Pothead gets off couch, applies for job

Earlier this week, a Cleveland, OH pothead finally got up from his parent's couch, went out, and applied for a job. This according to the pothead's parents, who requested to remain anonymous due to embarrassment over having a pothead as a son.

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Why You Should Vote for Chris Christie for President

Okay, I like Chris Christie. The main reason I like the guy is because he's big and fat, just like me. In a land that's filled with dysfunctional dipshit politics, is that such a bad reason? Am I being too shallow? Too trite? Too outrageous? And...

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Funny story: President Obama comes out: 'I'm proud to be a Tranny'

President Obama comes out: 'I'm proud to be a Tranny'

WASHINGTON, DC - President Barack Obama announced today that he is transgender, confirming what many Republicans have suspected for years. In his statement, he acknowledged that his original name was Blossom Obama. She had the sex change surgery a...

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Obama Calls Secret Service On Sheet-Clad Trick-or-Treaters

Obama, not aware of its being Halloween, called the Secret Service on some sheet-clad ghost trick-or-treaters. "I was afraid they were going to burn a cross on the lawn," spoke a terrorized Obama.
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