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Emmanuel Macron Doesn’t Speak Trumpish

Anyone notice, French President Emmanuel Macron speaks better English than Donald Trump? And no superlatives necessary...Sad!
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A Day in the life - Tom from Myspace

Hello, You may remember me. You know you do? Tom? Tom from Myspace? I was your friend. I was everyone's friend on Myspace? Myspace? You must remember Myspace? Before Facebook? Before Selfies? Before Trump? Before Brexit? Before the Kardashian? What is wrong with you? Are you some type of Millenial? No, I was important to Generation X'rs. You don't what a Generation Xr is? No, well ask you...

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How to Deprogram A Trump Follower

Funny story: How to Deprogram A Trump Follower

Current event followers of U.S. news realize that no matter what President Donald Trump does, there is a core following of Trumps that will justify whatever he does. For instance, evangelical ministers excuse his infedelities. What causes this blindness to the truth? Experts are saying that it is akin to a cult following. For instance, what are the signs of cult worship? The first one is us...

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Silver Bells and a Derringer

Funny story: Silver Bells and a Derringer

Silver bells at Christmas no longer have that same old ring to them, at least not for me. Especially a set of bells packed with a Derringer. Yep, that's right - a Derringer! The trouble began a month ago when my wife and I had another argument. Once again, she was complaining that I didn't spend enough time with her, give her enough attention, or consider her feelings - yada, yada, yada. She w...

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Melania Pens Trump's Resignation Speech

Funny story: Melania Pens Trump's Resignation Speech

Donald, see my suggested speech below for when you resign. I saw it somewhere and all I had to do was change a few words around. I think it's sounds good: At a moment when it seems that our democracy is more defined by our discord and our dysfunction than by our own values and principles, let me begin by noting the somewhat obvious point that these offices that we hold are not ours indefinite...

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Bitcoin Named Hottest 2017 Christmas Present

Funny story: Bitcoin Named Hottest 2017 Christmas Present

Forget cabbage patch dolls, Barbie, hoverboards and Gameboys. The hottest gift for 2017 is Bitcoin. Whether you buy an entire Bitcoin (USD $10,000 at press time) or the smallest of increments, every kid (and adult) wants this exciting stocking stuffer. Bitcoins are purchased on Coinbase, an exchange for cryptocurrency. You can download Coinbase easily on your iPhone, transfer cash by credit...

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Halloween Tech

Funny story: Halloween Tech

It's Halloween morning. You're curled up in bed reading a book on your new Kindle. It's light as a feather and holds tons of books. Ah, the new technology. Isn't it wonderful? You get up and head to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice. Eek! There is none. Thank goodness you invested in a "smart" refrigerator, programmed to automatically inventory and re-order some basic items. You g...

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Interview With Xenu

Funny story: Interview With Xenu

Interviewer: Thank you for consenting to this interview. Xenu: Well, I don’t get a lot of requests, seeing as I’m chained to this mountain and have been for 75 million years or so. Interviewer: Yes, I didn’t want to bring it up unless you did, but apparently you wanted to solve your overpopulation problem and gathered up the excess people, froze them, and put them in a rocket ship that was...

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Kim Jong-Un Will Not Allow North Korea Christmas Unless He Can Be " Christmas Kim"

Funny story: Kim Jong-Un Will Not Allow North Korea Christmas Unless He Can Be " Christmas Kim"

Pyongang, North Korea In a move which surprised no one, Kim Jong Un announced that there would be no singing or drinking allowed on Christmas Day. There would also be no joy or happiness allowed on December 25. Most of the North Koreans figured it was just business as usual. But they found out how serious it was when new rules were posted: 1. First instance of singing or drinking would be...

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