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Funny story: Obama Calls Putin "A Big Doo-Doo Head"

Obama Calls Putin "A Big Doo-Doo Head"

Washington, DC The world was shocked when President Barack Obama called Russian Premier Vladimir Putin "a big doo-doo head" upon hearing that Putin blamed the United States for the conflict in the Ukraine and Israeli terrorism. "I think it's good...

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Pope rents out Fisting Chapel porch for party

Rome - The cash-strapped Pope is renting out the porch of his Apostolic Palace in the Vatican for a $5,900-per-head fisting party according to reports. Frankie the Argie stands to make $250,000 from the shindig which is part of his Diabolical Arts...

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Funny story: Wendy 'Strap-On' Davis Gets a Hard-On For Dildo Sales in Texas

Wendy 'Strap-On' Davis Gets a Hard-On For Dildo Sales in Texas

AUSTIN, TX - As the race for governor in the great state of Texas inches closer to a climax on November 4, Wendy Davis claims frontrunner Greg Abbott is waging a war on dildos. Davis thrust the subject into the pubic, er, public spotlight this we...

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Simpsons Show to Kill Off Bart Simpson

"You could say the whole Bart concept was getting old, but actually we just couldn't take Nancy Cartwright's Scamatology ravings any longer" spoke the show's producers.
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