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Kavanaugh Gropes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in first day on Supreme Court!

All major TV and cable news channels looked on today as the following took place...and a nation watched! It was a stunned eight Justices that watched today as a very late new Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, arrived at his first meeting! All cameras were...

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Ninety-eight percent of US Senate member parking spaces changed to Handicapped Parking!

In a quiet move today, the US Senate Housekeeping Committee changed the member parking spaces to Handicapped Parking. In what the committee hoped would be changes that would go un-noticed by the media, they also made the following additions to the ch...

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Trump on hurricane Florence: "If I'd been there I would have parted the seas like Charlton Heston!

In a press conference this morning, President Donald Trump, in a stunning comment, stated, regarding Hurricane Florence: "If I'd been there, I would have parted the seas like Charlton Heston did!" A NYT reporter interrupted and shouted: "In all...

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Trump declares Hurricane Florence is "fake news" started by Dems to harm him!

President Trump issued a tweet last night declaring that Hurricane Florence is fake news started by Nancy Pelosi and the democrats to discredit him and to influence the mid-term elections! "You know this is fake news because they claim it hit North a...

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Trump pardons Paul Manafort, appoints him Secretary of the Treasury!

A defiant President Trump announced today that he is granting his ex campaign Manager Paul Manafort a full pardon for all past and future crimes. He then proceeded to appoint him Secretary of the Treasury. "He is a good man and loves his family and h...

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Elderly minister emits giant turd, names it Bernard, enrolls it in Harvard!

The Reverend T. J. McCorkle of Louisburg, North Carolina held a news conference this morning in Raleigh to announce that he had, in the last day, emitted a giant turd. The emission weighed six pounds, seven ounces and McCorkle stated, "It was the...

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Elderly Spoof writer seeks new career as: Poop Consultant!

The Reverend T. J. McCorkle, well known spoof writer and founder of the Fart Farm initiative in North Carolina announced at a press conference this morning that in an effort to further help his fellow man and particularly the elderly, he was founding...

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Trump celebrates July 4th Sings: "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child!"

President Donald Trump appeared this morning on the WH lawn on what was billed as a "Celebration of Independence Day." A stunned WH Press Corp gasped in astonishment as the 45th president of the United States skipped to the podium dressed as Little O...

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President Trump seen dry humping American flag in Oval Office after Supreme Court decision!

The scene from the Oval Office of President Donald Trump dry humping the American flag after the Supreme Court decision on his Muslim travel ban is dominating the news today according to all of the major news outlets. "in both the USA and oversea," a...

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White House advertising for singers, dancers and choreographers for fall season!

At a press briefing this morning, Sara Huckabee Sanders announced that the White House is advertising for the new fall season. Journalists were totally taken by surprise when she stated that President Trump was looking for singers, dancers, choreogra...

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Jeff Sessions morphs into flame spitting frog on national television!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stunned the panel on Fox & Friends this morning and forced the network to shut down when, as he spoke, he suddenly morphed into a small green flame spitting tree frog! A stunned panel led by Sean Hannity sat breat...

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Trump & Kim: Bromance in Singapore!

As the world held it's breathe and an anxious press corps stood by, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un faced each other for the first time this morning in Singapore. "They were close enough to touch" according to press reports. Evidently, acco...

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Harvey Wineglass sentenced to 1-year BangHer Management counseling!

The Associated Press is reporting this morning that a judge in New York City has placed Harvey Wineglass in a compulsory 1-year stay at a facility in New Jersey. A protesting Wineglass was led from the courtroom shouting..."They all begged for it!"...

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Elderly man sues weight loss program after losing fifteen pounds and three inches!

An elderly man from Louisburg, North Carolina has sued a well known weight loss program after losing fifteen pounds and three inches using their program. His suit is for reckless endangerment, false advertising and public humiliation. He appeared a...

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Harvey Wineglass Productions presents: The Boys in the Gland

Funny story: Harvey Wineglass Productions presents: The Boys in the Gland

Harvey Wineglass, president of Wineglass Productions, announced this morning a new TV series titled: The Boys in the Gland. Wineglass stated at the press conference in Hollywood: "We are responding not only to a public demand for justice but an o...

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Trump exits Iran treaty, the world holds its breath...networks praise performance!

Funny story: Trump exits Iran treaty, the world holds its breath...networks praise performance!

The national media in an unusual sign of restraint is reporting that President Donald Trump spoke powerfully on Tuesday when he signed the necessary documents to withdraw from the Iran nuclear treaty. There is behind the scenes speculation among many...

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Trump re-assigns Giuliana to---"A Place for Mom!"

In a White House press briefing this morning, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that President Trump has re-assigned Rudy Giuliani to a franchise outlet for---A Place for Mom. Reporters gasped and looked at each other in amazement.

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Trump declares May 5th: Sinko-de-Putto Day!

"Can it get any worse?" stated the New York Times in its lead editorial this morning referring to President Donald Trump and his declaration that May 5th is..."Sinko-de-Putto Day" How much more can this president insult the government of Mexico and...

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