Voters to Choose Face for Front of $10 Bill

Funny story: Voters to Choose Face for Front of $10 Bill

Now that Alexander Hamilton is being booted from the front of the $10 bill, the competition is heating up among leading female candidates to replace him. The finalists have been announced by the Treasury Department, and voting by U.S. citizens ha...

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Greece Declares War Against European Union

Funny story: Greece Declares War Against European Union

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addressed the United Nations General Assembly to announce a formal declaration of war against all the other member nations of the European Union. He justified the aggressive military action by citing Greece's su...

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NBA Draft Selects Obama

Funny story: NBA Draft Selects Obama

In the latest round of NBA draft picks the Chicago Bulls signed Barak Obama to a five year multimillion dollar contract. With the exception of his high IQ, he met all the criteria for player eligibility - tall, black, and lanky. He was chosen abov...

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Pirates' Cruise Ship Snack Attack

A motley crew of swashbuckling pirates commandeered a luxury cruise ship off the coast of Somalia and demanded 10 million dollars until the buccaneers dined in the cafeteria and died of food poisoning
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