Funny story: Top 10 Ways to Coax Alex Rodriguez off the Yankees

Top 10 Ways to Coax Alex Rodriguez off the Yankees

The Bronx - - The New York Yankees appear to have had enough of Alex Rodriguez. They don't like the way he "talks the talk." They don't care for the way he "walks the walk." But what really upsets them is how his contract will "yank the bank" if...

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Eddie Murphy's disease causes strange SNL appearance

Rumors have recently been circulating as to the odd appearance by Eddie Murphy at the Saturday Night Live 40 year anniversary show. An employee at NBC has leaked information that may shed some light on the situation. It seems that Murphy suffers f...

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Ancient Hercules statue returning to Italy 2,500 years after theft

Damn Etruscan thieves sentenced to 12 months community service after pleading guilty to smash and grab
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