Funny story:  Friend's Book Is Simply Brilliant

Friend's Book Is Simply Brilliant

Awed by her boundless imagination, characterizations and writing skills, as well as her unique technique Helen Schwartz hailed the self-published novel written by her friend Carol Hill as "Utterly Fantastic". "Carols's stuff is completely mind-blo...
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The Wuggles Trash Hotel Room

New Zealand's top children's music group The Wuggles have once again found themselves in legal trouble Monday, when they and several members of their extensive entourage were arrested for allegedly destroying a penthouse suite at a Las Vegas Hotel.
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Tybee Island Man Breaks Internet

Authorities believe that a Tybee Island man may have been responsible for the 5 minute outage that saw the World Wide Web shutdown and the internet broken across the globe. TJ Malone, a retired factory worker, who has been a resident of the backwa...
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Funny story:  Florida Man Kicked From Bed After Dorito Eating Incident

Florida Man Kicked From Bed After Dorito Eating Incident

A Florida man was forcibly ejected from his bed late last night after opening a bag of Doritos thinking his wife was sleeping. "She caught me munching the snack and told me that it was the 'final straw' and she was sick of waking up finding crumbs...
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Italy awards world's best pizza maker title to Australian chef

For his inspired Kangaroo Basil Compost Delight!

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