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Can I Tell This Joke?

Funny story: Can I Tell This Joke?

People trying to make other people laugh are up against it. We are unable to tell jokes about: Women, Irish people, Scottish people, Black people, Jewish people, Homosexual people and any minority group with a persecution complex. So who can a tell a joke about? What about other comedians - is that OK? Will I be an anti-Jokeist? It isn't funny. You have to watch every word and delete any wor...

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MI5 at Sixes and Sevens

Funny story: MI5 at Sixes and Sevens

Top Secret ....Destroy after reading. The battle between MI5 and MI6 has got worse than the conflict between Man U and Man C with people snubbed in public and backs turned at the appropriate moment. The Queen is disturbed by these events and has decided to appoint Prince Charles to head up a new secret bureau of spies to be known as KC2 short for King Charles 2. It was not until the Quee...

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Whatever anyway

Funny story: Whatever anyway

Anyway, whatever. Whatever you say. Anyway, who cares. ANY WAY? You must be joking. There are some ways that are just not me. We know you are always right anyway. So... Whatever you say Dad. Anyway what's the use? Right? Anyway - it'll all be the same in a thousand years - So whatever? You must be joking! What a drag. I can't believe it. But...whatever. Anyway I don't really care. W...

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My trousers

I have never thought of myself as a fashion icon, but an experience I have recently had has made me think again. When I work in the garden I use an old pair of denim trousers, torn with holes all over them. Recently I was gardening and remembered that we needed to get some milk. So I downed tools and set off for the shops. I had not changed my trousers and realised I had also forgotten to w...

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My Election Thoughts

I know you have all been waiting for this announcement before deciding how to vote in the next election, so - now is the time to give you the guidance needed to secure the future of the British Empire. We owe it to Nelson and to Wellington - the eye, arm and boot of our glorious history - to keep right on to the end of the road. Now looking at the riders in the forthcoming contest we can see...

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Turning the Tables

Funny story: Turning the Tables

Hauled in before his Boss John Witt realised he was in trouble, but Witt had more than enough up his sleeve. 'You are being sacked for doing nothing' he was told. 'You have nothing to complain about, then!' replied Witt. 'I'm not complaining about nothing, I'm complaining about you doing nothing' came the response. Witt considered for a moment. 'I've been doing my job for two years and...

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Interview with MI5 Mole

Funny story: Interview with MI5 Mole

It came as something of a surprise when there was a knock at the door of my office at Spoof HQ and a gentleman introduced himself as a mole from MI5. I asked him how he had found his way to our HQ and he told me he went to Platform 8 and a half at Kings Cross and found there was no rowling stock but was advised to go to Platform S where he found a train to our place. I had my doubts that thi...

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Memory Test

Funny story: Memory Test

Grandad, do you have problems remembering things? I do. Names in particular. I have to make lists of all the nieces, grand nieces, nephews and grand nephews and learn them by heart. You always get my name right. Well, it's the same as your mother's and her mothers. I get into trouble at school if I forget things. Such as? Oh those awful maths things and the names in science. Real...

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Seventy four

Funny story: Seventy four

The Beatles stopped at 64, but if you go further the next mile post is 74. At least it is for me because there is not much else to shout about. I mean, to have lived to 74 is some sort of achievement. I've had to remain alive and be getting enough money to at least feed myself. But then the next achievement. Married for yonks - could be a bit dull and tedious but it is something! Now I'm...

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Dacre Exclusive Interview

Funny story: Dacre Exclusive Interview

Your fearless reporter has an exclusive today that will amaze many millions of people throughout the world. I received a call from a caller who said Lord Dacre would like to meet me for an interview. Naturally I dropped the washing up and sped to the suggested rendez-vous. The owner of the Daily Mali greeted me with a malt whisky which stimulated me. I began by asking why the Mali had decide...

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Mafia Boss 'Didn't Know'!

Funny story: Mafia Boss 'Didn't Know'!

Bob 'The Diamond' Banks claims he didn't know his staff were killing anyone who they didn't like. This extraordinary claim was questioned by News International newspapers. In an editorial in the Sun the editor wrote: 'It is about time those in charge of organisations took responsibility for the action of their employees'. In a Government statement David Cameron exclaimed that when someone w...

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What's Perjury?

