Written by walter

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Aug. 23rd, 1973 two machine-gun carrying criminals entered a bank in Stockholm, Sweden. They held 4 hostages, 3 women and one man; strapped them with dynamite, for 131 hours, until they were finally rescued on Aug. 28th. Strangely enough, during the hostage taking, it was observed that hostages had formed a favorable baffling attitude towards their captors, rather than the rescue team! Psychologists called it a strategy for survival. Worse than that, one of the female victims fell in love with a captor and another one set up a fund raising campaign to help a captor.

To clarify the confusing syndrome a psychologist, applied the theory of Cognitive Dissonance (1957), Leon Festinger. Anyone familiar with the fables of Aesop knows the story of the fox and the sour grapes. Another similar fable is the story of the cat that couldn't reach the meat; so justified it as 'who cares for meat.' These fables are centuries around. Of course, the fox and the cat were not hostages, and their lives were not in danger.

Naturally, the meaning of occupation differs from hostage taking. But there is a unique case of hostage taking in which a gang of criminals usurp power under the pretext of saviors, very similar to Jonestown, USA, 1978 and other cults. Having solidified there position, the gangsters are now in tight control of every aspect of people's life, of course, in an environment of total chaos and terror. They have been able to destroy the entire infrastructure, physical and moral, of a developing nation. The list of the atrocities requires lots of space. In brief, the citizen of this land willingly put the shackles on their own feet, probably unique in the history of animal kingdom. One instance of similarity with Stockholm syndrome is the staunch support of great majority for the captors.

The first skirmish of the designers of this inhuman approach happened after a peaceful referendum for a big social reform 55 years ago, now 2017. One of the complaints the reactionary forces had was the passage of a modernization law which gave advanced freedom to the women such as suffrage(voting), divorce rights, freedom of dress, education, social status etc.

Now, time came for Western media to dedicate their resources and tools to fool the uprising mob, especially their radio broadcasts which reached the homes of villagers. Propaganda, misinformation began to pour. Ignorant people were incited to revolt against the condemned ungodly scheme, specifically women; they brazenly alleged that the government was determined to turn their wives and daughters into prostitutes. Additionally, Western publications printed detailed essays to prove that the launched reform and the modernization program would back fire. Black forces were sent into the streets.

In no time, the mobs took to the streets; terrorist activities such as arson and assassination started and complete chaos took over. Surprisingly, some miniskirt wearing females, that is, modernized, lined up the pavements to watch the procession of reactionary females clad, head to toe, in black shroud and, additionally, to show their solidarity with the anti-modernization demonstration! Compare it, please, with 2 out of 3 female hostages in Stockholm.

Consequently, the modernization program and women's new rights were sacked. The terrorists stationed their anti-modernization forces in the streets. Soon, the terrorists stopped cars and female pedestrians and started beating women clad in western styled dress. Many government female employees were purged like what Red Guards did in Mao's China. Western styled females were ordered to go to their kitchen and keep breeding and satisfying the sexual needs of their men (population doubled).

Days after days, the anti-modernization forces kept arresting Western styled women because of showing one single strand of hair. These females were boarded on trucks and taken to undisclosed locations while their husbands, numb and dumb, were standing and watching passively the scene. At the concentration camp, news leaked that the arrested females were gang raped as prize, in the same manner, decades later, IS(Daesh) behaved in Iraq Yazidi genocide, 2014. Certainly the trauma is still bleeding profusely while the raped females have kept their mouth shot.

Now massive migration to USA, Canada, France, and Europe started and still continuing. Obviously, some financially eligible miniskirt females migrated to Western counties. To ridicule the US citizens, the terrorist ruler sent his own people along with females clad in black shroud to disrupt any demonstration by the migrated miniskirt females. The reactionary detachment chose California as their base.

Now, a new Stockholm syndrome has emerged in West by some migrated miniskirt females, let alone the reactionaries. What is unbelievable is how some of the miniskirt wearing of the past, migrated to West, are firmly practicing the same superstitious teachings of the terrorists who forced them to leave their homeland.

When we study the firmly stored archives of reactionaries as well as the so-called modernized, with some exceptions, we find that females of that region firmly stick to certain teachings of those who are presently in charge of the international terrorism. For instance, both female groups cook food and distribute it in the hope that their deity would grant their wishes such as passing successfully school exams and many other demands or a female in her menstruation period shall abstain from washing her body until her period is over. Or, a female that fails to get pregnant is spellbound and must perform the following ritual to conceive.

The woman wanting pregnancy must collect several handfuls of dirt from an old graveyard, a cross road and road to 7 neighbors' houses; then she should place the collected dirt in a tray. Now the woman must step into the tray containing the collected dirt while reciting certain formulas in foreign language. While reciting the formula, she must draw 7 lines across the sole of her feet, from heel to her toes. This ritual shall be repeated 3 times on Fridays. Additionally, the woman must pour the dirt on her head and rub it while praying to get pregnant.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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