Funny story: Pope hopes to clean up

Pope hopes to clean up

To show the compassion of the church, Pope Frances ordered Vatican barbers to offer homeless men and women a shave and a haircut for "two bits" (twenty-five cents). The proceeds, the pontiff said, will be added to the church's "coffers," except in th...

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Suicide Bomber Escapes From Paradise - Says It Sucks!

Osama Bin Tuchas has escaped from Paradise and boy is he pissed off, claims Brigadier General Moishe Pipick a spokesman for Mossad. (Israeli's intelligence service) He stated: "Osama arrived in paradise expecting his promised pool full of hot Virg...

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Surprising discovery jogs woman's fading memory

Wakes up with half a gram of coke up her nostrils, suddenly remembers she's a researcher working for Amnesiacs Anonymous
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