Grandpa, what's Perjury? That's to swear falsely. I didn't know falsely was a swear word. No, it isn't, but if you lie in a court it is called perjury. So if you say DAMN that's swearing in court. It is but if you SWEAR TO TELL THE TRUTH AND THEN YOU LIE IT IS PERJURY. I have lied in court Grandpa. Have you, when was that? I lied in a Tennis court when I was exhausted. Gran...

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Cameron's Amazing Feet

Funny story: Cameron's Amazing Feet

After David Cameron had put his foot in it several times recently we can now report on more amazing feets by the Prime Minister. First of all he has sorted out the Greek people, who were clearly in need of expert advice. 'Make up your minds you stupid Geeks' he exclaimed when making his unique contribution to the Greek election - the clever humour whereby Cameron replaced Greek by Geek produce...

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Bombing for Peace

Funny story: Bombing for Peace

'The only way to get Peace is to go to War' announced a world leader who has asked not to be named, in case someone decides to bump him off. This was capped by George Unwell who remarked that 'War is Peace', explaining how peaceful the world would be after a everyone had disappeared in a cloud of dust. 'Cockroaches could thrive and no one would be able to step on them' he cried triumphantly.

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What a Bloody Cheek!

Funny story: What a Bloody Cheek!

Husband: Them Bankers. What a cheek. We help them out when things are bad and what do we get? A kick in the teeth. It shouldn't be allowed. Wife: You can't blame them. You would be exactly the same if someone offered you a million. H. No I wouldn't. W. You bloody well would! H. It wouldn't be moral. W. Since when has morality got you anywhere. H. No. I've got my self-respect. It...

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The Thing

Wife: Have you seen that thing anywhere? Husband: What thing is that? W: You know, the thing you use. H. What thing would that be? W. You really are hopeless! H. But I don't know what you are talking about. W. Excuses, excuses. It's always the same with you. You don't know one thing from another! H. I don't know anything. W. You've said it! Now can you tell me where that thing is? H. It c...

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Monster Raving Loony

Funny story: Monster Raving Loony

You won't believe this but after the last election I was approached by a man who asked if I could help with an exit poll. 'Yeah I've just come out' I replied. 'Who did you vote for?' he asked 'Mind your ***!!! business' I replied. 'This is just to see how people voted so we can try to work out what the result of the election will be' 'All right - I voted for the Monster Raving Loony...

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Oh Dear Oh Dear!

Funny story: Oh Dear Oh Dear!

Oh Dear Oh Dear. I mean can you believe it? I've said it more than once, there should be a law against it. It's them mobiles. I was up in Lonnon to see Plymouth Argyle play that Leyton Orient and I got on this tube. I tell you, it was like a morgue in there. I spoke to my neighbour and half the carriage turned to stare at me. And then they go out their mobiles! No one talked to their neighbo...

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Unnamed Media Wizard

The first signs of Altzeimers Disease are memory loss and confusion. One should therefore sympathise with the Chief Executive of a large media organisation who has shown these symptoms recently. Not wishing to attack this person in name I will not upset his father by naming him. Freedom of speech can only go so far and it cannot include an attack on the reputation of someone who has always c...

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West Ham: An Apology!

Funny story: West Ham: An Apology!

The bitter blow on Saturday which led to a West Ham defeat, when they could have led the Championship was my fault. At least, partially. News of the bombshell about Beckham and Tevez joining West Ham next season, if we got into the Premier League, was hacked by an unknown Spurs fan. Fearing a debacle next season when Scott Parker might also re-join the Hammers this individual then informed the...

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Rugger Buggers Buggered

Funny story: Rugger Buggers Buggered

The sad tale of the distress caused by England's Rugger Buggers has not been fully recognised. Until now! Today we can reveal the inside story. It is shocking reading and boys at public schools should be warned to go no further! We tell the tale of Jack Weed whose prowess at school in Rugby football was admired by all. He could tackle, he could score tries, he kicked penalties, he even played a...

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Unemployment: The Truth Revealed

Funny story: Unemployment: The Truth Revealed

It was claimed the so-called truth drug was slipped into the glass of water that welcomed the Minister of Employment when he visited a group of unemployed people who wanted to ask him questions. Here are the revelations which will shock a nation! 'Why is Unemployment so high' was the first question. 'Well, if everyone is afraid of being unemployed wages can be reduced and conditions for...

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