Funny story: Voters to Choose Face for Front of $10 Bill

Voters to Choose Face for Front of $10 Bill

Now that Alexander Hamilton is being booted from the front of the $10 bill, the competition is heating up among leading female candidates to replace him. The finalists have been announced by the Treasury Department, and voting by U.S. citizens ha...

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Funny story: GOP POTUS Candidates Declare Draw

GOP POTUS Candidates Declare Draw

In a clever political maneuver all 32 republican presidential prospects agreed to consolidate their collective power and run as one single multi-personality candidate. The new strategy is the brainchild of Carl Rove who said it was necessary to a...

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Supreme Court Will Issue Definitive Decision Next Tuesday

At end of 2015 term US Supreme Court will issue its most definitive decision to date,mandating that all in US must now be GAY.Activists celebrate,while religious adherents prep for guerilla warfare.
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