HMP Belmarsh mother and baby unit readies for royal birth

Isle of Dogs, UK - Warders at the country's top maximum security jail have finished preparations for the imminent confinement of Kate Middleton at the prison's newly refurbished Dildo Wing. The royal hoaxer is due to farrow any day soon after pul...

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Funny story: More schools to offer breakfast in bed

More schools to offer breakfast in bed

WASHINGTON, DC - President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order today, mandating that schools offer breakfast in bed for disadvantaged students. When the school bell rings, many children file into classrooms and open their textbooks. Increasingl...

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97% of Climatologists Fudged Data, Proven Wrong

As scientific fraud of massive proportions is unraveled, climatologists all over the world 'feel the heat'. "Even the NASA photographs of the Earth's poles were doctored," said an investigator.
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