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Saturday, 23 August 2014


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image for Satan and Hollywood Walken Playing Lucifer... or Vice Versa.

Satan Conference in Hollywood.

On this occasion, The Prince of Darkness used actor Christopher Walken as his channel. After a little dance routine, to the immense amusement of the packed audience, Mr. Walken took up position on his golden throne centre-stage looking resplendent in a tux, and fingering a gold-topped malacca. He mopped his sweating forehead with a red, silk hankie before beginning:
"I had intended to use Robin Williams this time around... but... I ran out of... patience. (Laughter). Conflicting reports of how Mister Robbins died,... drugs, sex, depression, old age, debt,... impotence,....... dissatisfaction over his roles, and finally, Parkinson's disease, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera... were very well deployed but... not... very original. Most confusing... even for me. (Laughter).

Our beloved Lodge Hollywood is the fantasy fix for the planet is it not? Surely, you can do better when it comes to explaining away your gifts to me. Anyway, I am thrilled to see you all could make it. The roads are truly treacherous this time of year. (Laughter) A special thanks to Quentin in his endless mission to trash human life as they know it so that we can kill more Muggles more readily with least resistance.

Destroying all resistance, or even the will towards it, is what we are all about, is it not? Give me two more Tarantinos and all this "Planet Earth" nonsense would be done and dusted in a week.

I am also happy to say that we have gone far in desensitizing the Sheeple and getting them to believe ANYTHING goes. My congratulations. Youth happily are no longer in touch with their intelligence, instincts, feelings, intuitions, self-worth, (laughter) identity, or any other human attribute they thought was inviolable. We have even prepared them for chipping by making them wear bits of metal on their bodies. How clever is that?

It is truly a wonder why they bother even to get out of their beds of a morning. (Laughter). Unless, of course, it be to to feed on the addictive bullshit we have weaned them on since birth via our loyal media. That is all good, if you will excuse the pun. I am confident now, most people, young and old, could watch a video of their own mothers being gang-raped in a snuff movie without turning a hair. (Loud laughter).

Our goal, of course, is to get the Sheeple to ASK us to kill them; and, I have to say, we are making great strides in this direction. Thanks to Google, we also have... finally... full... charac... ter... profiles of all Muggles via Twitter and Facebook etc so that they have nowhere to hide. Once we have them, they are ours for life. "Chipping, tailored to fit", you could say. (Much laughter). We might even be able to give them choices. (Laughter). Minimum control by us of body and soul for a modest fee versus maximum control for free. Duh? Which would you choose? (Loud laughter).

Muggles love multiple choices (laughter) as we have been brainwashing them for years via quiz shows and the like. To be rich all you need to do is answer the question correctly... especially when asked by a cop. (loud laughter). More demoralizing Country and Music records and more castrating Rap songs, all of them about how he-she cannot live without love and all that nauseating, repetitive twaddle that nobody with any sort of a decent income could ever subscribe too... and we may be there sooner than we think, allied, of course, with our real business of killing as many people as we can all over the world and seizing the natural resources of their countries.

Julian Assange is on his way to our net, on schedule. So, on that happy note, let us toast our loyal subject Steven Spielberg for keeping the lie of 'justice' (loud laughter) alive and preparing the stage for our best idea yet... invasion by aliens. (Loud laughter). Yes,... I know,... but, if it looks like a flying saucer, flies like a flying saucer... and quacks like a flying saucer then... (Audience cries out in one voice..."It is a flying saucer"!) (Satan laughs.). But, enough of that... that is our little surprise. (Laughter).

Having created our Mind-Control Lab that the Sheeple call "Hollywood" I have to say that we must update its image a tad. It is too tame. Much... too... tame. The celebrity-sacrifices to me, for which I am humbly grateful, are without imagination. Too many "found dead in their apartments" drivel "surrounded by prescription drugs", like Monroe and Ledger; or dumb accidents like Holden, Mansfield and Dean. I mean... even I... "The Father of Lies" can see through all that! (Laughter)

We need to "imagine better" as my daughter J.k. Rowling put it, if we are to get maximum Sheeple attention. We need to glamorize the industry with more danger and dread. When we decided, many years ago, on the basis of our psychological findings to institute TERROR as a permanent feature of the prevaling psyche, we have failed to use it.

In future, I want my sacrifices to jump off the Empire State Building in flames or disappear in a crocodile infested river in Australia... that sort of thing. We need something on the terrorist level of gas chambers. Aids did not work as we expected... and... a similar E... bola is not quite hacking it, but you get my drift. This will improve the image of Hollywood and help us to... take... control. Here's to the New World Order! (Laughter).

So ended the meeting, held this year, as in every other year, at the Bohemian Grove, California with George Bush, as always, running the bar.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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