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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Achieves Orgasm

Ultra-Conservative Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says she achieved an orgasm last night as she was listening to Rush Limbaugh. "I really enjoyed it", Brewer stated.

written by NickFun, 16 May 2013

Stock Market Crashes

The NASDAQ stock market dropped nearly 8000 points in heavy trading yesterday but the only ones affected were the very wealthy as no one else had any money to begin with, according to sources.

written by NickFun, 06 May 2013

NickFun Writes Two Snippets

Former Spoof writer NickFun returned briefly to The Spoof to write a couple of Snippet stories. "I would comment on this but I'm almost out of room", Fun stated.

written by NickFun, 21 April 2013

Congress Admits It Knows Nothing

In a rare admission, Congressional leaders held a special session to address their own incompetence on every subject and admitted they knew very little, if anything, about anything.

written by NickFun, 17 April 2013

NickFun Returns With Snippet

After swearing to never write for The Spoof again, Spoof writer NickFun posted an impromptu snippet on the site this afternoon. "I just want to express appreciation to" -- damned, I'm out of space.

written by NickFun, 05 July 2010

Queen Mudder Writing Small Snippets

Very small. Like this one.

written by NickFun, 05 February 2010

David zHasselhof released from Hospital

David Hasselhoff was released from hospital today and celebrated his freedom with two bottles of vodka and a fifth of gin, according to sources.

written by NickFun, 30 November 2009

Ex-President Bush seeks Friends

Former President George W. Bush is seeking a new friend. To become Bush's friend qualified applicants are asked to send an email to: Applicants must be fluent in Bullshit.

written by NickFun, 03 November 2009

Republicans Wish for Poor to Die

Republican lawmakers all agreed today that it would be best if all the poor, uninsured people in the U.S. simply died and left health care for those who can afford it.

written by NickFun, 13 October 2009

Ex-President Bush Seeks New Friends

Former President George W Bush announced today that he would like some new friends and will be accepting applications. "Everyone hates me!" Bush lamented.

written by NickFun, 13 October 2009

Bush Remembers 9/11

Former President Bush fondly recalled 9/11/2001. "I'll never forget the looks on those kids faces as I read to them", Bush recalled.

written by NickFun, 07 October 2009

Spoof writer NickFun claims that snippets do not offer enough space

Spoof writer NickFun insisted today that the Spoof's snippet section is too small. "I want more snippet space!" Fun declared. Spoof editor Mark Lowton said "Tell Fun to go fuc

written by NickFun, 03 September 2009

Obama Trades In Presidential Limo in Cash for Clunkers

To take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers program, President Obama has traded in the Presidential limosine for a Chevy Volt, according to sources. The Volt allegedly gets 2,600 MPG.

written by NickFun, 15 August 2009

Georgia Teen Has No Interest In Miley Cyrus

15 year old Paul Benjamin says that he has no sexual interest in Miley Cyrus. "I'm 15 and my hormones are raging. But if she shows up in my bed I'll kick her out", he said.

written by NickFun, 05 July 2009

People Discover Twitter Sucks

Millions of people are leaving the popular web based mini-networking, mini-blogging site Twitter after discovering that the site totally sucks.

written by NickFun, 02 May 2009

Spoof Writer Can't Think of Snippet

Spoof Writer NickFun admitted today that he can't think of any snippet short enough to fit in the snippets section. "I can only think of long stories. Not short ones", Fun told the news media.

written by NickFun, 09 April 2009

Hillary Commits Cultural Faux Pas

Hillary Clinton admits she was culturally misinformed and now knows that extending the middle finger is not the proper way to greet Palestinian dignitaries. She will offer apologies in the future.

written by NickFun, 05 March 2009

Large Hadron Collider destroys Universe.

The Large Hadron Collider exploded today creating massive black holes and destroyed everything and everyone in the universe -- except me.

written by NickFun, 22 February 2009

Bill Clinton Happier Now

Former President Bill Clinton said that his wife's new position as Secretary of State allows him more free time to have sex with young girls. "Not sex, blow job", Clinton clarified.

written by NickFun, 18 February 2009

Satire writer desires sex with Angelina Jolie

Satire and Spoof editor Mark Lowton announced today that he would abandon his bride and all dear to him for one night with Angelina Jolie on the provision that Ms Jolie make him breakfast in the AM.

written by NickFun, 13 February 2009

Spoof Writer Complains Snippets Not Long Enough

Spoof writer NickFun complained today about the 200 character limit for Spoof snippets. "Many of my snippets need at least 250 characters", Otherwise they cut me

written by NickFun, 05 February 2009

Michael Phelps still does not suck

Despite drinking, dope smoking, vomiting and urinating in public, Parents Organizations still consider Michael Phelps a good role model for children.

written by NickFun, 02 February 2009

Palin to become President

Frighful News: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will become President if McCain is elected and dies in office, according to top psychics, Doctors, Lawyers and everyone else.

written by NickFun, 14 October 2008

Spoof Writer Seeks Snippet Points

NickFun wrote a snippet for this afternoon for the sole purpose of gaining "snippet points".

"These things are easy to write and you get points for them!" Fun explained.

written by NickFun, 22 August 2008

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