where the gum is the oil, the jaw breaker the earth. In some cases the center is closer to the edge due to the earth's rotation and in addition, that off center storage of the oil center is what keeps the earth spinning, with a little wobble, like a top. It just so happens that the oil is closer to the ground in the middle east than it is in the northern hemisphere.

For decades oil companies have been practicing deep drilling in order to get closer to the source of the mother lode and earlier this month, BP hit the mother lode after starting almost a mile deep and the plans for complete control over the world can now be revealed.

After much government funding, through private, shame companies like Google, the U.S. Government was able to map the earth, the stars and then finally the oceans. This mapping proved that the aliens existed (stars) the location of the earth and tectonics (earth) and then finally, the one place that drilling would hit the vast pocket of oil (seas).

About the leak, notice that everyone has already said that there were not contingency plans for this type of situation, and that is the only place where they have not lied, because that was never the intent. The intent is dump all the oil, under the earth's, into a single place where it can be protected and secured by the U.S. and where it cannot be retrieved by any other country. What better place than the Gulf of Mexico where there is only one narrow opening.

Think of it, all refineries and chemical plants are within a distance to just suck the oil off the top of the gulf and have no shipping costs, not transportation, no drilling or exploration costs. It is almost pure profit for them. And in addition, there are other benefits related to this plan.

The drug trade in the U.S. is an epidemic. By pushing all the salt water out of the gulf, as it fills with oil, the rise in sea levels across the world and, Miami, key point for drug smuggling, will be underwater forcing drug lords to spend new money in new cities for building their infrastructure, revitalizing the construction boom that Miami once enjoyed.

Ever wondered why the U.S. was so fixed on not opening trade with Cuba? Had that trade been opened, then when Cuba disappears under water, billions of U.S. dollars would have been wasted on construction at a loss to the Government. Instead we kept one the higher ground areas, Guantanamo, which will serve as the lone vacation resort as South Florida, the Florida Keys, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and all the other vacation wonderlands slip under the sea, including countries that are not run the best anyway like Haiti. It will be like a little Hawaii in the Atlantic ocean. The rest of east coast will also have the beaches cleared and under water. The great lakes will be one big lake, instead of 5 and many parts of Canada wilderness will go away, but that is not settled country anyway.

The rise in sea water will be hard and good for many of the African countries as well as many of those that are poor because of being land locked, will now have ports on the Atlantic, and Europe maps will change as well and some for the better - like there will be less of France. Since the Sinai would be flooded, there would be no need for the Suez canal, but then again no ships would be going through there anyway as there would be no oil.

Since the U.S. built the Panama canal, the plan was all along to give it back to Panama, knowing they would not update it all. As the water in the Atlantic rises, it will flood over the Panama canal and into the Pacific ocean. Remember when the U.S. Government purchased all the land in Southwest years ago with expectations that that the major earthquake would come and sink California, but it never came. Now by pushing all the salt water out of the gulf, as it fills with oil, the rise in sea levels across the world will eventually flood California making all that desert land now ocean front.

Ever wonder why Palin was nominated to run for V.P., well she use to say that she could look out her window and see Russia, but not anymore. No would have ever known the difference. And since politicians purchase land in Texas, not in Alaska, the land owners in Texas benefit as they now become the largest of the states.

In addition to those pluses, the rise in sea water will greatly impact the climate as industries along the coasts are drowned, reducing the amount of CO2, allowing our climate swing back to normal, or even improve. The water shifts along the gulf stream should allow for colder weather and the refreezing of the glaciers and the polar ice caps. And, who would benefit if a new ice age begins? The U.S. and all the oil companies because all the oil would be in the gulf and could be easily marketable by U.S. companies.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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