Funny story: McDahmer's: The Newest Venture in Sustainable Living

McDahmer's: The Newest Venture in Sustainable Living

OAK BROOK, IL - Mickey D's has announced its newest venture in sustainable living--or, as some foodies across the nation are calling it, "sustainable eating." The venture is called McDahmer's, and is named after the serial killer Jeffery Dahmer,...

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Cute Missy World 2014 contestants face compulsory sex tests

London - "We've been asked to take off our undies and sit on a photocopier," a peeved Miss Australia said today, "to prove our gender without the rubber glove test." She and 99 other lovelies from all over the world are also being given the option...

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Fire Brigade Called To Shopping Mall Bathroom As Hand Drier Pins Woman To Ceiling

A new generation of super-powerful hand driers were criticised yesterday after a woman was blown to the ceiling while drying her face. The Dison Mk.2 Tornado driers were being recalled yesterday.
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