Rory Breaks Up With Hampster, Wins Twice!

Charlotte, NC - It seems to any keen golf fan that World #1 golfer, Rory McIlroy, plays best after he has parted ways in a relationship. Last year, after kicking his fiancee, Woz, to the curb, he immediately won two big tournaments. Now, according to...

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Funny story: Sheldon Andelson buys George Soros

Sheldon Andelson buys George Soros

"I don't know how it happened," Madge Filber, Sheldon Andelson's private secretary said. She scratched her right ear lobe where a pearl earring hung on a 4 inch chain. "I was sipping hot water with lemon, in a large coffee cup, when Mr. Andelson a...

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Monsanto... Very Fishy Indeed!

After dumping two tons of genetically modified fish into the Atlantic, anyone henceforth fishing in any ocean or sea anywhere in the world will have to buy a licence from Monsanto ... or be sued.
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