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image for Episode Four of of Republican's Island: The Bobby Gin Doll Offshore Bobby' offshored thousands of jobs from his state of Louisiana

The story so far. Micheal Steele and band of trusty Republicans were evicted from Park Place on Fantasy Island. They sailed off on the S.S. Minnow, Bernie Madoff's old yacht and got into a terrible storm. The ship was beached on Republican island and has been setting up camp for the past weekend.

The RNC has it first strategy meeting and decide to rename the "Party of No" the 'Party of Perhaps. '

Michael Steele, the condescending millionaire, notices that Bachagain, Michelle Bachman, is playing with a voodoo doll and sticking pins in it.

What are you doing, Bachagain?" asked the millionaire.

"Oh, nothing," said Bachagain trying to hide the voodoo doll.

Steele asked her, "Is that a Bobby Gin Doll?"

"Uh, no," said Bachagain.

Steele grabbed the doll from her and looked at it. He then handed the doll back to Bachagain. Michele, "You should be ashamed for sticking pins in a Republican goober-nor. Shame on you. Why did you do this," exclaimed Steele.

"Well, Bobby is a Mexican. I have also heard he isn't Christian," blurted out Bachagain.

"No," said Micheal Steele, Bobby has Indian ancestry and his father was a physicist.

Bachagain asked, "If Bobby is a native American, why isn't he on a reservation? "

Oh, Bachagain you are so dense. Bobby is from India is Asia. Said Steele.

"Well," said Bachagain, "Then he must be a Hindoo, I've heard his real name is 'Piyush,' not 'Bobby.'"

Steele said the goobernors real name was, in fact, Piyush. He changed it to Bobby because he liked one of the characters on the Brady Bunch. In addition, all of the kids on the playground said 'Piyush" was a gay name.

Bachagain started putting more needles in the doll. Michael Steele asked her again, "Why are you doing that?"

Bachagain stated that is Bobby is an Indian, he must be a Hindoo and worship Lord Vishnu, the god with the blue skin.

"No," said Micheal Steele. "Please get me some water, Bachagain as he sat down."

As Bachagain left, Michael Steele wondered how the people of Minnesota had reelected her.

When Bachagain returned, Steele explained that Bobby had converted to Roman Catholicism when he was 16.

See, said Bachagain, I knew he was a hindoo. You can never get the "dew" out of a Hindu. So Bobby says he is Roman Catholic now, isn't that special" exactly like you would expect a church lady to say it.

Well, said Steele, Bobby is good Republican. He has offshored thousands of jobs from his state of Louisiana. He is an up and comer in the GOP. We even call him 'Offshore Bobby' inside of the party.

Oh, said Bachagain. Well, then he must be a Christian. She started to pull all of the pins out of the Bobby Gin doll.

Suddenly announcement came over the radio that Barack Obama wanted to end the tax breaks for companies that were off shoring American jobs.

"Oh no' said Michael Steele. "This isn't good news. "

Well, what do you expect from a Black Muslim that goes to Louis Farrakhan's mosque.

Michael Steel was speechless.

Next episode: A president is elected on Republican's island

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