Funny story: Dolphins Capable of Having "Frenemies" study finds

Dolphins Capable of Having "Frenemies" study finds

Jim Vogal, a marine biologist with who specializes in the study of aquatic mammals has published a shocking discovery. Dolphins, long known for their intelligence and libertine tendencies toward sexual matters are even more complex than once believed...

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Normal Drug Being Tested on Patients

After rigorous studies at Columbian University, scholars have determined that most Americans need the drug Itsinurhedicone, or more commonly known to consumers as "Normal." Although the mind altering drug is frowned upon by many moralists, Doctor...

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Blair appointed Head of Procurement for new Arab League Army

Cairo, Egypt - Cynics are calling it a 30 pieces-of-silver arrangement cobbled together by the global arms industry. This morning members of the Arab League meeting in Shark el-Sheikh announced Blair's appointment to the newly forged $10bn pan-Ar...

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Funny story: Benson Is Least Remembered Sitcom

Benson Is Least Remembered Sitcom

Media-Stats Inc. a data collection hub based in Burbank, CA. has revealed that the 1980's sitcom "Benson" is the least remembered show ever to air on television. David Weintraub an executive for Media-Stats said; "To say Benson is least remembere...

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Palace Orders Hit on Former DIA Intel Chief

Emperor Barack I, fuming over MidEast reality check by LtGen Davis on Sunday, ordered a hit on the General, palace spies report. Word is Terminator-in-Chief Valerie Jarrett got the nod.
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