Republicans Split Over How To Split Over Immigration

House Republicans at this hour have retreated to eleven and a half different chambers in the house and are complaining they haven't a pot to piss in. Chamber pots are in short supply these days as modern plumbing has become all the rage, even in Wash...

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Funny story: Woman believes it's not butter

Woman believes it's not butter

You can't fool everyone. Case in point: a North Carolina woman recently tasted a popular butter substitute, and was not fooled by its faux flavors. "It sure as hell ain't butter," contended Linda Jones of Hickory, North Carolina. "I know butt...

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New York now belongs to the Polar Circle!

The deep freeze hitting northeast US has forced Google Maps to enter the area into the Polar circle. Eskimos and Polar Bears were seen playing in the snow after deserting their global-warmed homeland!
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