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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


The story you are trying to access may cause offense, may be in poor taste, or may contain subject matter of a graphic nature. This story was written as a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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image for Moorview Institute Chapter 24
Final Resting Place of Dr. Ward, now a permanent Ward of Moorview Institute.

Luther stared at his charts, now scrolled over 3 large blackboards. He felt a migraine coming on, popped 6 Tylenol caps, and tried to figure out the plot at Moorview which appeared to be running amok....too many looneys running around loose.

Luther, always an orderly man, decided to take the most important things first.

He had to deal with the 10 p.m. meeting with Lowton, revealing what he knew about Dr.Ward before his Mercy Killings for Meat and Profit became known, and blew the operation for "The Company" for whom Luther toiled, quite profitably.

He knew he was operating on his own, but he knew his case officer would back him. Moorview was too valuable to lose as 'the final solution' for meddlesome traitors and greedy politicians.

He thought again about his decision to reveal all to Lowton. Maybe not such a good idea after all. The last time this was tried a former guard, Ulga Stellanyich, turned in a patient for beating on his resident "wife." When the abuser plead his case to Lowton, instead of turning him over to authorities to be sent to a real prison, Lowton decided to put it to a vote amongst the inmates.

While the inmates voted to have the perp expelled, Lowton decided on 400 hours of KP, and an hour of Anger Management training. Ulga mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter without a trace, and Luther suspected she had paid the ultimate price for exposing 'Dean the Beater."

Luther mused, all's well that ends well...Dean had been dispatched by Ward , and no doubt been served up at noon lunch as a stew along with some french bread and 1% milk.

All things considered, Luther decided to skip meeting with Lowton, enjoy a tryst with Eloise and Martha, and devise a plan to disappear Ward on his own.
Justice with Lowton just takes too long, he reasoned.

Luther sent a twitter to Eloise: How bout we do the tango tonight...your room 10 PM with surprise guest to join in festivities?

Within seconds he had a reply, "Oh Good Luther. That scary Dr. Ward wanted to meet me in the laundry room at 10:15 but he creeps me out...bring anybody you want, I'm so hot I can hardly stand it!"

Luther acknowledged, then thought some more. Ward had something up his pants leg he was sure. He probably wanted to kill off Eloise after he had his way with her. He really was too dangerous to be left alone any longer.

If he cancelled the meeting with Lowton at 10, he could be there waiting for Ward 5 minutes early, get rid of the creep, and still make the 10:15 romp with Eloise. Smiling, he sent a message to Martha Hobbs who had been begging him for a rematch since he finally awoke her long dormant sexuality back in the stacks at the library.

"Martha: Special Surprise for You Tonight...Three for Tea and Tasty Cakes. Meet me at end of G Wing 10:14 tonight...no underwear!"

Martha responded immediately: Luter...kant wait much longr...I'm so WET!"

Luther smiled, she's so hot, she couldn't even type!

He was still concerned about the recent luncheon when all manner of human body parts showed up at the banquet table from hunks of Penis, to Tattooed
Lamb Shanks. That busy body Lois Smith had fainted, and they were able to convince her when she woke up she just had a bad case of PMS, fainted, and imagined it all. Krebbs, also shaken up, had taken all the offending body parts off the table and put them down the commercial grade garbage disposal.

Everyone soon forgot the mishap when Ms. Edna Bitters, in a thong and Mardi Gras beads marched out of the kitchen with the Baked Alaska, and Ward even contributed some vintage champaign for the occasion.

The nuts still weren't back from the Zoo, but Herbie had called and said he had everything under control and they had just extended the trip to include a tour of the President's house in Chicago which was undergoing a 15,000 square foot expansion,and ironically using the same Irish Contractor that had recently completed the new wing at Moorview. Politics certainly does make strange bedfellows!

Staff members on the tour had all cabbed back leaving everyone else in Herbie's good hands and Luther knew they would all be wiped out after hitting the pole dance bars and cat houses in Gary, Indiana.

Luther had a light schedule the rest of the afternoon, and by 9:45 that night he had his plans for Dr.Ward ready to be set in motion. He dressed in his stealth suit, tucked his silk garrote in his waist band and quietly headed for the meeting, a large laundry sack slung over his shoulder.

