Michael Sam "Other Gay NFL Players Have Reached Around To Me"

Washington DC - He may not actually be with an NFL team right now, but that doesn't stop Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by an NFL team, from suggesting very strongly he is does. In a speech at the Holocaust Museum in the nation's c...

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France in the year 3915

France- After a long debate the French parliament decided to replace the old parliament with an updated one that is more realistic. Charles de Gaulle a minister of the french parliament proposed a new law to eliminate all political parties because...

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Funny story: Dolphins Capable of Having "Frenemies" study finds

Dolphins Capable of Having "Frenemies" study finds

Jim Vogal, a marine biologist with who specializes in the study of aquatic mammals has published a shocking discovery. Dolphins, long known for their intelligence and libertine tendencies toward sexual matters are even more complex than once believed...

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Only 3 Drugs In America's Pharmacopeia "Do anything"

A high ranking official with the FDA made the remark Thursday at a cocktail party. He said "other than this whiskey the only thing medicine has to offer is penicillin, tranquilizers, and amphetamines"
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