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Friday, 9 October 2009

An inspector calls by J. B. Priestley makes people think about one an other, not about social status but society as a whole. If we do not take care of one and other there will be "fire and blood and anguish" a lesson that could well be learned from the 8,000,000 people that died in World War 1 and also the 39,963,700 that died in World War 2.

The play contains a lot of suspense that goes continuously throughout the entire performance. It starts off with not that much suspense on act 1 but by act 3 there is suspense by something as little as the nearby phone ringing and they act all tense and nervous which makes me wonder why. A few minutes ago they were all happy and glad that the inspector was an apparent fake and now there back to quaking in their boots from a phone call that might have been made by the postman for all they know.

The play itself was set in the year 1912 when there is such discrimination between classes that the rich treat the poor a bit like the Ku Klux Klan would treat Barack Obama if he decided to visit one of their meetings. The Birlings (more Mr. and Mrs. Birling than the other members of the family and Gerald Croft) are particularly guilty of this it's like were from Venus and their from Mars. By that I mean they have no form of life inside their cold minds and you would be burned should you go anywhere near them as the working class. Sheila and Eric are the only people apart from the inspector who seemed to care about Eva Smith's suicide and that's one of the reasons I like only them plus the inspector.

Shortly after the beginning of the play Mr. Birling makes a speech about a load of nonsense like the titanic being unsinkable and the fact World War 1 would not happen. It's clever because he's so far from the truth it's almost comically amusing. But It does do one thing and make the audience wonder…if Mr. Birling is wrong about this what else could he be wrong about?

The suicide victim Eva Smith seems to have been linked to everyone in the play apart from the inspector. At one point I thought the maid might walk in and turned out to have known Eva Smith as her primary school buddy or something but sadly that didn't happen. Mr. Birling sacked Eva Smith after she asked for a small pay increase and then going on strike when Mr. Birling said no and gave what he thought to be a good enough reason why. He could have just pretended to consider it and draw a few charts to explain why he could or could not do it and then maybe they wouldn't have gone on strike in the 1st place.

Mrs. Birling can only be described by 7 words but sadly I can't say any of them in this essay. She treats the lower classes (mainly working class) like a monkey that's escaped from the zoo. She acts stupidly when Mr. Birling compliments the cook at the beginning of the play by saying "you're not supposed to say such things" evidently because it might make the cook feel important for 5 seconds which of course isn't allowed in this time in history since the lower class are not even permitted to clean the upper classes shoes with their tongues for nourishment in Mrs. Birlings perspectives which makes everyone automatically hate her with a passion. And when Eva smith was appealing a case in front of the bint of the year awards lead by Mrs. Birling who quickly turned Eva down because she thought her case wasn't acceptable it made many of the readers want to throw Mrs. Birling in the path of a speeding train.

Sheila Birling got Eva Smith sacked after Eva laughed at Sheila when she was wearing a god awful hat the wrong way round and Sheila got upset at it. I don't see why Sheila got annoyed I personally think she would look better in a hoodie but since hoodies were not around at that time I don't see why she wanted a hat in the 1st place, why cant she just buy some vision impairing Kanye west sunglasses…maybe then she will have better taste because she cant actually see them.

Gerald Croft did not know who the inspector was talking about at the beginning of the play but as soon as he found out Eva Smith's name changed to Daisy Renton he gave himself away and as it turns out he was being nice to Daisy and due to quote "no fault of his own" she became his mistress and he blew her off a little while later for no adequate reason except he might have thought the relationship was a little unfair on Sheila. Gee I wonder what gave him that idea!?!?

Eric Birling who drinks about half a gallon of brandy every nano-second turns out to have met Eva Smith and got her pregnant through no fault of his own I'm sure. And slept with her a number of times before Eva told him and then he tried to steal money fomr Mr. Birling and took £50 which in those days would be equal to about £10,000. not exactly something you find in the middle of the road just lying around is it…and Mr. Birling is understandably annoyed at this and says he is going to make Eric work like a dog to get that money back…at this point I assume he means work hard and not spend his days playing fetch and licking his masters shoes every 5 minutes.

And finally the noble inspector himself giving off an impression of authority and dignity even if he tripped and face planted into the door on his way out. He takes it in turn to question everyone seperately which makes the most logical sense but for all the members of the family know he might be showing them different pictures. he is cunning with a lot of things and the speech he made just before he left the Birlings about Fire, Blood and Anguish strangely reminded me of the pope for some reason.

Throughout the play the characters exchange gestures and glances so regularly that it wouldn't surprise me if they all swivelled round to glance horrified at the inspector if he so much as broke wind in their presence. It's very effective for the 1st few times but after a while i wouldn't even make a half assed attempt to look surprised, i'd just go along with it saying things like "will that's no big surprize NOW is it..."

Overall i think the characters in the story suck a big fat Cocksickle. and should be sent to the deepest layers of hell, exept for the inspector and sheila and eric.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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