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Single mom wins Powerball lottery

Single mom L. West won the $700 million Iowa Powerball lottery. "Now, maybe someone will marry me," she said, overjoyed at the prospect.

written by Gee Pee, 06 November 2018

Sales blames ring for illness

Boston Red Sox baseball player "Lefty" Sales said his cock ring made him sick. "It turned my penis green," he said. "My girlfriend paid for gold, but obviously, the jeweler sold her brass."

written by Gee Pee, 21 October 2018

Saudis confirm Khashoggi's death

Saudi Arabia has confirmed Jamal Khashoggi's death. "Not only is he deader than a door nail," a Saudi government spokesman affirmed, "but he's also really most sincerely dead."

written by Gee Pee, 21 October 2018

Amy Schumer embraces femdom

Amy Schumer says she supports Colon Pencildick. "All NFL players, especially white men, should kneel before me," she says, "to show support for femdom."

written by Gee Pee, 21 October 2018

Uber to fly the unfriendly skies

Within three years, Uber intends to offer flying cars to serve as taxis or, for passengers who no longer want to be dragged down an airplane's aisles, as surrogates for United Airlines flights.

written by Gee Pee, 27 April 2017

Rapper Kodak Black may be imprisoned for real

For violating house arrest and visiting a strip club, rapper Kodak Black could face hard time in prison. "If I goes to jail, it be worth it," he said. "Them titties was sexy!"

written by Gee Pee, 27 April 2017

Bill Cosby eager to clear his name

As he awaits trial on rape charges, has-been comedian Bill Cosby says he can't wait until he's acquitted so he can, uh, "perform" again.

written by Gee Pee, 27 April 2017

Website harasses Coulter

A website, Jess's Belles, sexually harassed conservative pundit Anne Coulter, calling her a "blowhard," a euphemism for someone who performs oral sex.

written by Gee Pee, 27 April 2017

United Airlines CEO supports employees

After his employees demanded officials drag a customer from a plane so an employee could take his seat, the airline's CEO praised them. "They followed our standard operating procedure."

written by Gee Pee, 12 April 2017

Walmart fires thousands

Walmart laid off 307,000 associates but promises to relocate them. The company has hired United Airlines to re-accommodate them.

written by Gee Pee, 12 April 2017

Effects of infection seen in San Francisco couple

A just-married couple honeymooning in Hawaii were infected by a brain parasite, but still consider their experience "two weeks in paradise."

written by Gee Pee, 12 April 2017

Hillary ratings set new record

According to a recent Razmuzzen Poll, Hillary Clinton's popularity rating has plunged to a record low of -1,000 percent, which is "lower than whale shit."

written by Gee Pee, 11 April 2017

UFO sightings hit all-time high

Since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2012, more UFO sightings have been reported in the state than ever before, but legislators insist the correlation is merely coincidental.

written by Gee Pee, 06 March 2017

Self-driving cars "too expensive," critic says

Auto mechanic Ben Fixt says, at their anticipated price of $300,000 each, self-driving cars will be too expensive for him. "I'd rather walk," he said.

written by Gee Pee, 05 March 2017

California home to most homeless

Due to its liberal politics and socialistic economy, The Golden State has more homeless and more rich people than any other state in America.

written by Gee Pee, 05 March 2017

Bimbo Bread changes name

After being charged with sexism, Bimbo Bread is changing its name. Henceforth, it will be known as Virgin Slices.

written by Gee Pee, 05 March 2017

Costco to cost more

Costco announced it's raising membership fees so it can continue to give shoppers low prices.

written by Gee Pee, 05 March 2017

Pelosi vows to resist repeal of Obummercare

Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says she's not about to sit idly by while Obummercare is repealed. "I need the insurance to pay for my plastic surgery and Botox!"

written by Gee Pee, 05 March 2017

Lewinsky featured on new "adult" product

Monica Lewinsky's licensed likeness will appear on knee pads sold in adult bookstores and porno theater gift shops. Her face appears on each pad, above the caption, "At your service, Mr. President!"

written by Gee Pee, 05 March 2017

Lindsey Graham confesses his love for John McCain

Senator Lindsey Graham said he's always loved his "good friend," Senator John McCain and, now that gay marriage is legal, Graham would marry him "in a heartbeat" if McCain proposed.

written by Gee Pee, 05 March 2017

Pelosi says chat worse than semen

Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told Congress Clinton only "spilled his seed" on Monica Lewinsky; "Sessions spoke to Putin. Bill was impeached; Jeff should be, too. Talking to Putin is far worse!"

written by Gee Pee, 05 March 2017

Lewinsky wears red and black, but not blue

With Monica the Mouth due to debut on TV, Monica Lewinsky twice appeared at Vanity Fair's Oscar party, wearing first black, then red. She won't wear blue, the color President Clinton ejaculated on.

written by Gee Pee, 05 March 2017

Starbucks goes after Vatican City market

Hoping to sell its product to citizens of Vatican City, Starbucks announced two new espressos, The Rosary and The Pontiff. It might be a hard sell, though: reportedly, the Pope prefers fine wines.

written by Gee Pee, 03 March 2017

Japan's latest taste treats

Japan, which gave the world both gokkun and bukkake, now offers "animal cafes," where the eateries' mascots, dogs, cats, and even owls, can be slaughtered, butchered, and cooked on demand.

written by Gee Pee, 02 March 2017

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