Who are you and I?

Written by Master Zunaid

Saturday, 30 April 2011


The story you are trying to access may cause offense, may be in poor taste, or may contain subject matter of a graphic nature. This story was written as a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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We as human beings know that uniqueness is a fundamental factor of our very existence! Unfortunately mankind is, regardless, still mankind.

Nevertheless, at current, billions of diversified persons, so stunningly different respectively inhabit the earths many vast lands.

Various "classes" (none of which have stature greater than the next) portray both the major and minor differences from person to person (intended solely for reference sake) such as the basic class of male and female; ethnicity or race; language; geographic location; culture and tradition; religion; social and moral views; influence and affluence or the lack in either thereof.

In addition to these factors, unlike our semi-monotonous animal kingdom, humans have been blessed with meticulous personal variations such as our voice, eye colour, nose type, accent, micro-to-macro physical structures and even hair pigmentation.

What undoubtedly sets you and I yons apart though, is the character portrayed in, and by each of us!

The individually upheld and self-maintained personalities possessed by each living person. The endless array of mix-and-match qualities we, throughout our lives shuffle through and selectively adopt through the 'try and measure' principal (my own idea) whereby we learn something and attempt or 'try' to incorporate it into our lives, after which we measure the worth of the outcome of whatever we may have incorporated, as a potential life long trait or quality... This process is a more subconscious development helping mould the person.

Perfectly clear presumably, is the fact that man is crafted in infinitely multiple 'fashions' based on one general model - possibly to remind us that although we're each Unique and although we each are classified under 'certain' groups... We are a planetary nation in equilibrium, equaly created is every man and woman alike regardless.

Lastly, man's intellectual capacity and physical ability intertwine to determine which professional field may be pursued as, potentially, a career!

The field choices range dynamically from marine and aquatic posts to architectural planning, the spectrum of choice especially in our modern age is practically infinite!

A great number of aspects regarding 'the human individual', as has been discussed throughout, renders each person an original, unique, the sole existing version... Capable of; maturing to pursue any chosen lifestyle; acquiring heaps of beneficial knowledge and wisdom; formulating solutions and providing alternatives through experience; and blossoming on every level namely physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

At this juncture we reflect on the initial concept of uniqueness. By this point, hopefully, the image of each man and woman on earth is that the unlimited potential to achieve and prosper successfully dwells within,initially dormant. We are a predominantly an intellectual 'specie' and thus have evolved greatly over short periods in history.

No two humans are ever the same, and in essence up to this point the intention was to highlight the perfections of mankind... The extra-ordinary calibre of the capabilities in 'us'. Understand that we are as gears and our world an enormous clock, in which a joint effort and freedom will ensure precise and adequate functioning. The aim here is for you to believe in the perfection prevalent in humanity. We each are an intrinsic work of art, diversified from the next.... Feel the energy.

In the beginning of this written piece uniqueness was acknowledged, upto here humans have been praised. Yet still up to here lingers the initial and unexplained referral made of how unfortunate man is to still be man.

As the title of this piece implies that there is an identity crisis, asking who both you and I are!

Who are you?

Unfortunate is an adjective describing the mannerisms of human interaction. the mass of the article was to ensure the full measure of happiness is viewed as a right to all, Understood and kept abreast in light of the truth.

The truth is we have been taught morals over centuries, yet in the modern age morality is an issue of debate and the target of insult. With all man's potential the bad, evil and wrong reign supreme. Drug abuse, murder, rape, assault, fraud and theft wreak havoc! Apartheid and reverse apartheid rule governments! Polygamy is often debated bitterly and outcast, yet the pornography industry has been accepted and regulates billions freely! Religious establishments remain criticized and mortals are idolized as 'gods', such as with Scientology! Society exists in three states: wealthy, middle and poor, the poor of which are made poorer as the middle convert their skills to an income for the means of, often times, just getting by, yet ultimately only making more rich the rich! genocides, infanticide (abortion) and suicide are a norm from day to day! Many unjustifiable wars rage on globally!....

The world, and its 'definite potentially wonderful people', have succumb to the dawning of the age of darkness.... a time whereby the media (controlled by believed global conspirators) has incredible influence and complex power. Televised depictions have mislead millions, make real the impossible, glorify the fornicators, encourage the doing of ills, as WE do what we SEE!!

Most disturbingly in our modern time is the counter effort made against our main idea from the start, uniqueness!

Simply this subtle gestures of our models, actors and actresses, singers and stars urge us in the direction of trends and 'mass movement', fashion and 'in-things'.... Toward a future where we emulate them and are stripped of our identities! We are convinced of their ideologies! If a star made a sex tape than its cool for anyone to, its embraced, our many millennia have been lost!

I've showed how great man can be and the potential in him always thriving, I deem thou has seen clearly the image.... But why than is our world heading to 'hell'....

Ask yourself: "who am I?"

"If I'm a person capable like all others, and all others are capable of being the perfected he/she like me, than what curse has plagued us......

Surely, Satan has manifested in man! Surely, man has become as the devil..... Surely, without realising what 'goods' man can achieve.... Perfect or not...... As great as we are.... Without opening our eyes, we are to be eternally doomed.....

Let's fix the world

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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