Local Thunder-Thighs Wreak Havoc on Townspeople

Funny story: Local Thunder-Thighs Wreak Havoc on Townspeople

With the peak of the summer season, the heat and humidity have locals concerned about the effect that local thunder-thighs have on the well-being of their neighborhood. As shorts get shorter, and tops become more cropped, it leaves much more room fo...

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Beloved Dentist Mauled To Death By Lion

Funny story: Beloved Dentist Mauled To Death By Lion

Brian, the dentist, is dead, killed by a hungry lion in Florida, who escaped from Miami Zoo earlier this morning according to authorities. Brian was part of an Oxford University research project, which tracked the movements of dentists across the...

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Emotional-Support Animals up 279%

Funny story: Emotional-Support Animals up 279%

The percentage of applications for emotional-support animals among pets have gone up 279% from 2011, according to the latest pretty and glittery graph on the internet. "We have seen an increase in emotional-support animals among pet travelers," r...

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Donald Trump's Hair selected as Donald Trump's Running Mate

Funny story: Donald Trump's Hair selected as Donald Trump's Running Mate

Donald Trump's inexplicable hair has decided to put its notoriety to good use, and ride that exposure to the second highest seat in the land. Donald Trump has declared that, "The only thing on the planet audacious enough to meet my Vice Presidential...

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Dentist Walter Palmer sticks his head in lion's mouth!

Innocent (?) lion slaughterer, Walter Palmer, has offerd free dental service to lions all over the planet! The world hopes that a lion has a wicked tooth ache whilst Walter has his head in its mouth!
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