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The REAL Reason Tiger Woods Only Banged White Chicks

The story of the year will no doubt be the one that's been in the news every day in the last few months - Tiger Woods. We all know that he first banged a pole with a black car, then banged many white chicks (no Poles) with his black dick. But why the fascination with white laydeez? What's wrong with a bit of flava from a sista? Why no go with chick from Me-hee-co? Why no cavity invasion w...

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Reasons To Admire Simon Cowell.

* He wears the same crap, but always looks good in it * He's a heavy smoker. After each act, he goes out for one (I've seen it!) * He tends to have hot chicks around him * He made music for Zig and Zag * He's fucking loaded * He's as sharp as a fucking chef's knife. Fellas - learn from him * He makes life difficult for Louis and Cheryl * Everyone is a little shit-scared of him. Be honest!...

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Cheryl Cole - Reasons She Will Never Stop Being A Chav

Funny story: Cheryl Cole - Reasons She Will Never Stop Being A Chav

1. She wore a stupid skull number when visiting pikie capital South Shields 2. She dresses likea 14 year old girl who's just been shopping for herself for the 1st time 3. She beats up other women in nightclubs 4. She married a footballer - a totally cheap & chavvy thing to do 5. She has a stupid accent that you cannot take seriously. 6. She can't sing, and is only famous for hav...

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8 Reasons To Love Tiger Woods

Funny story: 8 Reasons To Love Tiger Woods

(Defecated News) 8 - His job is pretty boring so life at home should be 'exciting' 7 - He dresses like a geek, and we all love geeks, right? 6 - He has very white teeth - how lovely 5 - He can still find reasons to fuck other women even when his wife is HOT BEYOND BELIEF! 4 - He shaves with Gilette, apparently, and obviously that is the 'best that man get get'. 3 - He's called Tig...

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Feminism Bites Itself In The Bum?

Funny story: Feminism Bites Itself In The Bum?

Feminism has struggled (rightly) to do more for the equality of women in a modern, fair society. However it would appear that the meaning of the cause has been lost. Many modern feminist now feel it is their duty to ridicule, de-masculanise and disrespect what 'being a man' stands for. When was the last time you saw a woman's TV show? And a man's TV show? Exactly. Feminism has also meant th...

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Top 5 Hypocritical Bastards

(Defecated News) We love to hate them, but some turn it into an art form. Saying one thing, but doing the total opposite, and normally fucking innocent people over in the process. Here's my TOP 5 HYPOCRITICAL BASTARDS list: 5) BONO - jets around in big planes, but complains about governments doing the same. Twat. 4) ISLAM - Literally means 'religion of peace' - yeah, right! 3) DIAN...

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Tiger Woods - The Infamous 'Sex SMS' - EXCLUSIVE

Funny story: Tiger Woods - The Infamous 'Sex SMS' - EXCLUSIVE

(Defecated News) We've been waiting weeks for the details, and it didn't appear likely that we'd even find out what exactly was said between Tiger Woods and the secret lady only known as 'The Ninth Hole'. But devoted reporters from The Spoof have cleverly bribed Mr Woods' cellphone company for transcripts - and here they are folks! Fuck, Yeah!! 'TW' - how r u? xxx TW :-) '9H' - fine. u? X...

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Putin Hacked The Emmys

NBC, ABC, and CBS all claim that Russian President Putin hacked the Emmy Award computers, to explain how unknown, barely-viewed shows on Netflix and HBO could win so many awards.
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