Funny story: Ferguson Mayor Discusses Pending Swimsuit

Ferguson Mayor Discusses Pending Swimsuit

Ferguson mayor James Knowles has finally begun discussing with journalists several pending swimsuits he intends to purchase, putting an end to media speculation about his intentions. "There's 22,000 residents in our community," Knowles told report...
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Chelsea Clinton's waters likely to burst on Labor Day

New York - Amniotic Sac News reports that little babe Mezvinsky will be making its planetary debut next Monday care of a nifty c-section at New York's Seedy Sinai Mammorial. The hospital's entire presidential wing has been booked from this weekend...
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Hello Kitty abductor jailed

A Tokyo man was jailed today for abducting the children's character Hello Kitty from a playground in Tokyo in May. The man Masahno Takakity had attempted to argue that his actions were justified as he was a scientist investigating the work of Erw...
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Funny story: Al Qaeda Roiled By ISIS Envy

Al Qaeda Roiled By ISIS Envy

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has recently surpassed Al Qaeda in social media exposure for their gruesome beheadings and executions. Even terrorist groups pay attention...
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Joan Rivers Loses It

A medical bulletin just released from a Manhattan clinic states that Joan Rivers had stopped talking during throat surgery.

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