Funny story: Clint Eastwood's Butler Knows Its Only A Matter of Time

Clint Eastwood's Butler Knows Its Only A Matter of Time

Carmel, Ca - For the past three years Clint Eastwoood's butler, Arthur Grimes, has prepared himself for the inevitable day that he will be out of a job after finding his employer dead. "Every morning I check the classifieds and check in with an em...

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Mark Stone can still jerk off

There was a scary moment in last night's game between the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens. Following a PK Subban slash, Ottawa's Mark Stone collapse on the ice, writhing in pain. He promptly left the ice holding his right wrist. "I'm o...

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Marco Rubio, "I Would Attend A Gay Wedding"

Tampa FL - During a campaign appearance at a bait and tackle shop, Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio told reporters that he would attend a gay wedding "if invited." "I would go," said Rubio but left open the possibility of showing up l...

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Funny story: Brighton Pier won't be charged with sex offences

Brighton Pier won't be charged with sex offences

Brighton, West Sussex - Despite sackfuls of evidence of what really went on in the back of its dodgem bumper cars the UK's premier pleasure pier will not be charged with decades of kiddy-fiddling. This morning Crown Prosecutors admitted they'd bl...

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Fat Albert Disassociates Himself from Bill Cosby

Most people thought I was just a character made up by Bill Cosby, or maybe just one of his multiple personalities, but I'm real and I'm tired of Cosby telling me I have to remain fat "for my image!"
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