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Saturday, 12 March 2011


The story you are trying to access may cause offense, may be in poor taste, or may contain subject matter of a graphic nature. This story was written as a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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image for Common-sensism the new global political agenda otherwise called "Global insanity!" I promise, he has nothing to do with this crap!

Warning: The readers of this particular "majestic mental magazine madness" could well become infected by the disease, the author accepts no responsibility: Please read with care.

The new political agenda about to crush everything in it's path, like a Japanese tsunami (sorry), that happened before, is about to take the globe by the balls and result in the ultimate revolution and nothing will ever be the same again, amen.

It's called common-sensism, not communism, socialism, conservat-ism, republic-ism, democrat-ism, dictator-ism, totalitar-ism and the rest of the political agenda that has failed to cure the ills of mankind.

To begin with we will study 10 random aspects of has-been political behaviour and offer a totally alternative solution in the name of common-sensism, here we go:

1) Challenging natural disasters with common-sensism (red-hot "nuclear" theme at this very moment)

Common-sensism would stop nations spending trillions of their wealth on defence systems for defending against who? Instead those billions would be spent upon flood barriers, safe housing, safety systems, etc, in vulnerable areas.

Status-quo response: Proving that the common-sensism is complete and utter madness and whoever suggests such bullshit should be locked up in a padded cell!

2) Common-sensism would build solar-cells on the roofs of every single vehicle that comes off of the production line (the technology is available)?

Status-quo response: Totally imbecilic Utopian madness according to BP, Exxon, Shell, Gazprom, etc: "We are greedy bastards who only want to rape the planet of every drop of oil and Gas there is and have just sent our secret service to annihilate the author of this bullshit."

3) Common-sensism would implement the introduction of delicious soya-based products to stop the over-production of pumped-up with hormones animals for human consumption allowing those animals to live a normal life and to be consumed/slaughtered in a normal fashion!

Status-quo response: Macdonalds have also sent their SS around to stuff the author of this insanity like a turkey at Christmas!

4) Common-sensism would stop all corruption in politics, banking, globalism and reduce the salaries of the bent bastards manipulating the worlds economy to a sustainable level.

Status-quo response: Now that is really below the belt and totally out of f++k++g order, how could anyone ever suggest such bullshit, shoot the imbecile!

5) Common-sensism would re-cycle the wealth created by global multi-billionaire companies and the private billions gained through those and others who rule the planet, using the nonsensical amounts of company/private capital to alleviate world-wide poverty and famines.

Staus-quo response: "Now he's really f++k++g lost it, I need a ten million buck yacht arsehole!" Statement from a corrupt banker who created the financial melt-down and done a "runner".

6) Common-sensism would sustain the environment in a sensible and balanced fashion; utilising tax-payers money to create sensible, environmentally friendly places of work and halt the immediate raping of the earth's natural resources.

Status-quo response: "Lock this crazy bastard up!"

7) Common-sensism would stop all multi-billion waste-of-space, space programmes immediately; what the fuck do humans want out there anyway: The earth is the most beautiful planet in the solar system and has enough resources and natural beauty for every single person on the planet to enjoy if utilised correctly.

Status-quo response: "Call Mr Spock and beam this mega-maniac-up Scotty!"

8) Common-sensism would introduce birth-control programmes and educate those countries who are by far the poorest on the planet who produce too many unwanted children due to ignorance and an uncontrollable abuse of their natural sexual drives!

Status-quo response: "STRAIGHT JACKET HERE, HE'S LOST HIS MA-BALLS, Ouch!"

9) Common-sensism would stop poor immigrants attempting to invade the richer areas of the world by investing all of the billions spent on weapons used to slaughter each other by power-crazed dictators and terrorist groups.

Status-quo response: Idi Amin or Mugabe would have done a grand job on the author of this crap!

10) Common-sensism would scrap all religious groups who are constently misusing their positions to gain power over their innocent victims (especially Catholics and extreme Muslim madness?), free the world from the bondage of such activities and allow the worlds population to enjoy the real God of everything, Mother Nature!

Status-quo response: OK, OK, enough is enough, hang-draw and quarter this imbecilic maniac; lock him up with Charles Manson in San Quentin and let him have a shower with the rest of the Pyscho's!

Urgent message: Dear Readers I regret to report that Jaggedone has been dragged away in a straight-jacket last seen attempting to kick the shit out of a passing paedophile Catholic priest who attempted to commit an exorcism on the lunatic, reported by his hysterical, very sane missus, Mrs. Jaggedone!

PS: If any of the readers of this nonsense wish to study these subjects seriously, the author is about to come out from behind his alias and write a serious manuscript pertaining to "Common-sensism", it will be ready at the end of 2011; meanwhile....... back to the madness seriously!

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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