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Greatest Event In History

Funny story: Greatest Event In History

The world awaited with bated breath probably the most amazing sight mankind has ever witnessed. At 05:20 GMT on Tuesday , the planet Venus began its slow journey across the face of the Sun.

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Charles To Marry Camilla

Funny story: Charles To Marry Camilla

Prince Charles is finally set to marry the woman he's been having secret sex sessions with for over thirty years says Clarence the Horse.

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Immigrant Gymnasts To Flood UK

Funny story: Immigrant Gymnasts To Flood UK

Home Secretary Charles Clarke is planning to use a points system to decide whether asylum seekers should be allowed to remain in the United Kingdom.

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Guantanamo Four To Release Single

Funny story: Guantanamo Four To Release Single

The four Britons freed without charge after questioning by anti-terrorism officers following their release from Guantanamo Bay are to bring out a single next month.

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Suspected Terrorists Freed

Funny story: Suspected Terrorists Freed

Home Secretary Charles Clarke has announced that suspected foreign terrorists will no longer be detained in prison but instead are to be put under house arrest and watched as closely as Michael Jackson in a nursery.

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Christian Conservatives Want Barney's Genitalia

Funny story: Christian Conservatives Want Barney's Genitalia

Christian Conservative gangs in the US are marching the streets armed with machetes and automatic weapons in search of SpongeBob SquarePants, Barney, and other suspected homosexual characters.

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Kilroy-Silk Goes It Alone

Funny story: Kilroy-Silk Goes It Alone

At a public meeting in his East Midlands constituency, Narcissistic Personality Disorder sufferer Robert Kilroy-Silk explained to his fan why he is quitting the UK Independence Party.

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Harry goose-steps into trouble

Funny story: Harry goose-steps into trouble

Prince Harry has been ordered by his superiors to apologise to the public after the publication of a photograph showing him wearing a swastika armband, holding a spliff in one hand and a glass of absinthe in the other.

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Controversial Play Cancelled

Funny story: Controversial Play Cancelled

The controversial play, Behzti, written by Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti has been cancelled after continued protests by members of the Sikh community and complaints by religious leaders.

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BBC Boss Leads By Example

Funny story: BBC Boss Leads By Example

Mark Thompson, the BBC director general has guillotined himself in a selfless act in order to save money at the world famous broadcasting corporation.

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IRA Refuse Paisley Photograph Demand

Funny story: IRA Refuse Paisley Photograph Demand

The IRA have said there is absolutely no chance whatsoever of any of its members posing for portraits for Ian Paisley, despite the fact that doing so could restore devolution to Northern Ireland.

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Stress Free Courts Plan for England and Wales

Funny story: Stress Free Courts Plan for England and Wales

Lord Falconer is to make sweeping changes to the judiciary across England and Wales in an attempt to reduce stress to victims and witnesses.

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Blunkett Forgiven For Everything

Funny story: Blunkett Forgiven For Everything

Home secretary David Blunkett has been forgiven all his sins by Pope John Paul II after he repaid Parliament for a train ticket he gave ex-lover Kimberly Quinn.

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Blunkett demands visa inquiry

Funny story: Blunkett demands visa inquiry

Current home secretary David Blunkett has demanded a full investigation into claims that he naughtily helped his ex-lover's former nanny obtain a visa.

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Questions Threat For Bush

Funny story: Questions Threat For Bush

Italian Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu has warned of potential serious threats during US President George W Bush's visit to the country in the next few days.

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Mae'n ddrwg gen i, ond dw i ddim yn deall

In a bid to make it easier for them to enter the UK, leader of the opposition Trevor Howard has suggested that all immigrants should learn Welsh before being allowed into the country.

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Sad Fate Of Unsung Heroic Pigeons

Funny story: Sad Fate Of Unsung Heroic Pigeons

Formally secret documents today released to the National Archives show that British Intelligence considered using carrier pigeons to deliver fifty pound bombs to enemy targets.

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Dying Sparrow Photo 'Fake'

Funny story: Dying Sparrow Photo 'Fake'

The Sparrow Mirror, Britain's best selling sparrow orientated tabloid, today published a photograph of what it says is evidence of systematic abuse inside the aviary section of Abu Ghraib prison, where around seventy Iraqi insurgent sparrows are...

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