Funny story: Ferguson Man Shocked To Find He Has No Milk

Ferguson Man Shocked To Find He Has No Milk

Ferguson man Randy Burrows is reeling in shock this morning after discovering that his mother had failed to purchase milk to accompany his usual breakfast of cornflakes. The 26 year old school janitor, who has yet to leave home, was visibly upset,...

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Uh-Oh. Another Hollywood Open Secret Bites The Uhhhh......Dust

LOS ANGELES - Due no doubt to the ongoing public domained enquiring mind-wise fascination surrounding anything to do with however it was (if only just because) recently defamed (and rightly so) high end comedy legend Bill Cosby apparently had to...

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Obama fires himself appoints Michelle Secretary of Defense

Yesterday the President decided he must step down, following a long consultation with himself at the mirror in a white house bathroom. He was willing, he said to news services, to swap positions with Joe Biden and let him try the presidency while...

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Funny story: Enraged Obama Fights Against Dems & GOP

Enraged Obama Fights Against Dems & GOP

WASHINGTON - A new budget deal negotiated by senate majority leader Harry Reid (D Nev) and republicans will be vetoed by President Obama if necessary. Under the terms of the $444 billion agreement, lawmakers would phase out all tax breaks for clean...

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Style Maven/Ex-Con Stewart Announces Her Latest For the Holiday

Stewart today touted her rollout of MarthaGoblers--designer turkeys for the Thanksgiving feast. MarthaGoblers are available in various skin-tone shades from Titian Brown to Chirascuro Noir and Blanc
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