Hemorrhoid Piercings: The Deadly Trend Sweeping America!

Los Angeles, CA - Humans, much like gorillas: are interested, influenced, and educated by viewing recordings of their own species copulating on monitors. Humans love pornography and it influences the sex practices they engage in. Unless the last porn...

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Hillary Clinton Disputes Recently Leaked Medical Diagnosis

Des Moines, IA - Surrounded by retards, Hillary Clinton told reporters she disagreed strongly with the findings of a team of Doctors that she was mentally retarded. "I am not retarded at all," she said. "These people behind me are." Clinton as...

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Funny story: Spring City Man Crosses Road. Gets to Other Side

Spring City Man Crosses Road. Gets to Other Side

Charles "Chick" Engals, life long Spring City, PA native left his home last week after telling his wife that he would return, she said, in an hour or so. After asking him where he was going, his response to her was, as always, that he was going to...

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News Media Will Only Report on Women Not Raped by Cosby

There are now so many Bill Cosby rape accusers that a new one is no longer news; what is news is a woman he hasn't drugged or raped.
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