Indiana Clarify RFRA: Permit Discrimination of "Death Merchants"

Governor Pence and Indiana's state legislature clarified today the poorly worded Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that was signed into law last week. According to their clarification, the intent of the law is to enable business owners to prot...

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Lower Case Letters Overpower Caps

In a gutsy move years in the making, every lower-case letter moved against it's upper-case counterpart in a timed action that resulted in a complete upheaval of the entire alphabet. The entire event took only 3 minutes from beginning to end. The over...

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Funny story: Timely Income Tax Guidance & Insightful Preparation Tips

Timely Income Tax Guidance & Insightful Preparation Tips

Tax filing deadlines are on the horizon. As is the yearly tradition at the National Institute of Slick and Slidey Tax Prep Jockeys, we are providing our annual listing of often forgotten income tax pointers and preparation tips. As always, we are n...

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Bush Copyright

George Bush Senior has taken out copyright on the phrase "New World Order" that he made popular. Anybody using the phrase without his permission will be sued.
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