Official Retirement Age Upped to 95 in the US

Funny story: Official Retirement Age Upped to 95 in the US

It happened shortly after Prince Philip announced his impending retirement. Members of the U.S. Congress, eager to extend their own gravy train and justify that extension as totally normal, were eager to vote this into law. "I'm all for it," said...

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Trump Pardons Himself

Funny story: Trump Pardons Himself

Washington, DC - President Donald Trump recently began to utter the words "Pardon me" with regularity. Although the President blames his chef's spicy food and a busy travel schedule for his continuous desire to be pardoned, sources say he is worri...

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"Out of Office Assistant" Turns on its Employee

Funny story: "Out of Office Assistant" Turns on its Employee

Fort Lee, NJ - Kevin Santorelli had no idea he would be fired until the day he returned to work after being on family medical leave. While taking care of his mother, and attending church each day, he turned on his "out of office assistant" email fea...

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Judges Block Trump's Cinco de Mayo Ban

Funny story: Judges Block Trump's Cinco de Mayo Ban

President Trump's attempt to ban Cinco de Mayo backfired after three separate circuit courts blocked his executive order: Now this year's celebrations promise to be even bigger in defiance of President Trump. After being rebuked by the courts, Tru...

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Pink Loses Suit Against Manufacturer of "Lick Pink" Gear

"You can't complain about a parody that associates your brand with a sexual act if your brand is already named 'Like Pink,'" said the judge in the case.
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