Illegals Nationwide Self-Deport, Apologize for Inconvenience

LOS ANGELES, CA - All across the country, exasperated illegal immigrants have decided en masse to self-deport themselves in light of the political burden they realize they have become for both political parties. The movement has no single leader...

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Funny story: Out Of Control Obama Uses Ridicule

Out Of Control Obama Uses Ridicule

NEW YORKBroadly smiling, if not giddy, President Obama held a news conference today on the White House lawn. At his last press conference, speaking about the issue of "fracking," he seemed to be scatterbrained, capricious, and distracted. At toda...

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Ferguson explodes because of colour blind killing!

A colour blind, armed police officer killed an unarmed youth who just happened to be black and was judged not guilty by a colour free court, now everything has gone black or white; non colours BTW!
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