Funny story: Big 10 College Football League to Add 12 More Teams

Big 10 College Football League to Add 12 More Teams

Indianapolis, IN-The NCAA discussed the Big 10's request to add 12 more teams to the Big 10. With 14 teams presently in the Big 10, this would bring the total up to 26. "We long ago stopped having anywhere near ten teams, so as long as we are expa...

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WalMart to Have Big Sale to Feed Employees for the Holidays

Bentonville, AR-In a surge of holiday spirit, Walmart announced it would give employees big discounts on their food purchases so as to be able to stock up for the holidays. Rice and beans are two of the commodities that will be discounted. "We...

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Queen of Sheba Susan Rice Demands Hagel's Head

"QueenSheba" Rice had a hissy fit over SecDef Hagel's failure to mouth the Regime's spin on foreign threats. She issued a beheading decree,only deflected by Court Jester "Loony Joe" Biden's ravings.
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