Written by Lance.D.Boyle

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Readers, this is one story that has changed my life, my values and my ideas of reality..

On the evening of the full moon, Sunday 13th around 11.30pm I received an anonymous call, which led to a meeting in a scant, dark alley in the seedy side of West L.A.

There as I waited, listening to my own heartbeat amongst the street sounds of human despair, a chill came over the alleyway, it began from the soles of my boots then gradually permeated my body before filling the alley..

A mist rose to about thigh high making my arthritic knee ache as I tried to adjust my bodyweight and even though the temperature had dropped so that a puff of mist gathered after each exhalation of breath, sweat trickled down my spine and beads formed on my temples. My eyes struggled to make form in the darkness, and I felt myself blinking erratically, tears formed at the corner of my eyes.

Afraid to go any further into the abyss, I allowed the flickering light of a neon to strike the side of my face, it's beat not synchronized with my heart gave a kind of confused message to my cerebral cortex. The fight or flight reflex tore at my mind and my chilled thighs felt like jelly and I doubt I could have run anyway.

I stared into the intense darkness.

At first I began to squint trying to make out shapes or something, anything, my mind began to toy with impossible shadows, my ears strained which only made my heart sound like a bass drum, and my body pulsed with each beat my heart pumped.

I was sure I could hear something, I wanted to see I glared into the misty darkness and slowly a form began to appear. It seemed massive compared to my shaking frail human frame, I wanted to run but my boots seemed riveted to the oily black pavement, I felt a warm release in my crotch

and down my right leg, my sock filled with warmth and my knee ached.

The figure approaching me seemed to have too many legs, I shuddered uncontrollably, bright spots flickered in my vision and my head began to swirl, just as I thought I was at the point of collapse..a clarity overcame me.

A calmness overwhelmed my being....

The fear abated, I felt suddenly elated almost in rapture, my heart slowed, my breathing returned to calm and normal, I had stopped shaking though my sock was still warm and damp.

I stared in disbelief at his height and the sheer size and strength of his being, the neon continued to flicker, shining a hypnotic beat onto his long black leather coat, and displaying an aura like light around him, at his side were two huge grey-brown wolves, they seemed as big as ponies, but had the demeanor of labradors, his dark wraparound glasses reflected my image back at me like some wide screen movie. His close cropped hair highlighted his strong muscular face, and with a flick of his hand that startled me, forcing me to blink and suck a breath, his coat opened to reveal blood red lining. The handle of a sword caught the neon...I was standing before none other than the legendary "BLADE!"

In a voice that was as mellow and smooth as malt but seemed to resonate in my body cavity he spoke.

"Glad you could come Lance"

All the fear had gone and I was overcome by a calm and a total feeling of reassurance.

He asked our conversation remain off the record, but he agreed I could record it for reference purposes.

He spoke for nearly an hour, I listened. Then he allowed me to ask questions.

I asked about the twilight vampires, with a shrug

he replied there would be no more Twilight style vampires he, had disposed of them in one swipe, they had been inferior creatures possessing neither male, female nor animal instincts, he likened them to school bullies who pushed around the smaller weaker kids, but were in themselves weak.

The males had been cast out by other vampires because of their overtly effeminate DNA and in fact the only two from the whole clan that he had spared were two wolves that were now his 'lap dogs'.

He spoke of his concern for humanity's growing love affair with the deliberate wrong doers, it's passion for hollow celebrities who were talentless and vulgar, it's re-election of corrupt leaders, and his general disappointment in the direction of the planets leadership and the naivety and ignorance of its populations.

He claimed that these people were a far more insidious malady than vampires could ever be.

I dared to ask him of his own recent indiscretions (the tax thing) and he declared that he had taken his eye off the ball and broken the law, because he was affected by his own celebrity, but he had paid his dues and this enforced his view that as a role model he had to lift his game. He suspected that he may have also been made an example of for his error.

He placed his hand on my shoulder, I felt it's weight but at the same time a lightness overcame my soul, I could feel his eyes penetrating my skull as he spoke "Always use your gifts for the good of humanity and ask how you can be of assistance before asking of your gain." With that he turned and slipped back into the darkness.

I turned and noticed no pain in my knee I bent it a few times and it worked just fine, and I didn't feel fearful at all now, I strutted back out into the night affected but confident that there was still some superheroes out there working for the good of humanity.

Lance D Boyle

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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