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Future News: Asians may have answer to population problem

In an as yet UN-verified bit of news, sources say that the Asian nations, of China, Korea, and others have, finally come to terms with the problem of excess population, and frustratingly high un-employment. Sources, within the Communist Party, hav...

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Secret Service unveils new, secret, weapon

In the days following the attempt on Congresswoman Gabby Giffords life, and threats made against other politicians, the U.S. Secret Service has decided on a new tact, in dealing with dangerous situations. Although Secret Service director, Mr. Harr...

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Un-expected turn of events, at Republican fundraiser

It is being reported, nation-wide, that the Muppet, ANIMAL, has "attacked" Republican House Speaker John Boehner, and is, now, in custody of Department of Homeland Security. Details seem to be scarce, as to what caused the alleged attack. The Rep...

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U.S. Nuclear director still annoyed at Japan comparisons

The following interview took place 150 miles away from the closest American Nuclear reactor. When Nuclear Regulatory Director Mr. Fallout was asked "Why did you choose to meet with the press at THIS location?" Mr. Fallout said "For safety reasons" Thinking that "Safety Reasons" might mean "Security Reasons", in the wake of Mr. Bin Ladens replacement possibly being named, I asked Mr. Fallout...

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Oil Billionairres issue "Warning", to American public

Funny story: Oil Billionairres issue "Warning", to American public

Due to an increasing number, of consumer complaints, about skyrocketting gas prices, the oil Billionairres, at Exxon, Mobile, Amoco, and others, have issued a joint press release. "If these American whiners do NOT stop bitching, about gas prices,...

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Kermit the Frog to abandon possible presidential run

Funny story: Kermit the Frog to abandon possible presidential run

In a joint update, from the Hensen Creature shop, and Sesame Street, It seems that Kermit the Frog will NOT be a nominee, in the 2012 Presidential race. In a prepared statement, Mr. Frog told a media gathering that his decision was NOT based upon...

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UPS and FedEx trucks "officially" found

Funny story: UPS and FedEx trucks "officially" found

In an update to a previously reported story, it turns out that the "missing" delivery trucks turned out NOT to be "missing" after all. According to Review expert Agatha Scrutinizer, whom the Department of Homeland Security assigned, to find the mi...

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Citizens to Alert! UPS, and FedEx, delivery trucks reportedly missing!

Funny story: Citizens to Alert! UPS, and FedEx, delivery trucks reportedly missing!

UPS General Manager Mr. Thomas Jefferson and FedEx General Manager Mr. Abraham Lincoln have filed "Missing Equipment" reports with the F.B.I. after the death of Osama Bin Laden led to rumors of a possible counter-attack against the United States.

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Bin Laden is ALIVE! Or, is he?

Following yesterdays cross-country celebrations, over the reported demise, of Osama Bin Laden, an anonymous source has sent the media a tape, which shows some surprising information. The video appears to show a sort-of American Idol style competit...

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How will party instill FEAR, now?

If it is recorded, as fact, that Mr. Bin Laden has met his end, courtesy of American President Barack Obama, and American Special Forces soldiers, then it is predicted that this will cause no end of problems, both for the Republican Party, and its mo...

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Kermit the Frog considering presidential "run"

In the days since Multi-millionaire Donald Trump has decided to begin pursuing the Republican Presidential nomination, it seems that more "takers" are coming out of the woodwork. But, who would have thought that a mild-mannered frog might decide to...

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Could this spoof become a REAL headline, over the next few weeks?

Funny story: Could this spoof become a REAL headline, over the next few weeks?

In a much-anticipated move, House of Representatives Republican Speaker John Boehner, back by most of the Republican Party, and with outspoken support, of the TEA Party, has agreed to terminate President Barrack Obama's powers, in regards to price co...

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A New Attack on President Obama

Funny story: A New Attack on President Obama

Shortly after the media reported that American President Barrack Obama has, officially, released his long-form Birth Certificate, word is out that the Republicans, and the TEA Party, are, already, preparing a new round of attacks. According to an...

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TEA Party furious over compromise

Funny story: TEA Party furious over compromise

Within moments of a negotiation, between the president, and ranking Republicans, to avoid a government shutdown, the TEA Party went into full, overdrive, mode. According to TEA Party leader, Mr. Greed, party membership is in the process of filing...

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TEA Party auctions off U.S. government

Funny story: TEA Party auctions off U.S. government

In a continuing story, about the recent shutdown, of the U.S. capital, it has been learned that, because President Obama has refused to terminate all assistance programs, for the needy, that the TEA Party has begun accepting offers, to purchase the...

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Nuclear Regulatory Agency furious over "accldent" comparisons.

This reporter has learned that the United States Nuclear Regulatory Agency is preparing a full press "black-out", over the Fukishima Japan Nuclear plant. The reason for the "black-out": According to anonymous, agency, sources, is: "Because too MANY anti-Nuclear groups are trying to connect the Japanese accident with the American Three Mile Island, and Russian Chernobyl accident." "American...

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Governor Walker "HUNT down the Democrats"

Yes, Wisconsin's Republican governor, Scott Walker, has announced plans to abandon the "Arrest and Detain" orders, issued to police, in regards to the 14 Democrats, who have fled Wisconsin, to avoid voting for the ANTI- working class measures, which...

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Police impound auctions of WRONG property

In a story so bizarre that it belongs in the twilight zone, word has reached the media about an auction gone wrong. At the bi-annual assets auction, police auction off all unclaimed property, from their warehouse, in order to make room for new evi...

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