Funny story: Sidibe/Curry Rom-Com Pulled from Theaters

Sidibe/Curry Rom-Com Pulled from Theaters

For the first time in showbiz history a motion picture has been pulled from screens across the U.S. due to it's disastrous economy wrecking title. The romantic comedy, starring Gabourey Sidibe and Tim Curry, was about a May/December romance that b...

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European feminist accused of being jealous of a Saudi marriage

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia- Saudi Arabia's King redrew the line of tolerance on Wednesday, declaring that European's were jealous of Saudi men because the Kingdom allows them to have four wives and this jealousy is causing anti-Arab sentiments coming from...

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Funny story: So old and gaga there's mothballs up her fanny

So old and gaga there's mothballs up her fanny

London - "In addition to destroying insects such as moths and silverfish," the Lord Chamberlain Lord Luce-Cannon explained, "royal mothballs make useful stovepipe cleaners and snake repellants." The remarks come amid reports that Britain's Queen...

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Bubba 'Splains Why He Needs Them $500K Speech Gigs

Ex-Pres and intern-molester Clinton reveals why those talk-a-ripoffs gotta continue. Price inflation at the world-wide knocking shoppes he visits has sky rocketed. Bubba needs dough to plow and sow.
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