Funny story:  Virgin Mary Statue Smokes Marijuana

Virgin Mary Statue Smokes Marijuana

Philadelphia, PA-- A six-foot tall statue of the Virgin Mary inside a local church has been doing something strange. Parishers at the church of Our Lady Of Hysterical Weeping say the statue has begun smoking marijuana. The statue begins exhaling sm...
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Post Office Begins Registering Sexual Orientation

Washington, DC-- The post office has begun a new program to find out information about Americans' sexual orientation. The federal government wants to know how many gay people there are in the country so it can better service sexual minorities. Lett...
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Putin Tired of Disengaged Obama, Threatens to Bomb US Golf Courses

Moscow - Russian President Putin has become bored with not having a worthy adversary on the foreign policy landscape due to President Obama's lack of interest in world affairs. The Russian leader always welcomes a challenge and believes having a...
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Funny story:  Salacious Seeking Supervisor

Salacious Seeking Supervisor

Mark Dooley, newest employee at Jackson and Blythe Insurance, has filed a sexual harassment complaint with head office. "I'm a pretty shy guy at first," Dooley explained. "During my second week on the job, my supervisor Karen Dickinson started ch...
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Study finds that mosquitos routinely talk to humans

Why do you hear the extremely irritating buzzing sound when a mosquito gets too close? Well, their wings flap up to 600 times per second, but they are also asking you whether they can feed on you.

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