Funny story: Cellphones Announce Selfie-free Sundays

Cellphones Announce Selfie-free Sundays

Cellphones are disgusted with the amount (too many!) and general quality (awful!) of selfies, and they want everyone to know about it. So yesterday in NYC's Times Square they held a press conference to tell the world that they had come to an impor...

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For Romney, Third Time's the Charm

WASHINGTON - It has surfaced that Mitt Romney has desire to run again for his third presidential bid. Although he has yet to officially throw his hat into the 2016 mix, sources close to him say that he is excited and has a good feeling about th...

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Japanese Woman Gives Birth to Giant squid

Shinsuji Takamashaya gave birth to a twenty pound Giant Squid on the tiny Japanese atoll of Fonguyutu" - said Doctor Myashkenazi, an internist and genetic biologist with Japan's National Institute of Eco and Womb Research. He said, "Thu Human squ...

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'3 children per family is ideal', says Pope

'I certainly can't afford any more than that', he added
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