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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Yazidi of Iraq, now threatened of genocide, believe that God first created Angel Tavoos. Next, Adam. Then, God ordered all angels including Tavoos to bow to Adam.

Tavoos refused, saying, "How can I bow to another being, especially one made of dirt." Regardless of what we read in religious books, it seems that man is an imperfect creature.

Scientifically, man needs much more time before becoming an acceptable creature. Man should have been an assistant to Nature, not against Nature. E. E. Cummings, poet, 1894-1962, wrote 'when serpents bargain for the right to squirm'. The last stanza:

when the oak begs permission of the birch
to make an acorn-valleys accuse their
mountains of having altitude-and march
denounces april as a saboteur

then we'll believe in that incredible
unanimal mankind(and not until)

Cummings considers human beings 'unanimal'. Of course, there are some nice people around the world, but there are plenty of unanimals like ISIS. Reuters reported, Aug 10, 2014: "Islamic State militants have killed at least 500 members of Iraq's Yazidi minority in northern Iraq, burying some of their victims alive and kidnapping hundreds of women,..."

Perhaps it was wrong to take away instinct from man. It takes centuries before man can behave like a proper animal, let alone human.

Definitely, ISIS is not the first or the last. There are more to it, but worse is the existence of some so-called civilized people who created Mujaheding, Al-qaedah, Taliban, ISIS, exactly like the story of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Anyway, these various strain of ISIS or rather grotesque humanoids are operating around the oil wells or poppy plantations. Certainly, ISIS creatures are sub-humans. Whatever; but we do know the creation of these humanoids began in 1979.

It was Christmas 1979 when USSR invaded Afghanistan, lasting a decade, 1979-1989, In that very year, and after removal of King Zahir Shah, a pillar of stability, Russian paratroopers landed in the capital of Afghanistan. The prime minister of the time was Hazifullah Amin who led a communist based government. He died the same year, 1979. He vainly tried to modernize Afghanistan. Naturally, the backward people of Afghanistan were outraged. Some Muslim leaders were arrested; many fled to the mountains.

Simultaneously, the USA successfully asked Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, China and others to support a USA's strategy to stop USSR invasion. Of course, USSR did not like losing its communist proxy in Afghanistan.

USA and its allies recruited Mujahideen fighters who finally captured Kabul1992. Now, the grotesque humanoid creature, or rather a different faction of Mujahideen was born! Afghanistan descended into a bloody civil war. In 1994, another humanoid creature was born, Taliban. They were most fundamentalist Sunni Mullah students, or rather the ISIS ot the time, known as Taliban. Taliban is the plural of Talabah, meaning Islamist student. They marched into Kabul in 1996 exactly like present ISIS in Mosel.

This Afghan ISIS did not share power with Jamiat-e Islami who participated in the defeat of the Soviet Army during the 1980s. Then we hear of a faction called Northern Alliance. Northern Alliance clashed with Taliban, backed by al-Qaeda, another ISIS. Ironically, Moscow decided to provide support for the Northern Alliance. However, Taliban and their al-Qaeda provided training and sanctuary for Chechen rebels whom USSR, oops, Russia considers as a threat.

Ironically, Russia became a major supplier of military equipment to the Afghan government, paid in US dollars. Of course, Russia does not want Afghanistan to become a safe haven for Chechen terrorists.

No problem! Russians suffered 14,453 casualties. Definitely, ISIS oops, Taliban can provided compensation if Russia asked for it. Formula for calculation is simple:14,453 times100, times the price of one camel, as blood money. Between 850,000 to 1,500,000 Afghans died in the conflict. 5-10 million Afghans have fled to Pakistan and Iran.

Hillary Clinton at a congressional hearing, April 24, 2014, has said: "Let's remember here... the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago... and we did it because we were locked in a struggle with the Soviet Union.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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