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Now 8 Words you Can't say on the Radio

FCC just added the B-non-word which is bigly.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 28 September 2016

Super-hold Hair Spray Caused Trump's Sniffling During Debate

But his hair was beautiful.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 28 September 2016

Employee who practices mindfulness doesn't get a damn thing done all day

Although everyone feels better after they talk to him about their problems...

written by Moe Nightwalker, 17 February 2016

Negative Reviews for Mad Mad Fury Road More Entertaining Than Movie

Truckload full of mothers' milk driving fast through desert not that compelling, actually.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 19 January 2016

Woman Hired for the Same Pay as the Men

Male employees are furious about this change in practice and they want a 23% raise to compensate.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 14 March 2015

English Sheepdog at Westminster Show has been using combover for years

Donald T. Rump, the sheepdog, is apparently going bald but has been fooling judges for the last few years with his hair stylings. Also, his neckties are quite handsome.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 13 February 2015

Man ordering in Spanish at burrito place expecting free sour cream and guacamole

He's also asking every worker in the burrito assembly line how their day is going.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 12 February 2015

Climate Change Stabilizes After Old Gassy Dog Dies

Methane levels in the world have dropped significantly since Fido, age 16, passed away last month.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 28 January 2015

Dog struggling to find new response to "How was your day, Buddy?"

Buddy the dog always greets his owner with a wagging tail and smiling face, but has grown concerned that he needs to vary his response, based to the reality of his day and his activities.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 25 December 2014

God jokingly telling everyone who asks to run for 2016 GOP nomination

As He has done in past elections, God shows his sense of humor in his support of presidential candidates. "Late night tv comedians really depend on my endorsements", He said with a laugh.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 07 October 2014

College Football Playoff Group Demands Senate Seat, Cash

The newly established College Football Playoff org has informed Congressional representatives that it will require "at least one Senate seat, starting in Jan 2015" Also, each American owes them $100.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 04 September 2014

Dog News: Poodle in your kitchen pretty sure that sandwich you're making is for him

He's watching your every move, hoping for extra mayo and maybe some plain potato chips.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 22 August 2014

CNN in secret talks with hijackers to make flight go missing

"Anything to improve ratings" says CEO of CNN.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 15 May 2014

Tax Preparers Celebration Leads to Arrests

Celebrating the end of tax season, dozens of tax preparers and IRS employees gathered in the streets, drinking and screaming. Things got out of control and a riot started. Police arrested 14 people.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 16 April 2014

China Selects Expendable Mammal to Send to the Moon -- Foxcon Employee

It was a tough choice between a Foxcon employee and a corrupt communist.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 17 December 2013

Cheap Dad's Day Ruined By "Replace Water Filter" Light on Refrigerator

Cheap Dad's whole day took a wrong turn suddenly. While looking for a generic can of soda, he was heard saying, "Dammit, again? How long do those freakin $50 filters last? I'm sick of this."

written by Moe Nightwalker, 21 September 2013

New Fall Comedy Series Features Fat, Balding Wife And Hot, Younger Husband

She's dumb but means well. He's the smart one, but doesn't have a job. They both wear sweaters a lot and live in a nice house in a really expensive city. Her civil service job pays well apparently.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 14 September 2013

Newt Gingrich Makes Every Debate About Moon Bases On CNN's Crossfire

The former Congressman says he will not rest until the country commits to spending $5 trillion dollars to occupy the Moon.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 10 September 2013

Woman on Toilet Calls 911

A woman stuck without toilet paper is forced to call 911 for help. She explained to EMT's that her husband failed to replace it again.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 08 September 2013

Trim, Good-Looking 50ish Man Mysteriously Needs Viagra To Fix Broken Down Muscle Car

Seems like he used to be able to fix that car without the pills before, but he talked to his doctor about it. His doctor said he was healthy enough to perform light maintenance work.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 06 September 2013

Thick Skull Finally Penetrated

VP of $1B company finally heard suggestions and ideas from others. His wife and employees jointly announced the breakthrough today.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 06 September 2013

Mormons Upset That All The Good Jokes Are About Catholics And Jews

Mormons complain that they're not fairly represented in the world of jokes.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 05 September 2013

Life Coach Asks For Full Payment In Advance

Gus Adamson, a life coach from Manhattan, usually just wants to get the financial details out of the way with his clients. Then he can concentrate on being his best self.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 03 September 2013

Big Shot Executive Describes Everything As "Crisp" and "Spot On"

Executive Tom Steele requires "crisp" reports. His underlings hope to receive the "spot on" comment for a job well done. Everyone in the his organization is trying to use these key words more often.

written by Moe Nightwalker, 31 August 2013

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