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Japan's school childrens grades plummet.

It seems all the school children in Japan have claimed they lost their homework in the earthquake and following tsunami.

written by OIF2Sniper, 29 March 2011

Obama gives new troop withdrawal deadline.

It seems president Obama has releases to the press a date of April 1st for complete troop withdrawal from all war zones.

written by OIF2Sniper, 28 February 2011

Old lady from the shoe imprisoned.

She was imprisoned for child abuse. Her shoe was in disarray, the children were given broth, no bread, every meal, and then beaten before being forced to bed. Her defense?
She didnt know what to do.

written by OIF2Sniper, 28 February 2011

Prostitute, 30 day risk free trial?

A prostitute recently became an organ donor.The organ?Her Vagina. The crafty street walker can now legally have customers try out her gift organ before deciding if they want to own it upon her demise.

written by OIF2Sniper, 28 February 2011

Rain Rain go away!

President Obama released information on a planned revenue maker. They are going to tax Americans for Rain. Yes they will keep tabs on the amount of runoff on your property. I wish this was a joke.

written by OIF2Sniper, 06 September 2010

Vatican criticizes Iran for harsh punishment?

Iran calls for the stoning of an adulteress.Apparently there was only one in all of Iran & she got caught.Now the Vatican has priests everywhere fondling boys & nothing happens to the clergy. hmm?

written by OIF2Sniper, 06 September 2010

Spoof writer gets it up the ass from US Bank

The bank recently made sure December was fucked for one spoof writer. The Bank makes a habit of ramming fees up poor peoples asses. They told the writer they only help people who don't need help.

written by OIF2Sniper, 19 December 2009

Woman With Worlds Largest Vagina Has Tiger Story!!

The woman who has the worlds largest vagina recently came out with a secret Tiger story of her own. Apparently Tiger Woods has met with her numerous times to body surf on her enormous Labia Majoris.

written by OIF2Sniper, 19 December 2009

Al Gore Sets Record Straight On Melting Ice Caps.

Al Gore projected 5 years ago all the polar caps would be gone by this year. He recently stated that it would take another 5 years. In his statement today he clarified he obviously meant "Dog Years".

written by OIF2Sniper, 15 December 2009

Tiger's Mistresses All Agree On one Thing..........

He's Grrrrrrrrrrreat!!!

written by OIF2Sniper, 15 December 2009

Tiger Woods to move to Arctic and become new North Pole.

Tiger Woods recently told his agent that he would move to arctic and "take on all cummers."

written by OIF2Sniper, 12 December 2009

Tiger not out of the Woods yet?

Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart and several prominent PGA tour golfers wives have come forward with yet more allegations of Tiger Wood's dominance off the green. More to cum.

written by OIF2Sniper, 12 December 2009

Illuminati secret code discovered!!

It seems that the Illuminati has been hiding in plain sight.
By using the font "wingdings" and pressing shift,begin typing major terrorist related terms.Q77NY and PENTTBOM being two major giveaways.

written by OIF2Sniper, 12 December 2009

Britain To Be Renamed.

As unlikely as it may seem,the inevitable has finally happened. The Muslim influence has got a foothold and now a new name for their new country. "New Arabia" The name will take effect Nov 11th 2011.

written by OIF2Sniper, 19 November 2009

Gays Win Battle To Join Army.

As Gays and lesbians line up at the Army recruiting centers across the nation today, surprisingly the only protesters are the Navy recruiters. One Naval recruiter commented,"Now who will we get?"

written by OIF2Sniper, 18 November 2009

Mother Earth Seeks apology from President Obama.

President Barrack Obama after greeting Michigan with "Hello Ohio" was caught on mic saying "The states all look alike". Mother Nature through a contact in Earth first is seeking an immediate apology.

written by OIF2Sniper, 15 November 2009

Late term abortion was extended from the third trimester until the child reaches the age 18.

New legislation now allows for late term abortion to include children up until they are 18. Legislators agreed that most children are a bigger problem after they leave the mothers womb.

written by OIF2Sniper, 06 November 2009

Baby Food Sweatshop Rocks Babyfood World .......

Gerber admitted today in court that it's famous baby food is in fact pre-chewed by sweatshop workers in Thailand. Local stores were tipped off by the new flavor, "Spit pee soup".

written by OIF2Sniper, 06 November 2009

A Little Confused, Multisexual lonely.........

A gay, lesbian, transvestite, cross dresser doesn't know who to date.

written by OIF2Sniper, 06 November 2009

Obama Admit's His Ethnicity......

President Barrack Hussein Obama today openly admitted that he is in fact an African American.

written by OIF2Sniper, 06 November 2009

Suicide bomber commits suicide

A Palestinian suicide bomber killed himself today. Apparently he was denied for life insurance and just blew up. He is survived by his 3 cousins/wives,2sisters/wives,15children and his mother/ex-wife.

written by OIF2Sniper, 06 November 2009

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