Diane "Duane" Sawyer Also Outed At Big Jenner Interview."

Malibu, CA - Production Assistant, Alicia Glitz, was just trying to scratch her way up to the mid-level ranks of the hair and make-up department, in the dog-eat-dog entertainment industry, when she scored a job on the big Bruce Jenner interview, with...

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Nepal earthquake: China blames Dalai Llama fracking ops

Beijing, China - Vast crude reserves beneath Mount Everest are being harvested by the head of Tibetan Buddhism's hydraulic fracturing operations triggering earthquakes and aftershocks. According to the Beijing-based Who Flung Dung investigative t...

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President Obama Issues Executive Order, Combining ATF, USDA, GMOs and Climate Change

President Obama issued an executive order today, directing the ATF, USDA, GMOs and Climate Change to be combined into one department (FAT ASS).
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