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Submitted by Nick Hobbs

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Friday, 18 February 2011

What do you call a small one eyed, three legged, Chinese donkey that listens to country and western?

A Honky-Tonky, winky-blinky, dinky-Chinky, wonky-donkey!

And that was it, but I have to make this joke over 50 words to get it published, so all this is just filler! Maybe take this time to re-read it and learn it, so that at the pub/club or wherever you may be, it will reel off the tongue with ease and without you looking like a no-brain slurring idiot, which to be fair, you probably are!

And with a little work you could always extend it with words like Hanky-panky, wanky-spanky, plinky-plonky (if he plays piano) etc etc....


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