Life At The Moorview Institute, Chapter Eight

Written by Throckmorton Turdblossom

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


The story you are trying to access may cause offense, may be in poor taste, or may contain subject matter of a graphic nature. This story was written as a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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"Oh, but to roll in that hay with the farm girl!"

Life At The Moorview Institute
Chapter Eight

Martha's Hospital Arrival
Martha Hobbs turned north out of the cemetary and headed for work. It was Monday morning and she had just left flowers on the grave of her husband, the late Right Reverend Jeremiah Elijah Bethel Stuart Hobbs of the Springfield Evangelical Church of Christ. Martha always visited J.E.B. on Mondays, because it would not be a proper Sabbath activity to visit your husband's grave on Sunday.

Yes, it was normally proper to visit the last resting place of loved ones on the Lord's Day, but Mrs. Hobbs would sit at the marble bench beside his headstone and remember the ways that he used to leave her fulfilled....emotionally, spiritually, and sexually.

Martha hadn't really been with anyone in that way since the night her husband, J.E.B. Stuart Hobbs, died twenty-five years ago while out trying to save a soul. She did have a drunken one night stand with a cook, but she had repented and was sure that God had forgiven her that one indiscretion.

Since then, she never let the demon liquor willingly touch her lips, avoiding even the sacramental wine (and just pretending to sip).

Martha worried, however, that her indiscretion might have come back to haunt her. She had conceived a child on her night of illegitimate passion and had snuck out of town for the last five months of the pregnancy (the congregation was still convinced that she was doing missionary work in Africa among the headhunters). Her oldest child at the time was sixteen and he had stayed with relatives while his mother was out "doing the Lord's work."

The child, a daughter, had been adopted out to a nice Atlanta couple that couldn't have children. Martha was happy that her sin could bring joy to the lives of others,

Now, however, she was worried.

This new medical student, Eloise Altoids, was on her mind. Eloise came from Atlanta before going west and getting her undergraduate degree. She shared the same birthday as her daughter. The couple that adopted her baby had also been named Altoids. To make matters worse, Eloise had the same hot body that drove the boys batty in Bible School almost fifty years ago.

Another cause for worry was the baby's father. Boswell E. Krebs was still in town and was the cook at the Moorview Asylum. Even though he was too drunk that night to have any memory of their tryst, he was still in the picture. Even though he was still too liquored up to think straight much of the time, he was still a very handsome older man who seemed to attract young ladies.

To make matters worse, Boswell was one of the baying hounds that was barking to get into the doors of her daughter. Incest! Incest! It was a sin that would damn Boswell and Eloise to the fires of hell forever.

She had to stop it, to nip it in the bud, but had to do this without damaging her own reputation and standing in the community.

She knew that Eloise came on at 4:00 most days, so she tried to be at the facility whenever she knew that Boswell was also there. Since Boswell generally left right after supper was served and the dishes were started, this kept Martha at the facility until after 7:00 most nights.

Her insistence on eating with Eloise came across in different ways to different people. She knew that some thought that she was being her Bible thumping self and trying to keep the roosters out of the hen house. Others thought that she had a genuine like for the young lady and was just being friendly. A few rumors, however, had reached her ears that some thought she was a muff muncher and had a lesbian attraction for Eloise.

Shame! Her own daughter! She could burn in hell for eternity twice for this sins of incest and homosexuality!

She entered the Moorview facility and moved to the employee parking lot. She sat in silent contemplation and prayer for a moment, and then felt impressed to open her scriptures and read a verse before leaving he car. As she grabbed her Bible and flipped it open, relying on the hand of the Lord to direct her to the proper chapter and verse for this problem, she was horrified to see that the book had opened to The Song of Solomon.

Sex poems! Sex poems! She needed guidance and God sent her to Sex poems!

"Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies." Song of Solomon 4: 5

The thoughts of those breasts of Eloise gave her a shiver. She shook her head and tried to clear her mind of the images of those bouncing, bouncing, bouncing....

"I come into my garden, my sister, my spouse, I have gathered my myrrh with my spice. I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey, I have drunk my wine with my mile: eat, O friends, drink abundantly, O beloved." Song of Solomon 5: 1

Oral Sex! Oral Sex! Not even with the Right Reverend had she ever participated in such Godless acts, but now the thoughts of putting her lips to Eloise raised her heart rate.

"My beloved put in his hands by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him." Song of Solomon 5: 4

Oh yes, oh yes, she wanted her. She had to have her. Family or not. Female or not. The idea of giving and receiving pleasure from this vision of perfect womanhood had her heart aflutter and made her embarrasingly climax in her the front seat of her car.

"I would lead thee, and bring the into my mother's house, who would instruct me: I would cause the to drink of spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranate." Song of Solomon 8: 2

If the God in Heaven had led her to these verses, could it be wrong for her to desire Eloise? Could this be a forbidden love, or had it received approval from the Master?

Martha made her way to the bathroom to freshen herself up before going to the library.

As she entered the library, she startled Bobby Lee, the Janitor. He was standing by one of the shelves and reading a newly donated book, "Milk Production and Storage and the Modern Dairy Farmer." The sound of her closing the door made him jump and drop the book.

Martha apologized for scaring him and reached to pick up the thin volume as Cletis reached to pick up his broom.

To her surprise, she saw that this was a picture book with a healthy looking blond farm girl on the first page. She turned to the second and saw that the young lady had unbuttoned her shirt and her Daisy Dukes and that a small amount of breast and white panties were visible. Further page turning showed this well endowed woman completely naked and in several compromising positions.

