Funny story: Mexican Demon 'Charlie' not a Twitter user

Mexican Demon 'Charlie' not a Twitter user

People around the world are trying to summon a "Mexican demon" named Charlie, using pencils and a bit of paper. This follows a Twitter explosion, #CharlieCharlieChallenge, where readers are encouraged to summon the demon to answer their questions,...
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General Election: The Good Goss Recap

The General Election is now over, bringing an end to the 'most exciting election ever'. Well, that's what the media was drilling into us. Over £100 million was bet on the outcome of the election, as the nation held its breath to find out the result o...
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Tony Blair resigns as Middle East peace envoy

The former Labour prime minister was appointed as one of a Quartet of powerbrokers to represent the United States of America, United Nations, Russia and the European Union in the Middle East after leaving Downing Street in 2007. Amid a constant ho...
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Funny story: If men had periods

If men had periods

According to recent research, if men had periods they would brag about them on Facebook, Sports Commentators would incorporate menstrual impact on a Footballer's performance, and bookmakers would factor a player's menstrual cycle into their betting...
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Funny story: Shopping centre evacuated after spillage

Shopping centre evacuated after spillage

A busy shopping centre was evacuated after a water spillage occurred inside. The spillage is thought to have started on the ground floor of Wilkinson in The Pentagon Shopping Centre in Chatham, Kent at 5:30pm while a janitor was cleaning the floor...
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Don't masturbate or your hand will get pregnant

Men who masturbate have been given a dire warning by a Muslim televangelist who claimed live on TV that they will find their hands PREGNANT in the afterlife. Mucahid Cihad Han made the bizarre statement in a question and answer session on a radica...
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Police arrest man who failed to use knife and fork in Didsbury restaurant

Staff and diners were left disgusted when a man eating at a restaurant blatantly refused to use his knife and fork and ate with his fingers. The 52-year-old was eating a margherita pizza at Zizzi's restaurant in Didsbury, Manchester at 1pm today.
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Funny story: 'Heartless' thief steals Disability Scooter

'Heartless' thief steals Disability Scooter

A heartless thief broke into the property of locally named Spack McCrackin, in Cradley Heath, West Midlands, and 'fled' on the £2,000 machine. Det Con Stirling Moss said: "This is a very upsetting case as one person's thoughtless crime as left the...
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Breaking News...

Imperial Palace Announces New Prestigious Appointment

Barack I has named Justice John Roberts as Lord Chancellor of Obamacare with specific authority to condemn all those AntiO'Carelamic terrorists to be waterboarded in perpetuity at Guantanamo Bay Keep.
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Funny story: Incidents across Norfolk

Incidents across Norfolk

The following incidents have been reported across the county of Norfolk recently and have been serious enough to be featured on this news site: Michael Tate, 52 of Norwich was unable to remove the cap off a bottle of Coca Cola which he had just pu...
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Funny story: Murderer Kevin Williams walks out of prison in Eastchurch on Sheppey, Kent

Murderer Kevin Williams walks out of prison in Eastchurch on Sheppey, Kent

A convicted murderer walked out of an open prison by "asking the prison guards nicely to open the gate" and went to stay with a friend, a court heard. Police tracked down Kevin Williams at flats in Sheerness and instead of going back to Standford...
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Funny story: Man jailed for not eating a chocolate bar quickly enough

Man jailed for not eating a chocolate bar quickly enough

A former council worker who did not eat a chocolate bar quickly enough on a very hot day, leaving it completely melted, has been jailed for 11 years. Under the extended sentence for chocolate product protection, Joey Smith will have to serve two-t...
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Funny story: World Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride

Police were forced to intervene in the naked cycling event in Canterbury - after reports one of the riders got 'overexcited'. The 'aroused' cyclist was pulled aside and put his jeans back on before being spoken to by officers. Superintendant Ro...
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Funny story: Anonymous Sauce's Amazing Allegations

Anonymous Sauce's Amazing Allegations

An anonymous sauce in MI7 has declared that Isis is controlled by Edward Snowden, a well known American living in Russia. The sauce, given the codename Tom, spoke exclusively to Spoof's expert on secrets Josh Whimp at an undisclosed address not fa...
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Funny story: My stripping caused the Tory win

My stripping caused the Tory win

The time has come for a confession. When I stripped outside the House of Commons before the election the reverberations led to a Toy win in the erection. This is no cock and bull story - I have evidence to support this claim provided by no less an...
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Funny story: Calais bans truckers from smuggling immigrants!

Calais bans truckers from smuggling immigrants!

The port authorities at Calais have banned truckers from picking up thousands of illegal immigrants breaking into their trucks! One French copper gave this astonishing interview to Jaggedone's CIA special immigrant reporter, Messieur Jean-Claude...
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Funny story: Universities to Close

Universities to Close

A number of unauthenticated online universities have been ordered to close their gateways by education and government officials. The aim is to make an example of fake universities that provide degrees for students who do not want to spend three pl...
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