Funny story: Clint Eastwood's Butler Knows Its Only A Matter of Time

Clint Eastwood's Butler Knows Its Only A Matter of Time

Carmel, Ca - For the past three years Clint Eastwoood's butler, Arthur Grimes, has prepared himself for the inevitable day that he will be out of a job after finding his employer dead. "Every morning I check the classifieds and check in with an em...

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Mark Stone can still jerk off

There was a scary moment in last night's game between the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens. Following a PK Subban slash, Ottawa's Mark Stone collapse on the ice, writhing in pain. He promptly left the ice holding his right wrist. "I'm o...

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Marco Rubio, "I Would Attend A Gay Wedding"

Tampa FL - During a campaign appearance at a bait and tackle shop, Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio told reporters that he would attend a gay wedding "if invited." "I would go," said Rubio but left open the possibility of showing up l...

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Funny story: New "Hire-A-Thug" Parking App is All The Rage!

New "Hire-A-Thug" Parking App is All The Rage!

San Francisco, CA - Ivor Putinski loves his new home in America, and wanted nothing more than to use his various talents to help improve the lives of the people in his newly adopted country. This lead Ivor to develop his new "Hire-A-Thug" iPhone App,...

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Fat Albert Disassociates Himself from Bill Cosby

Most people thought I was just a character made up by Bill Cosby, or maybe just one of his multiple personalities, but I'm real and I'm tired of Cosby telling me I have to remain fat "for my image!"
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