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Brown Nose & Puckered Lips in a Bush Award Winner Announced

Funny story: Brown Nose & Puckered Lips in a Bush Award Winner Announced

This weekend the "Brown Nose & Puckered Lips in a Bush Award" was given to Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

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Wholesale murder at retail prices is just plain wrong.

Funny story: Wholesale murder at retail prices is just plain wrong.

AUSTIN TEXAS - Today the U.S. Office for Revaluation of Institutional Finance In Competitive Efficiency or ORIFICE, announced that although today's biggest rogue terrorist states have the power to kill, maim, and bring segments of populations int...

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Kangaroo Courtmartial

Funny story: Kangaroo Courtmartial

Gulag Guantánamo Bay - Today Australian David Hicks was forced to plead guilty to a charge, to be filled in later by American Military tribunal. General Ivan Stalinson said: "Them Aussies may have kangaroos, but we got the kangaroo courts and t...

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Republicans will not cap troop deaths.

Funny story: Republicans will not cap troop deaths.

Washington DC - It appears that even though most Republicans in the United States Senate have tried to keep the troops dying in Iraq; there now is a risk that a timetable for withdrawal would limit the number of lower class soldiers dying in Iraq. B...

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Over Priced

Funny story: Over Priced

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - It's the online store that brings big benefits to little operators. It used to be just the big guys made the real money, like the contractors in and for the American Pentagon, a/k/a the Military Industrial Complex; b...

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Über Corporate Militarism Marches On

Funny story: Über Corporate Militarism Marches On

Washington DC - President Bush has said that he would stop anybody on his staff from responding to any Congressional Subpoena in connection with any scandal or investigation of wrong doing. Bush said: "I decide who did the wrong things, not som...

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Qui est votre papa?

Funny story: Qui est votre papa?

Washington DC - Tonight the President is burning the midnight oil, he is up late with his crime syndicate trying to find a replacement for Al Gonzales. When he was asked this afternoon if the Attorney General would be leaving before Bush, Tony Snowj...

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Plame Gate simmers

Funny story: Plame Gate simmers

WASHINGTON DC - In Congressional hearings on the CIA leak investigation, Virginia Congressman Tom Davis illustrated just what is wrong with those associated with the Republican Party. His line of inquiry directed at the honorable Mrs. Valerie Plame...

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Immoral, Pace to military.

Funny story: Immoral, Pace to military.

Washington DC - This week General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in keeping line with his commander-in-chief has offended as many people as one person could in the shortest amount of time. General Pace called lesbian, gay and bis...

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America self-destructs

Funny story: America self-destructs

Washington DC - Earlier this week Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell was asked to comment on his party's blocking legislation to bring the troops home from the illegal war in Iraq.

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They serve at the pleasure of this president.

Funny story: They serve at the pleasure of this president.

Washington DC - US Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales was questioned by the US Senate for violating US Law. Gonzales told the Senators that mistakes were made and he takes full responsibility and that he would investigate himself and get back to t...

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Such a thorough confession

Funny story: Such a thorough confession

Guantánamo Bay, Cuba - Today Khalid Sheikh Mohammed finally gave in, after months of mind-wrenching torture, he signed the blank confession that American forces filled out later. It was a difficult thing to do especially being his captures broke bot...

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Jesus H. Castro

Funny story: Jesus H. Castro

Fidel Castro, was he your man? That is a question that might determine where you get to later, after life in this mortal world.

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Happy Motoring

Funny story: Happy Motoring

Bayonne, NJ - This weekend a group of top management from the oil production companies had a meeting to discuss the future of fossil fuel refinement in the USA. They held a press conference when they were done.

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Plot was uncovered!

Funny story: Plot was uncovered!

New Haven, Connecticut - Today a plot was uncovered to assassinate US President George Bush. The government has obscured much of the facts, but one of our reporters discovered that Vice President Cheney and former President George H. W. Bush and for...

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US Government can't be worried about that Geneva thing.

Funny story: US Government can't be worried about that Geneva thing.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, also known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service or INS has claimed that they can't be held accountable for old treaties that some old guys signed years ago.

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Cell Phone Addiction

Funny story: Cell Phone Addiction

INTERCOURSE, PENNSYLVANIA - A study that concluded last weekend revealed some psychological and sociological effects of cell phone usage. For quite some time there have been questions about a steady stream of microwave radiation placed against our h...

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Obscene excess passed on to America.

Funny story: Obscene excess passed on to America.

Washington DC - Private investigators have determined that Halliburton Corporation has bilked the US taxpayers out of $3,000,000,000 in Iraq. When the proof was brought before members of Congress the majority displayed complete failure to investigat...

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