"Ms. Hobbs, I was just wondering how that book got in this here library," said a read faced Cletis. "I don't see nothing what's got to do with milk production or storage except that blonde girl's great big titties."

Martha quickly excused the janitor and took the book to her desk. She thumbed through it quickly, once again turned on by the site of naked breasts and naked flesh. In her mind's eye, the farm girl's face was replaced with that of Eloise and she was rolling in the hay with her.

She stuck the book in her bottom desk drawer, hoping to destroy it but knowing that she would be tempted to take it out later and go through it slowly, page by page.

As she sat, still pondering whether or not these images and thoughts in her mind were sinful or inspired, a class came in to the library. It was a group of men from "H" building, second floor who were here to receive their weekly remedial reading instruction (these men were mostly illiterate).

Martha gathered herself together, arose, and said "last week, we discussed why it wasn't right to have dangling participles, and this made many of you snicker and think evil and nasty thoughts. I think that today I'll continue to discuss dangling participles and we will learn why they have nothing to do with the temptation inside of you."

Eloise's Hospital Arrival
Eloise was dropped off at the south parking lot by Tommy, this guy she'd met at a club, at 3:55. She was actually going to be early for work and wasn't going to have to hear anything from Lowton about being late.

She hated it when he pulled her into his office, started at her boobs for ten minutes, and yelled at those same boobs for being late.

I mean, her hands were late too, weren't they? So were her toes and her eyelashes, but they never got chewed out. Her breasts always arrived first, before anything else, so why did they get chewed out for being late when it was actually her ass that came in last?

Eloise, she enjoyed...the stares and the catcalls from the patients, staff, and visitors as she made her way to her Hub cubicle in the med student's section.

In many ways, it was great having a hot body that made everyone want her and she always made sure to wear clothing that was just tight and revealing enough to accentuate her body.

Just as she put her purse down, Mrs. Hobbs snuck into her cubicle. Eloise didn't know if Martha was there as a sincere friend, because she was trying to protect Eloise from the men at the facility, if she was trying to convert her, or if she wanted her body.

It really didn't matter why she was there, as Eloise knew she could get as much sex as she wanted and needed, whether or not Martha ran interference. Tommy had been an okay one night stand from the singles club last night, and there were plenty of other fish in the sea that she could get her hands on (or that could put their hands on her).

Besides, if Martha wanted a role in the sack with a younger woman, Eloise was always up for giving that a try.

Martha seemed timid as she greeted Eloise, and kept wringing her hands and looking at her Bible. Just to make conversation, Eloise asked "did you read anything inspiring today, Martha? Have you been touched today?"

Just the way she said the words made Martha shudder again. Oh, she wanted to be touched. She wanted to be kissed and held and loved. At the same time, she wanted to take this sweet, young, fair maiden into her arms and tell her that she was the mother that had abandoned her 21 years ago, and that she was now there to take care of her baby..and teach her the ways of love.

No! No! That wasn't right! She musn't think those thoughts!

Martha saw a bit of brassiere as Eloise turned and took off her sweater and rebuttoned the top button in her tight, white dress. The bra was frilly and lacy and reminded her of the pictures that were buried in her bottom desk drawer, that she'd been tempted to take out and look at eight or ten times today (but she'd only succumbed to temptation twice).

Eloise had asked her something, but Martha didn't hear. Her mind was a thousand miles a barn in a pile of hay.

"I'm sorry, dear, but I didn't quite hear you," she said. "What was it you asked?"

"Are we going to eat with each other today as usual?"

Eat her! Eat her! Oh, yes, she wanted to eat her. Was Eloise being a vixen and teasing her with peeks of the bra and the tight white clothing and inviting oral sex, or was it just the innocence of youth?

"I really enjoy out time together and hope that we can have a pleasureable meal today," Martha managed to stammer out.

"I think that I'd better get back to my library now."

As she turned to go out the door, she saw what appeared to be a slight discoloration on the neck of Eloise. With all the compassion of a mother, she asked "Child, do you know that you have a rash on the side of your neck?"

"That's not a rash," giggled Eloise. "It's probably a hickey."

"A hickey? Have you been making out with boys? Do you know that this can lead to other unwholesome and dangerous activities? Letting a boy suck on your neck can make him want to suck on other things in other places."

"Don't be such a prude," answered Eloise. "That's just the only hickey you can see. I've also got 'em on both of my titties. I always say that it's a lot more fun, and a lot less embarrassing, to get them under your clothes."

Martha was shocked. "You've let boys suck on your breasts! If you aren't careful, they are going to want to put their filthy hands into your pants, or even try to go all of the way."

"No need to worry about that, since it's been going on for years. Besides, I've got hickeys down there too."

"Years? Aren't you scared of diseases or pregnancy? Do you mean that you are not a virgin?"

"I lost it when I was fourteen," said Eloise. "I was one of the last girls in my class. I've also been on the pill since then, and I make sure we use protection against STD's."

Not a virgin! Not a virgin! Her daughter had let men paw at her and put hands and their mouths and their other parts al over the body of this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl.

Martha was both furious and jealous. She shook her head, said "just be careful," and slowly walked from the office.

She didn't know how she should react.

She wanted to be the first. She wanted to teach this sweet, innocent maiden the ways of love. She wanted to bring this little girl into the full flower and joy of womanhood, but that blessing had been denied her.

She needed a day of silent prayer with her Bible to think this one through. Yes, yes, she would need her Bible with her to consider this problem.

And maybe that other book too.


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The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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