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New Robert Downey Jr. Scandal

Iron Man action hero and all-around party boy Robert Downey Jr. made headlines and shocked the world, letting down his family and friends, losing the respect of his fellow recovering substance abusers. The famed actor was observed by eyewitnesses...

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Willy Loman Wins Rat Race

Funny story: Willy Loman Wins Rat Race

Veteran salesman and champion failure Willy Loman broke the world record in the high-speed long distance mouth marathon. From the start he was out the gate and into the fray, hard-knocking, pavement-pounding all the way to making marketing histor...

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Son's Innocence Lost, Parents Found Guilty

Funny story: Son's Innocence Lost, Parents Found Guilty

Ted Peters, the school counselor at Saint Zeke's Elementary School near Squaresville, Missouri had a hunch that something was amiss. The school board administration warned faculty and staff members to be on high alert for suspicious-looking students...

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Cops: No Clue Who Slew Circus Crewman

Funny story: Cops: No Clue Who Slew Circus Crewman

One morning while working as a lion trainer for a traveling circus, a handsome devil with a promising career in show business named Lester Dean was having a wonderful day until his face was suddenly slashed with the razor sharp claws of a lion prior...

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Major Scientific Discovery!

While wasting time aimlessly searching the night sky through the telescopic lens of his new Fisher-Price toy assault rifle, a 9 year-old boy accidentally discovered the most important astronomical event ever witnessed in the history of Earth, when he...

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Porn Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

The rumors are true: The Institute of Cinematography (INCIN) signed a deal with producer George Floockis and director Stephen Spiltbeerger for a new feature-length epic motion picture starring Tom Screws with Hellin DeGenerate. The film will be the f...

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Clinton Special: Buy One, Get One Free

Bill & Hill, the popular Arkansas doll brand that was spun off from Walmart in a 1998 divestiture due to lack of sales following the release of their Monica model, announced a special 2-for-1 sale. That's right, buy a Hill and get a Bill absolute...

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Chris Christie's Unceremonious Sanctimony

While hosting a luncheon for a group of wealthy donors during a campaign stop at a roadside picnic area near a posh upscale restaurant, New Jersey Governor Chris "The Sissy" Christie over-estimated the limit of his intellect and under-estimated the...

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Labor Day Canceled

Before their summer break, a major piece of legislation was passed by both houses of congress with bi-partisan support and was signed by the President before he embarked on his 6 week vacation. The historical new law removes Labor Day from the list o...

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New Puppet Show Starring Scott Walker

Determined not to be outdone by Warner Brothers or the famous Ringling Brothers, the infamous Koch Brothers got their traveling show on the road featuring Scott Walker, cast as the quirky governor of an obscure Midwestern state. His costar is Bozo Th...

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Terrorists Attack The Spoof

With nothing left to lose, a rag-tag team of Middle Eastern Terrorists hijacked Rupert Murdoch's Lear Jet, beheaded the pilot, and took the tabloid mogul hostage - according to an NSA official who planned the mission. Speaking on the condition of ano...

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US Promotes Iraqi Sporting Event

The first ever match between a Sunni and Shiite boxer will take place at Nomadison Square Garden Tent in Baghdad this fall. Kamul Jawkhee and Reghed Saniger will take to the ring in a bout that will determine who will be the next heavyweight champion...

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New BBC News Scandal

Millions of television viewers around the world were shocked and confused by a controversial report aired on the evening news by the British Bullshit Cabal (BBC). Ratings plummeted when home audiences watched the provocative segment with jaws dropped...

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Trump Claims Obama's Skin Is Fake

In his never-ending quest to erase any trace of the existence of "Barak Obama" from the annals of history, Donald Trump claims that the entire surface of the president's body is covered with a thin shroud of camouflaged elastic material to disguise h...

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Commerce Department Approves Big Pharma Merger

Officials at the US Department of Commerce endorsed the largest merger in corporate history by rubber-stamping the paperwork prior to returning it to the roll in the toilet stall at the lavatory down the hall. The amalgamation involved the acquis...

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New England/Scotland Partnership

Politicians in London emerged from the basement at 10 Downing Street after spending 3 weeks sequestered in a marathon brainstorming session to contrive a scheme to quash the Scottish rebellion and subjugate them with draconian punitive measures. T...

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NBA Draft Selects Obama

In the latest round of NBA draft picks the Chicago Bulls signed Barak Obama to a five year multimillion dollar contract. With the exception of his high IQ, he met all the criteria for player eligibility - tall, black, and lanky. He was chosen abov...

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Trump Claims Obama's Skin Is Fake

In his never-ending quest to erase any trace of the existence of "Barak Obama" from the annals of history, Donald Trump claims that the entire surface of the president's body is covered with a thin shroud of camouflaged elastic material to disguise h...

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