Uncle Len's Journal (Part 1.)

Written by Leddy

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The United States of America will soon go through a complete restructuring process and an economic metamorphosis that has been in the planning stage since the Great Depression (1928-39). As early as 1920, the United States, Department Of The Treasury realized that our democratic, capitalist form of government was headed on a collision course with a "Financial Tsunami."

They knew that it was only a matter of time before the banking system became so globalized that it would be too overwhelming to manage or even regulate. They predicted that an economic meltdown would take place early in the new millennium that would bring the global economy to its knees and create a state of anarchy throughout the world, especially in the United States.

Ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt, was in office (1933-45), a contingency plan, Operation Cocoon (OC.) has been evolving in the shadows of the Pentagon that will convert America into a militant socialist empire at the same time this "Financial Tsunami" strikes. A complete military takeover of everything in the United States and the realization of the New World Order will then sweep across the nation at gunpoint.

Upon his deathbed Len Greenstan (my uncle) who had been an aide to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, during the Second World War conveyed to me that a secret, covert branch of the Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) was in its final stage of ceasing control of the United States Government. My uncle also gave me a journal that explained in detail the take over, the history of Operation Cocoon (OC.) and the changes that will occur throughout the world in the not to distant future. Why he chose me to tell his fantastic story to I'll never know, I wasn't even close to my uncle and to tell you the truth, I thought the old boy was out of his head and delusional from all the medication he was taking but I listened carefully to what he had to say and stashed his journal in a safe place for future reading.

After uncle Len's funeral, I returned to Las Vegas, Nevada and took a 2 week vacation from my job. I loaded my motor home with everything that I would possibly need and then took off to Lake Mead and rented a camp site secluded down by the lake where I could be alone to study my uncle's journal.

After setting up camp, I pulled out a pint of Jose Cuervo, Tequila and took myself a stiff shot to relax and then reached down inside a secret compartment in the floor of my motor home and pulled out his journal. It was about an inch thick and looked like it could have been an old bible; except, the following words on the cover made the eminent distinction:

"United States Of Socialist America, USSA., Operation Cocoon (OC.) CLASSIFIED/TOP SECRET."

Just holding an official piece of government property in my hands gave me goose bumps and I began to get paranoid like a little boy smoking a cigarette who doesn't want to get caught. I began to think that my late uncle Len wasn't out of his head when he told me his fantastic story about the covert take over of the United States Government. It soon dawned on me that just by having an unauthorized piece of government property in my possession could get me thrown in prison for years or even killed; so I placed it back in the secret compartment, closed all the drapes in the motor home, grabbed my bottle of Tequila and my medicinal marijuana and went outside to get some peace of mind.

It was October 29th, 2008, and the weather at Lake Mead, Nevada, was overcast and windy. My camp site was at Stewart's Point on the northwest shore of the lake and there wasn't anybody else around. I sat down on a mossy stone near the shore line and filled my bowl full of weed and fired it up. I then took a couple of big hits and filled my lungs with the smoke from the burning herb.

I chased that down with a swig or two of the Tequila and it wasn't long and I began to feel really good. The combination of the two intoxicants had a very tranquilizing and euphoric effect on my mind and made me feel "as one" with the universe. Regretfully however, my half-ass state of nirvana was short lived, that's because a few seconds later, a black attack helicopter with the serial number: OC.-8012166343, thundered over head going in the direction of Nellis Air Force Base.

The "OC." in the chopper's serial number had an intense psychoactive effect on me and made my mind flash back to my uncle Len's journal and Operation Cocoon (OC.). Out of curiosity, I had to learn more about the OC.'s diabolical plot, so I got up from where I was sitting and went back inside the motor home and locked the door. After that, I reached inside the refrigerator and grabbed a can of my favorite Cobra Malt Liquor, popped the top and took a long cool swig of the brew. I then set my pet snake down and reached into a drawer and pulled out my 45-caliber semi-automatic hand gun and shoved in a magazine. I then chambered a round, set the safety on and placed the gun on the table next to my snake. I needed the gun because I didn't want to take any chances, what I had in my possession could have been a death sentence for me and I wasn't about to let that happen.

I reached back inside the hidden compartment in the floor where I had hid the journal and took it out again and tossed it on the bunk. It spun around a couple of times in the air and then landed on the blanket with the cover open, from where I was standing, I could see two open pages of the journal and each one of them had a hand drawn sketch on it.

I took a gulp of my beer and then moved in for a closer look; as the pages of the journal came into view, I couldn't believe what I was looking at, the page to my left showed a completely restructured map of North America.

The continent was divided into 13, geographical areas (states) and each one of them was numbered. Number: 1, was located right in the center of the nation's heartland and from what I could tell, it was going to be the nation's new Capital. Where Florida was, the map just had the words: Storm Zone, and an extension line running diagonally along the Gulf Coast states to where Texas was but its name had been changed to state number: 2.

I reached over and picked up my beer and downed the rest of it and then glanced over at the other drawing on the other page. It was a pencil sketch of North America too but it also showed Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America. However; they were not named on the map, instead, they just had the words: Military Annexations Of The Dominion Empire, printed across their land mass. It then became clear to me that the covert branch of the Department Of Homeland Security (DHS), who was behind the military take over of the United States Government, had intentions of creating a new socialist empire by conquering the lands and the people to our immediate north and south latitude.

"This journal is nothing more than science fiction written by some nut on the Internet, who thinks that our economic crisis is nothing more than fun & games; he's probably in the crazy house." I said as I grabbled my bottle of Tequila and chugged the rest of it down (like water). After that, I stumbled to my bunk and lay down and then grabbed the journal and threw it across the room.

To Be Continued

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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