Funny story:  NewsCorpse 'Fake Sheikh' appointed head of Mossad PR

NewsCorpse 'Fake Sheikh' appointed head of Mossad PR

Tel Aviv - A professional confidence trickster specialising in celebrity stings has been hired by the Israeli secret service ahead of all out war on Hamas. Mazher Mahmood, former Murdoch investigative reporter (sic) and suspected serial perjurer...
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Virgin Mary Statue Smokes Marijuana

Philadelphia, PA-- A six-foot tall statue of the Virgin Mary inside a local church has been doing something strange. Parishers at the church of Our Lady Of Hysterical Weeping say the statue has begun smoking marijuana. The statue begins exhaling sm...
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Post Office Begins Registering Sexual Orientation

Washington, DC-- The post office has begun a new program to find out information about Americans' sexual orientation. The federal government wants to know how many gay people there are in the country so it can better service sexual minorities. Lett...
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Funny story:  Construction Crew Unearths the Truth

Construction Crew Unearths the Truth

Pottstown, PA --Contractors in rural Winston, North Dakota were in the early stages of an excavation project last week when a 10-man team hit upon some very convincing evidence. Daniel Robbins, the crew chief for This-n-That Contractors, notified...
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John Walsh's PTSD doctor in plagiarism scandal

Army doctor filed the same medical review hundreds of times for soldiers looking to get tax free disability pay!

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