Funny story:  Man Tries To Reunite Cat With Owner

Man Tries To Reunite Cat With Owner

A Florida man is desperately trying to reunite a cat he found on the busy US1 and SE 17th interchange in Fort Lauderdale with it's owner. Brian Chong, 37, has told friends, family and gathered reporters that he will not be thwarted in his attempts...
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Disturbing Plastic Surgery for Pets Trend Sweeping Across United States

Pet owners wanting to turn their pets into lookalikes of their favourite celebrities, a craze that began in Los Angeles, could be headed across the USA. Plastic surgery for dogs and cats is big business in Tinsel Town where pet owners are paying i...
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Pope Requests Vatican Cafeteria Add Pudding

Vatican City - Pope Francis, the current head of the Roman Catholic Church, has requested that pudding be added as a selection at the Vatican cafeteria. The Pontiff, in office since 13 March 2013, has a deserved reputation of humility, caring fo...
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Funny story:  Two And A Half Men To Tour

Two And A Half Men To Tour

Great news for fans of comedy - Two And A Half Men is hitting the road and will be appearing on stage in a city near you soon! The show, starring Bob Jones, Steve Smith and limbless Gordon Harvey features the antics of three brothers, two able bod...
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National Institute of Abhorrent Behavior (NIAB) to Study Cable News Anchors

Boston-Dr. Felix Noodlesorter of NAIB received a LooneyToonery grant to study the behavioral traits of those who anchor cable news shows. Prime subject for scrutiny is Wacky Chris Matthews of MSNBC,

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