Crooks claim they are born again scoundrels

Bundy Hills- A community is on the edge after a rash of home invasion burglaries committed by fake Jehovah's Witnesses. Police said they're aware of at least four burglaries in one day in Bundy Hills. But startled neighbors said there have been mo...

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Fast food resturant in Tibetan mountain

In news sure to delight Tibetan devotees, McDoogles reportedly starts testing a new food menu on a mountain ridge north-east of the Himalayas in Tibet. Throughout the mountain terrain, the news is exiting monks and sheep herders' who have saved ol...

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Funny story: Reese Witherspoon bakes a cake

Reese Witherspoon bakes a cake

New York- Reese Witherspoon was embarrassed at her daughters birthday when she baked a homemade cake expecting poor school children at the party. According to reports, Witherspoon periodically checked up on the loaf of chocolate bread she baked by...

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Bush Copyright

George Bush Senior has taken out copyright on the phrase "New World Order" that he made popular. Anybody using the phrase without his permission will be sued.
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