Blair gets Order of the Boot from cushy Piss Process job

London - George Dubya Bush's favorite poodle fellater has fucked up badly in his UN Pisskeeper position after being grassed up by the Saudis as a useless whinging pompous twat. It means goodbye to a $10m annual salary, private jet and stable of ho...

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After years of indecision, Yellen decides to do nothing

Chairperson Yellen of the Federal Reserve has again played it close to the vest. Fearful of raising rates, she said, "Because it could cause an unintended glitch in the economy, I'm passing at this time." "Are you," reporter Wilma Terman asked,...

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Funny story: Tracy Morgan settles suit with Walmart

Tracy Morgan settles suit with Walmart

Today Tracy Morgan, famed comedian and star of many funny programs, settled his automobile head-trauma case with not-so-funny Walmart. The terms of the settlement were confidential, but for a price, (undisclosed,) we were able to determine the gen...

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Hungarian President Beaten To Death By All Male Mob For Criticizing Internet Porn

Hungary's President was killed by a mob, angry over rumors that he thought internet porn "unbecoming." He has been replaced with a dictator and all of his political allies shot.
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