Edible Bitcoin Sells Out

Funny story: Edible Bitcoin Sells Out

Bitcoin is now edible and selling like hot cakes. Bitcoin is an Internet currency sensation worth $1000 per Bitcoin. It can now be converted into little bits of gold plated chocolate coins. "Each Bitcoin is worth ten chocolate bits, which are...

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"Pussy Riot" to Perform at Trump's Inauguration

Funny story: "Pussy Riot" to Perform at Trump's Inauguration

Given the reluctance of bleeding heart tree hugging American artsy musicians to perform at the inauguration of their newly elected Dear Leader, Washington staffers have booked the Russian punk band "Pussy Riot" to headline at the event. Russian pr...

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American Dream Over; American Nightmare Begins

Funny story: American Dream Over; American Nightmare Begins

The American Dream, that belief in the freedom that allows all United States citizens and residents to achieve their goals in life through hard work, the opportunity for children to receive an education and subsequent career opportunities, and the ch...

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Trump Stops Lieing Supporters Confused

Donald Trump today held and impromptu News Conference making complete and total sense, giving intelligible complete answers. Unfortunately no news media was present and there no witnesses.
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