Illegals Nationwide Self-Deport, Apologize for Inconvenience

LOS ANGELES, CA - All across the country, exasperated illegal immigrants have decided en masse to self-deport themselves in light of the political burden they realize they have become for both political parties. The movement has no single leader...

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Funny story: Thanksgiving Day bloodbath on the cards

Thanksgiving Day bloodbath on the cards

Washington DC - White House tarot readers are urging calling off Thursday's annual dinner after the No 16 Major Arcana card, Thanksgiving Day Bloodbath, appeared in the President's ten card spread. The omen was enough to spook Michelle Obama into...

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Style Maven/Ex-Con Stewart Announces Her Latest For the Holiday

Stewart today touted her rollout of MarthaGoblers--designer turkeys for the Thanksgiving feast. MarthaGoblers are available in various skin-tone shades from Titian Brown to Chirascuro Noir and Blanc
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