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Trump denies rumours of doppelganger

President Donald J Trump has denied rumours that a doppelganger has been utilised for public appearances while his real self was on a ventilator in a New York Hospital. "Fake news!" cried Trump.

written by whatinthe world, 22 October 2020

Boris likes working blue

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted to telling "blue" jokes when he was ten years old. "As a matter of fact do you want hear one I made up about President Trump?" Johnson teased.

written by whatinthe world, 08 September 2020

Boyle flying to moon

Singer Susan Boyle has been selected as the first civilian to fly to the moon and return to Earth. No one has the heart to really tell her that it will be a one-way trip. She's not coming back home.

written by whatinthe world, 25 August 2020

Flagstaff to go it alone

People living in Flagstaff Arizona have decided to form their own independent nation and leave the Union. They have a separate constitution, flag and pledge of allegiance. However, no free wi fi!!!

written by whatinthe world, 21 August 2020

Treasury under the pump

The head of Treasury in the United States has become the victim of a Presidential executive order. The order sought that the Treasurer " and let me run the country". His word is final.

written by whatinthe world, 20 August 2020

Trump does a number on Biden

In a Trumpian move unprecedented like no other, Donald J Trump has sent a chill up Democratic Party members spine concerning Joe Biden's citizenship. Trump says Biden is a German born national.

written by whatinthe world, 20 August 2020

Tunnel was a harmless attempt to travel this man said

A Connecticut man has built a tunnel from his home to the nearest bank. Police believe he foolishly thought he could avoid parking hassles and travel direct to the bank. He didn't consider theft ever.

written by whatinthe world, 19 August 2020

Butcher creates history

A butcher from Huddersfield UK has produced the biggest lamb shank in history, weighing 47 kilos. Next he wants to eat it all by himself proving what a greedy SOB he really is.

written by whatinthe world, 19 August 2020

Billionaire funds billionaire

Eccentric reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes is believed to be bank rolling the Presidential campaign of Donald J Trump.
Hughes has wired millions to Trump's coffins for nearly ten years or so.

written by whatinthe world, 16 August 2020

Jimmy is a rocking winner

Ex US President Jimmy Carter has broken the world record for the greatest number of rocks in a rocking chair on his front porch. A new rock star is born.

written by whatinthe world, 15 August 2020

Sewer man emerges from crap swim

A Chicago man has become the first human to "swim" the entire length of New York City's sewer line. When asked what it was like he replied saying it was a "s...ty" experience. No one disagreed.

written by whatinthe world, 15 August 2020

Truck driver has a cure for Corona

A cure for Covid 19 has been discovered by an interstate truck driver in Gary,Indiana. He put together the contents of a Coke can and skunk urine in a potient that once sipped annihilates the virus.

written by whatinthe world, 14 August 2020

Damn that little drug house on the prarie

A possible cast reunion of hit TV show Little House on the Prairie has been halted by some concerned viewers who thought that the program promoted drugs and liberal lifestyles. Well bake me some beans

written by whatinthe world, 13 August 2020

Biden learns a thing or two from his future Veep

New Democratic Vice President candidate Minnie Mouse has allegedly taught Joe Biden how to tie his shoe laces while sitting down. People are seeing this as a major step forward in political history.

written by whatinthe world, 13 August 2020

Beware of porkers

A Kansas farmer has been attacked by a herd of pigs who strung his limp body from a windmill. People want to know if this is ham acting or something more sinister.

written by whatinthe world, 12 August 2020

Trump to get a visit

Speaker of the House of Representatives on Capital Hill, Nancy Pelosi, has organised a deputation of Black Lives Matter campaigners to visit President Trump to seek his immediate resignation.Good luck

written by whatinthe world, 10 August 2020

Another TV show reunion sunk

Fans of TV show How I Met Your Mother have been left disappointed by the cancellation of a cast reunion."Too bad!" was the reaction of one former star."Eat my dust" he added. Oh my my!

written by whatinthe world, 10 August 2020

Happy Days no more

News that a possible "Happy Days" cast reunion was in the offing have been denied by leading actor (now director) Ron Howard. "I'm not doing any shitty reunion with those losers" he cried. He's angry.

written by whatinthe world, 10 August 2020

Doctors doing it for themselves

Doctors all over the country have banded together to record a song for all the people affected by the virus.Called "Let's Go To Fiji", the song has had mixed reactions from critics and senior press.

written by whatinthe world, 29 July 2020

Bad hair not fair

People of the town Wilmington Delaware have chosen to build a set of stocks to punish any citizen who breaches their strict rules on good hair presentation. Any body with messy hair will be punished.

written by whatinthe world, 29 July 2020

Bostonian spending spree

A Boston survivor of Covid-19 has bought $40 billion worth of real estate in the Hollywood Hills. Why? "I've beaten Covid so now I'm going to beat the taxman." The IRS have his address.

written by whatinthe world, 28 July 2020

Melania is angry

Melania Trump has decided that living with twelve guinea pigs, six bunny rabbits and a poodle is too much. She wants Donald to replace all his staff for the good of both their states of mental health.

written by whatinthe world, 28 July 2020

Trump goes oddball

President Donald J Trump will, from tomorrow, wear a Ku Klux Klan outfit as a means of annoying Black Lives Matter protestors. Trump has a reelection strategy that is completely unprecedented.

written by whatinthe world, 28 July 2020

Plumbing mistake

A plumber has become the victim of his own work after he managed to fall into a latrine and was duly sucked into the sewer pipe. He is now somewhere in the north Atlantic Ocean.

written by whatinthe world, 27 July 2020

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