Funny story: Caitlyn Jenner's cat to undergo surgery

Caitlyn Jenner's cat to undergo surgery

The Jenner/Kardashian family are no strangers to controversy. The latest chapter in the saga however may just see them land in hot water with animal rights groups such as PETA and the SPCA after Caitlyn has agreed to fund her beloved moggie with enou...

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Chris Christie Announces Candidacy At A Very Sore Spot

Livingston, NJ - On Tuesday, infamous New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, finally announced to America that he will indeed be running for the highest office in the land - and he did it underneath the football goal that was once the site of the bigge...

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The Spoof encrypts its news website

Cyberspace - Online satire publisher The Spoof has begun encrypting bits of its website to make it harder for hackers and cyber spies to monitor the stories its readers are enjoying. "We want our users to feel real secure," the virtual Editor exp...

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Imperial Palace Announces New Prestigious Appointment

Barack I has named Justice John Roberts as Lord Chancellor of Obamacare with specific authority to condemn all those AntiO'Carelamic terrorists to be waterboarded in perpetuity at Guantanamo Bay Keep.
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