As he approached the laundry, Luther noticed that all the hall lights were out, not a good sign. Either Ward had done them earlier to hide his entrance, or he had done it on the way into the laundry room meaning he was already waiting
to launch his attack.

Luther halted, composed himself, slowing his breathing to 48 beats a minute, and began to assume his Ninja mode fading even more into the shadows as he approached the door.

Inside he could hear the whirr of the dryer and he could sense a human presence behind the door. Silently Luther took a gliding step into the room and hurled his body against the door taking the mysterious figure by surprise.

Luther heard the wind being knocked out of someone, a head hit the concrete block wall, and suddenly a body slumped to the ground motionless.

Shining his shielded flashlight onto the floor, Luther wasn't surprised to find an unconscious Dr. Ward. He was surprised to find the good doctor NAKED and sporting a penis extension with rib ticklers. So...he was planning to do Eloise tonight before dispatching her!

Moving quickly Luther slid Ward into his laundry sack after first injecting him between his last two toes with a deadly and undetectable poison. He left Ward's clothes in the dryer, hoisted his bundle and moved on down the hall to the communal gym.

Once there, Luther quickly removed Ward from his sack, slipped a clothes line around his neck, and hoisted him up under the chin up bar and tied off the rope. He moved a weight bench over in position under the now hanging body, and tipped it over, as if Ward had kicked out while in the throes of passion while wanking off.

Luther stepped back and admired his handy work...Ward Nude and in Repose, eyes open, tongue out, wearing his Penis Extension...quite the find for Edna Bitters when she made her rounds tomorrow!

Luther knew without checking his watch the time of death, and called out to Ward: "TIME DOC: 10:12! "

He knew he had more than enough time to meet Martha and join Eloise in her room, rendered a final military salute to Ward, and closed the door as he left.

He wasn't worried about Lowton. When they found Ward Lowton would sign off 'Natural Causes', and he would be buried in Potters Field along with some other Nut...No one really Cared. They would however, need another Doctor.

Luther decided to recommend the Canadian guy that had been committed for awhile until they found out he was perfectly sane...he just didn't speak much.

Yeah, just the ticket....Doc Victor...that guy could sure keep his jaws clenched!

At the end of G Wing, right on time, was Martha Hobbs, already damp with nervous perspiration. She was dressed in a mini skirt and tank top, and Luther knew she was NAKED underneath. Just to make sure he snuck a quick caress under her skirt and tweaked her bare ass cheek as she took in a sharp intake of breath.

Together they walked the last corridor to Eloise's room and once again the door was unlocked and the lights off inside. Martha began breathing heavily, unable to contain her excitement.

Luther pushed open the door and shone his hooded light on the bed where a NAKED Eloise Altoids lay spread with dabs of whipped cream, two strawberries and a slice of ripe mango located in all the correct places.

Despite the wondrous sight, and the straining Martha beside him, Luther took command saying, "Girls, before we have our evening Tea Party, I have a proposal for you."

"I think the time at Moorview is running short. Surely the deeds of Dr. Ward
and that shoddy administrator Lowton, who also is in charge of the UN Climate Control Board, will bring this place down. But I have a plan, and you're included if you want to join me!"

Both women could barely contain themselves, but professed that they would go anywhere with Luther, and besides they were both sick of Moorview by now.

"It might be a week, it might be two months, but when I tell you we're leaving, it means right then. Keep a small bag packed, I know you both have passports, just arrange to have any money you have saved transferred to the account I'll give you tomorrow. In the meantime, I suggest a daily fitness routine to further tone up your magnificent bodies, and start spending a little time in the inmates' tanning salon...I want you brown ALL OVER...where we're going you'll stand out if your TITS and ASS don't match the rest of you.!"

"Now ladies, I didn't bring any cucumber sandwiches, but maybe Martha and I will just sample a little of the Strawberry Shortcake and that Mango Pie!"

Luther started to undress, but Martha was already at work on one cream and strawberry breast, greedily slurping which caused Eloise to moan in ecstasy,

Luther looked forward to the rest of the evening, but even more so to retirement in Majorca....there were certainly worse places to be, and worse company to be with then Martha and Eloise.

He reminded himself to double up on his vitamins.

With out looking at his watch he knew it was exactly 10:15.


The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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