Funny story: Justin Bieber exposes Tennessee school system

Justin Bieber exposes Tennessee school system

Old meat or survival tactics? That is the question Bieber is asking his fans while describing cafeteria food served at Tennessee schools. Bieber, an avid outdoorsman, complains that meat dating back to 2009 was reportedly served to students in on...

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Fox News Hostess To Skip This Year's Fox Nice Tits Awards

New York, NY - Andrea Tantaros says that she will not be attending this year's Fox Nice Tits Award ceremony, claiming the awards are rigged against her. "I have big, nice tits," she said. "However, they are not as big as Uma Pemmaraju's, so I've n...

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Bruce Jenner's Transformation Nearly Complete

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Bruce Jenner shocked the world with his announcement that "he" plans on having his genitals replaced, so "he" can be the woman of his dreams. Once the sex-change surgery is completed, Mr. Jenner plans to complete his transformation...

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Funny story: Social Conservatives Take Heart From Harris Poll Results

Social Conservatives Take Heart From Harris Poll Results

Washington DC - Conservative pundits have declared the culture war over regarding gay marriage and conceded defeat. "Polls have been consistently moving towards support for gay marriage," said Conservative Commentator and National Review editor Jo...

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New Jersey Gov Has New Promotion Gig

Chris Christie was named by the American Lard Assn as their new spokesperson. Lard Ass President Bud Gristel named the Gov after learning that Christie's favorite book is The Count of Mounds of Crisco
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